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Yesterday marked Charmed's 17th anniversary. Holy crapmuffins I am old. OLD. If the show premiered this year, let's be honest, I wouldn't have talked about it until today anyway, so I'm okay with being a little late.

I do enjoy that it premiered on a Wednesday and then we circled back to it being a Wednesday anniversary, though.

If I'd properly managed my time, we'd have a big long love-fest for the show, but we'll go with this:
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I am forever grateful to Charmed for helping me make friends with some of the most amazing people I have known in my life. It helped keep some prior friendships together when they might have crumbled otherwise and it introduced me to so many new people.

I am forever sorry to my mother for rambling like a crazy person about the craptacular way the show went off the rails and even a little bit sorry to my brother because he had to hear that nonsense too, at least a little. :P

Have some random gifs from my unsorted folder!
Piper is my fav so... Piper centric. )

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3. Your Favorite Episode
Okay, I could not cheat and give just one answer, but dude, I'm going for wordy and you're getting two answers. Yay!
Any guesses? )
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2. Your Least Favorite Season

Oh, geez. This is a tough call because some of the later seasons suuuuuuuuuuck. It always baffles me how people love anything after season six unless they're in it for a specific actor/actress, or a character that doesn't show up until then.

Ultimately, there can be only one choice. )
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This is totally a thing that is happening. You are invited to join me as I power through 60+ questions/prompts on Charmed. I know there are a few of you who feel the love, so feel free to join in on the whole thing or just do random days or whatever. I'm not 100% sure how long this will take me (clearly at least two months, if not more) but I'm doing it.

We can do this!

Oooh! )

I'm considering going big and breaking up the moments by season, but only if I do a rewatch, I think. Anyway, if you want to add anything, let me know. Charmed is still my biggest fandom weakness.
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Mums has been watching Charmed (on WE maybe?) at dinner time for the last few weeks. On the one hand, I love Charmed. It was my big fandom. I have probably forgotten more about Charmed than is healthy for most people to know in the first place, and yes, that does sound super weird no matter how you say it.

I thought, a few years ago, that I would be able to rewatch some of the seasons that enraged me at the time, and that with enough time between us I'd be able to handle the little disappointments like a sane, rational adult. I'm not really sure why since I'm not known for my ability to be sane, rational, or adult. But I think it had something to do with taking a huge break from Charmed in general and sometimes distance gives one a perspective that is most needed.

Tonight was the series finale. I missed most of the second half of it, but I made sure to watch Piper beating the shit out of Billie because it was about the only thing that made season eight bearable for me.

 photo PiperpunchingBillie_zps9790279a.gif

This also means that I was there for when the Manor went kaBOOM and Piper flips out over Pheeble dying and doesn't even think to look for Paige until she hears coughing, assumes/hopes it's Paige, finds out it's Billie and attempts to kill her with her own bare hands. When Leo stops that mess, they just leave without once discussing looking for Paige again.
What the everlovingfuck, show. It's been YEARS and this still pisses me off to this day. So much about this show. SO MUCH.

So I wandered off, figuring the spike to my blood pressure should probably be avoided. Wouldn't get out of my head.

Towards the end of Charmed (so, probably around S5 if not earlier), I'd been openly hoping for the anti-Charmed ones to appear in a better form than the dudes who appeared earlier in the series. I wanted evil sisters to go up against my precious Charmed Ones (and Pheeble) because I was tired of the bad guys being horribly written women who were mostly just a first course before the Men Folk appeared to be the bad guys. I know, I know. I wanted a lot from a show that had a lot of problems keeping itself on the air in the first place.

But I was still hopeful.

And then Billie happened. And as soon as she refused to shut up about her sister, I rejoiced (as much as one could since this whole thing was fumbled right from the start) because of course a kid kidnapped by demons and thus raised by them was going to be EVIL. And then she'd sway Billie and BAM. I'd get what I wanted!

Yeah. Not so much. Christy's less evil badass and more brainwashed annoyance, and I could've stood that, I suppose, but it was just... you had a chance to make your big bad, your final big bad, a strong (if damaged) woman and instead she's some puppet for a dude with bad taste in shirts. WHY?

Any affection I might've harbored for Billie (not likely) died when she used Wyatt in their plan to murder his mother. The line, Billie. THE LINE. You crossed it and you crossed it willingly. You do not deserve future!babysitter status. You deserve the asskicking Piper tried to give you.

So when the show ended, I was basically done with it. I missed it when it was good, I might've cried a bit when TS3 disappeared because for all its faults, I loved that little gloom cloud, but I never tried to replace it with another Charmed board (of which there were still many then) because I was done. I loved certain things and people involved, and I would gladly golf-clap if certain people fell off the planet into the abyss. (Brad Kern, always forever looking at you with this sentiment. You fucked up my show so badly that I cannot ever forgive you. And it's been years, so assume this will be true forever.) But I needed time to recover from loving a show so damn much that every time it broke my heart, it broke it in a big way. I simply needed to not care all that much. And I can honestly say that since Charmed ended, I have yet to find a show that I have loved in nearly the same way.

Eventually I'll be able to form a proper and semi-coherent thought about this and you can bet your arse it'll hit the 100 Things. But for now just have my still seething rage over bits of the series finale.

But to temper that rage with something cute: Mums was railing against the not looking for Paige thing too, and how she could've bought it if she'd immediately gone looking for her kids but didn't so... and I argued (sleepily and with it having been damn near 8 years or something since I watched this thing) that as far as she knew they were safe and sound (...yes.) elsewhere and Paige was so obviously NOT, and Mum counters that Wyatt had been there earlier and Widget comes in and his eyes widen and I gather he's been paying attention when Mums watches. Why? Because he says in the most serious voice ever: "Wait, wait. Is Wyatt dead?" In that tone of voice all TV addicts know. He had to know, tell him now. I died on the inside of the cute.
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Tomorrow/today is the finale (season) of Pretty Little Liars. To keep me from throwing someone off a bridge, I still have Rizzoli and Isles to look forward to. To the gods of summer television, I thank you for letting the two shows I was most interested in actually turn out to be really, really good.

