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I can't breathe for two reasons:
1) my cold did not like me going to work last night. It was fine til around 4am and then everything starting shutting down. By the time I was halfway home, my lungs felt like they were setting off fireworks and I couldn't cough til I got home.

2) Every so often I get bored/curious and I remember that the ex and I have a couple of mutual friends on FB, so I poke around. I realize one isn't supposed to do this, but it happens like... once every other year and when I'm sick, I get a little stupid.

Yeaaaaaaah. A quick perusal tells me that
a) he's single and not by choice
b) not taking the single thing very well
and c) either he cheated or she cheated or both of them did.

Did I mention he wasn't taking it well? Like encouraging notes from his mother on FB not well? Yeah.

Why cut, I dunno. )

I'm dying because Karma actually kicked in for once. I'd like to say I'm sorry to find out he's not happy but... yeah, not really, no. What goes around comes around and I've been waiting entirely too long to see it kick in.

Cackling when you can't breathe is just dangerous.

But oh, it's nice to know he didn't get away scott free. I may not have been the one to inflict the pain, but someone did and hey, that's enough for me. It may be petty, but since I didn't get a goodbye, I've been waiting to see if the universe would get around to kicking him for me. It did.

Thanks, Universe.
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*hums* GUYS. Guess who got a comment on one of their reviews from the author in question? This chick, that's who.


Tomorrow my Amazon package should arrive. Which... probably won't help you if you're avoiding the song of the day from me. :P But you'll deal. I think. Probably? You will. It's true. Much like I will one day get over the fact that I have no one to squee with, so... y'know. Stuff.

What else?

Oh, work was robbed on Sunday! I wasn't there, obviously, since Sunday is one of my days off. When I found out about it yesterday, I might've cackled once I realized everyone was okay. Why? Because we switched security guards because of safety concerns (as in people didn't necessarily feel safe with the two we had. I personally felt safe enough with the one who napped because anyone who dismisses being shot as "not a big deal" is obviously the person you want between you and a gun, k?) and a little over a week later we get robbed for the first time in years. Dying here. I'm dying on the inside from the irony levels.

I was apparently just so hopped up on that little bit that I looked up ExR a few minutes ago. (I know.) I don't know why other than yesterday's look back and an upcoming one had me thinking. I come across like a stalker, right? )

Now, to find someone who thinks I'm pretty awesome and that I feel the same way about. That'd be fun.

Just in case you think I might be too happy despite any number of reasons to not be, my right wrist is trying to kill me. I've no idea what I did nor do I know how to fix it. It's not fun.

Still, all in all I'm sittin' pretty. Anyone want to join me? Or maybe write me a story to read when I'm at work or get home from work? That'd be the most awesome thing ever. I've got cookies.
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Depends on which one you'd define as "first." One I'd be probably just stand and stare. Another I'd probably go on up to him and ask what in the world he was doing there.

But the one I originally thought of when reading the question? I'd hit him. I'd walk up to him and fucking deck him. And then ask what the fuck was wrong with him, where the fuck was he years ago, and why the hell he'd appeared now when he worked so hard to cut himself off from me so completely.

I've obviously still got issues concerning him and I suspect that these will remain for awhile. :P
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Snark of Bullet called on account of me getting bored (it's bad, bad, bad. JC finally comes out as a bad guy, only not because that would be awesome and we can't have that.) and because I got weird news and the person who delivered it then decided they were done with the conversation.

Yesterday was the significant ex's birthday. For the most part I think I only thought about it a couple of times (one of them being when my phone/alarm alerted me that he was turning 30 and I laughed because, well... I'm not 30 yet.) and the day was much better than I might have thought.

Today Cass tells me that oh, yeah, he's got a facebook (which I knew) and that he added her as a friend sometime last week and that the woman he's in a relationship with is 5-6 years older, isn't that just weird?

Um, kay, I knew the fb but I hadn't looked because I kind of hadn't wanted to know this exact information. It's one thing to know that duh, of course the person who did the dumping did the moving on. DUH. I get that. But it's another thing to have it confirmed, you know? So there's that moment where you feel like someone literally kicked you in the gut (and as someone with a little brother who believed in wrestling when we were younger, I know full well how that feels, thank you kindly.) and then you're left not entirely sure how to process the information.

