Mar. 10th, 2009 09:17 am
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I promised pictures, yes? Yes, yes I did. So I will combine them and you can pick doll goodness or book goodness, or if neither interests you [shock! amazement!] you only have to worry about skipping one post and not two. Or twelve.

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For all the love I have for books, I'm the sort who leaves them in stacks until I either knock them over, the cat does, or I'm finally struck by how awful it is to have your bookcase looking like someone mauled it. I meant to take a picture of the bookcases before I touched them, but I spent so long trying to get the damn light to stay on [the switches in the house are EVIL] that by the time I had light [I can see!] I just plunged into the books and didn't remember until I'd sorted through the Sweet Valley stuff and started on the misc shelf. So you missed the complete feel of anarchy. I'm sorry. The SV shelf tends to be the most easily disturbed due to the side project and the fact that I keep trying to find out which ones I need in which form [...shut up!] so.. yes. I'm sorry you missed that one.

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Oh, and the bottom of the bookcase closest to my room? Yeah, that's the section of 80's love [Sleepover Friends!] that the cats peed on and I refuse to get rid of even though it's a wall of books where only the first six or so SOF books aren't ruined. But I did write down the ones that were ruined so I can replace them and not think, "wait, I own these." Yeah, you do, but they're dead to you.

And then I realized I still had a ton left in my room. The birthday pile from last year, the BSC books I'd rescued from the garage, the books I pick up at random because they're awesome... the SVH books I've left around for whatever reason. This is the never ending quest, I guess.

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Dec. 31st, 2008 08:44 am
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I must confess that Milch was the doll I was most waiting for. Because she was so preeeeeeeetty in promo land and she didn't seem like she'd be that easy to screw up between promo and reality. Luckily she wasn't. Yay!

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I'm just a little slow is all.
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AUGH! I have had Womanizer stuck in my head all morning! It will not leave me. Why, musical gods? Why have you forsaken me?

In other news, my shoulders are killing me, but I caught back up in the great insanity of NaNo. And every time I write or read "NaNo" I can hear Tish from the Weekenders calling her grandfather that. So... yes. That is how my brain works. Now you too can build your very own impy!

Mumsy made the butterscotch cookies yesterday, only she altered the recipe. Which SEEMED like a good idea at the time. Who doesn't love extra brown sugar? That's right, it's a trick question. But in altering the recipe, she made it so that she and the Widget like the cookies now. Which means half of my damn cookies are gone! :( Do not come between me and my butterscotchy goodness, dude. It will not end well for you.

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Dec. 18th, 2007 09:29 am
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It never fails. I buy my cards, find my address books [of which I have carefully put all two people in the one and then they promptly moved], and then... I lose all track of time and it's a week before Christmas. I swear, I always mean to send them out so you can enjoy the glittery joy all month, no matter what holiday, but no. I fail. You're lucky to get them before February. Gifts, I might add, are running late. Again, lucky to get before February. :P

Hell hath frozen! I get to hear Bing and David again. :D

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Yesterday I slacked off. I know, I know. You knew it would happen and it did. Psychic freaks. Anyway, I did try to photograph the wonder that is Jolie. It worked better in my head than in reality. I plan on trying again today, but I also plan on working on NaNo, so we'll see what happens.

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DALs are the odd JP doll that I think I would like any of them if gifted, but I won't actively seek them all out. Which you might have gathered by the fact that I have four. The minis I seek out and buy multiples. Pullips require a bond, and the boys, well, they require a miracle, although I do regret not snagging a couple, which I might rectify over the holidays... [Butler and Cavalie]

So. Jolie needs a name and while Mom is right, she's totally a meaner version of Weekender's Tish, I already have a Tish. The only name rattling around in my head is Josephine, but that's because a certain Tori song keeps popping up in various forms.

Now, if I'm super brave, you can see how the dolls lie around without me paying ooey gooey gobs of attention to them. But I'm not sure I'm that brave. I might sort them according to friends/alliances/couples/hair color... Or not at all.


Feb. 7th, 2007 11:10 am
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I'm cold, so this shall be brief. Okay, it'd be brief otherwise, as I'm coming down off that adrenaline rush you get when you yell at someone and seriously think about slapping them. Which means I'm kinda shaky and should probably refrain from speaking or typing.

We resume the pic-spam. The DALs. Muhah...enh.

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