Quickly before I curl up in bed and not quite die, I broke down and read the first Charmed comic. It's a weird mix. The art is much better than I expected, however the only character I could pick out as one of the Ps was Piper. Paige looked so little like herself (and why would she go back to being a redhead?) that it wasn't until someone said her name that I realized who she was. Phoebe managed to look like Phoebe in all of one panel. To hell with spoilers (not much happens): when was it decided that Phoebe's little girl was named Prue?

And now I rest.
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As promised we bring you the Charmed comics covers for the upcoming releases. Well, some of them. Apparently some of the cover art isn't finalized. Go figure.

Shhh. )

So, proving that I cannot get a break when it comes to ordering things online these days, I've had two more annoyances pile up. One was the middle of last month. I ordered pants for work because every time I tried to find them in the store, they only had petites or the wrong color. There was a sale and I figured what the hell. Ordered them on July 16. They said, since I had them shipped to the store, that I should expect an email around the 26th. Okay, fine. Around the 20-something-th I checked my email to see when I was supposed to be expecting an email because I didn't want to miss it, y'know? Turns out they'd been shipped and arrived July 20th. Awesome. Checked email. Nothing beyond the, "Please wait for us to email you when your order is ready to be picked up" instructions. Okay...

I wait. And the date passes. And then it turns into August. And NOTHING. You think to yourself, "But why didn't you just call or go?" Because they open just enough later than when I get off work so that by then exhaustion has kicked my ass and I am one of those people who avoids the phone like the plague. Plus Mums kept saying she'd stop by and see if the pants were in and then... she kept not doing just that. Grr. Argh.

Finally she swears that Saturday will be the day! THE DAY. Instead she sends my brother. WTF, man. WTF. Whatever. My pants are in their little Fed-Ex white plastic envelope thing. I check my email Sunday morning and what do you know, after he picked the pants up there's an email that says, "You can pick your stuff up now!"


And now to bring it back to Charmed. When I ordered my subscription (and if I'd been sober when I did this order I might have rethought the whole thing considering it cost just as much to ship it as it did for each issue. o_O) there was a little note that said if you want issue #0 you have to order it separately. I did. My email even tells me so. I get issue #1 on Thursday or Friday. Hunh. When I open it, I figure that 0 will be lurking with it and they just... combined shipping or something. Annoying since I'd paid (apparently) for them to send them as they came in but it happens.

No 0. So I email customer service after checking to make sure I truly did order the issue (I did) and whether the subscription included the other covers or just one. (Just one.) I get a very prompt email that says that if I wanted 0, I had to order it separately. I email them back and point out that I did catch that disclaimer way back when, which is why I did, in fact, order the issue. I get another email that says he'll check on it when there's actually someone working warehouse. All pretty impressive at 12-1AM.

Still, this and the insane shipping charges (they might not really be all that insane, but you see something literally doubled and you kind of freak out.) make it pretty likely that I will continue to default to TFAW as my primary online comic book dealer. Although this way I don't have to worry about a $5 charge every month. It's all paid for upfront.

And no, I haven't read the issue yet. The fear is strong.
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Blergh. I slept entirely too long. Part of it was completely my fault. Widge tried to wake me up to make dinner, but when my headache pulled my ponytail and said, "if you even think about getting out of bed, I will cut you, bitch" I passed.

I woke up again at eight and realized no one brought me lunch, nor did they wake me again for dinner. Considering I was starving when I went to bed this morning, this made for cranky Aunty M time. About halfway through making my first sandwich, I stepped on a piece of glass. Had to dig and grit my teeth because GLASS IN FOOT. And then promptly bled to death because apparently all the band-aids in the house are in my room and I wasn't about to bleed my way upstairs.

When I made it up here, I found a carefully placed band-aid in front of the computer. Widget love!

I dreamt I was watching Charmed and that it was their 150th episode, or rather, they kept saying 100th, but I knew that this sure as shit wasn't that, and well, it wasn't the 150th either, but I was willing to admit that maybe my brain had just erased everything from that point on. Anyway, it was weird. Really... weird. Like Phoebe being a mother and the kid goes missing or something and Paige thinks to herself that the Elders told her that the kid was hers and Phoebe's hubby's although not... exactly. It was, like I said, weird. And Phoebe could read Paige's mind, but I chalked that up to the empath crap they never should have done in the first place. Needless to say, the fall out from that comment was fantastic. Also, while they're freaking out about the kid, Paige lies down on the floor, in a fairly crowded room, then slowly crosses her legs, pulls herself up so that she's sitting Indian-style, and acts as if this is completely, totally normal. o_O

Piper/Holly just has this look on her face like, "well. THAT wasn't in the script."

And now I feel all... twitchy. Part of this is because dude, cat goes to vet in 12 hours. Don't want to go. But need to go. Cannot find my checkbook though. This could be problematic. And now the dog is snoring. Oi.

Hours later: Found checkbook. Almost out of Pepsi. People! Do not cut the addict off right before you need her to do something she doesn't want to do. It will end badly for all involved, to say nothing of the caffeine withdrawal headaches that ensue. Seriously. Not. cool.

Before I return to my massive game of catch-up with Gossip Girl...
spoilers? Mebbe. )

All that said, I need a new Gossip Girl icon. Yes.


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