Sure, it's a duh moment, but until ten minutes ago I could pretend he was effing miserable. It's harder to pretend that right now. Y'know? )

Of all the things to inherit, it had to be the ability to hold the most random and painful grudges.

And now for Day 3:
03. What house would you be in?
I'd like to say I'm a Ravenclaw because I'm oh so smart, but I strongly suspect that I would've been thrown in Hufflepuff. I'd have been okay with either, except for the part where the Ravens are mean to Luna. That's just not cool. But if you ask which house I identify most with, I blame my stint at HC and my sorting into Ravenclaw, because I'm all, "Ravenclaw pride!" You know, in a thoroughly mature sort of way. *cough* :P
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In an effort to stop censoring myself, I'm actually going to blather on about something that's bugging me. The whole letting it fester in my brain plan didn't work before, so I don't know why I kept going with that plan. Other than the fact that it's easier and less messy, short term.

For the most part, I'm not a fan of myspace. If you hadn't caught onto that by now, please pay attention, dammit. Anyway, I realize that while I'm one of the last holdouts on the planet, a lot of people I like don't feel the same way. So when I'm bored, I occasionally see how many of them have caved and joined the evil.

Which always breaks out the amusement or the drama. You'd think I'd learn. Maybe I have and I just crave the adrenaline rush of the world tilting to the side and threatening to overwhelm me. Could be.
First we found the ex I mentioned yesterday. Found an old friend and then had the brilliant idea to check and see if the boyfriend had ever changed his. Because him being listed as single bugged me for reasons I'm sure are somehow obvious and yet... I'd feel silly asking him about it. Plus I was then distracted by the knowledge that my brother had joined the cult.
Yes. The boyfriend had changed his all around. Still not eyes bleeding and the world is ending background. Yay. Only now the here for bit lists dating and serious relationships.
I damn near did a spit take. On the one hand, it's just myspace. On the other hand, it's a total WTF moment.
So then I thought I'd ask someone who actually uses her myspace to see if she'd be bugged if she were me.
When she was making strangling motions, I got the idea the answer was yes. Only moreso.

The plus side? His height? Total lie. On a good day, maybe. But there's no way he's just an inch shorter than I am. No. Fucking. Way.

I did the only thing I could do. Other than ask a crazy person if I was going crazy. I emailed him [as it was 7am and I'm not calling]. He replied with, "yeah, I have one, gimme yours and I'll add you."

I guess I was too subtle. Huh. So we tried again.

I'm in the mood to destroy something.
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This is perhaps the nastiest white cheddar popcorn ever and I'm still eating it. Why? That's right, I lack any willpower whatsoever.

Willpower is something I should ask for this holiday season.

I'm not sure when it happened, but part of my brain grew up when I wasn't looking. Every Sunday I yank the Target, Kmart, Toys R Us [if they exist] and any other interesting store sales papers from the newspaper. I then flip through them, usually in search of something interesting on sale. This frequently means toys and blank vhs tapes to help in my plan to take over the world by taping every show I might one day like. Target's big toy book thing came this week. I was all excited until I realized nothing appealed except maybe the idea of the holiday baby bratz... and baby dana. Who is cuteness personified, I might add. I eyed a couple of other things on the surrounding pages, but for the most part I was far more intrigued by a bookcase/bench set up in the normal ad and the plates I eyed a couple of weeks ago.

On the other hand, I'd like to go to Target today and possibly buy some junk. So, we'll see.

For the fifth week in a row, I called Ryan and no answer from him. I left a message, the shortest message known to man, and finally woke up in time to see if he was online and ever gets these messages. He does not. Which makes me feel better. Not about the person [his sister, I think] who says she'll pass along the message and then not, but that it's not a deliberate ignoring kind of thing. *shrug*

Finished Working for the Devil and, omg. T.S.! gibberish ) But if you wondered, so good. So, so, so good. Like freakishly good.

I don't fangirl often, and I rarely give up sleep anymore, but it was worth the wonky dreams and the walking around in a haze all day.

Now, to get into Anansi Boys which the library so thoughtfully let mumsy check out before they sent it back to hell since my account is all kinds of fucked up.

If I ask later, today's plan is simple. Dolly love. And reading. And doing my laundry. Got that? Thanks.

...tori! on the radio! [silent all these years] it's the little things that remind me not to go and kill someone.


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