Jan. 6th, 2009 06:24 am
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Ask and ye shall receive, although on my standard time table of running a smidge late. But the pictures, they happened, and isn't that what's truly important? Of course it is. Because [ profile] mythosidhe asked. :)

Milch and Pinkchan, cuteness powers activate )
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Yesterday was apparently mail day. I got my SVH tote bag, my SVH books from PBS, and my August Pullip and DAL. I... am a horrible person, as I immediately picked Pink Chan as my favorite. It's entirely possible that poor C will be that much cuter out of her box, but as it is, she's not looking her best. Oddly, Mom adores her as is. She thinks Pink is too much. Well, duh. My re-mint goodness was the apple pie set. :D So perfect for fall!

Assuming my room isn't smooshed by one of the live oaks in the back yard this weekend, and that we aren't all swept to sea, and oh, yeah, we have power, I'll share pictures then. :p Which is my way of saying that everything I keep hearing says that Hanna-without-a-second-h will bitchslap us Friday night sometime. Last I checked it was somewhere after 8pm, but... no other details. I say thee, SCORE. I'm not going to work in a hurricane, and anyone who believes I should is obviously insane. There are a lot of places [not really] one could want to spend their time during a storm, but I wouldn't want to be at work when one hit. Too many windows. Too much junk to fly around. Also? It's work.

Anyway. PINK!

because we care. )

Please excuse the lack of super-awesome. Because she is, but I'm not exactly awake enough to do her justice. [/excuses, excuses, excuses]


Sep. 10th, 2007 05:51 am
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New dolly thing running around. It sort of looks even, except, y'know, some of those I'd already said no thanks to. :P Not sure about the crazy bear DAL either, but it's not an immediate no. Besides, currently I'm eying another dolly. We'll see if life kicks me in the shins. If you don't hear from me for a little bit, the phone died. Here's hoping...
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Alas, I'm almost out of book. Or out of books to read, however you want to phrase it. There's this book Mumsy's been bugging me to read, and I might give it a whirl, but even if I love it and finish it, come Monday, I'll be without anything new to read. I could, I suppose, go to the book store and pick up the first Dresden novel, what with me having half of the others here from the library. But then what would I have to whine about?


I'm sure I'm forgetting something terribly important, but my brain is waterlogged, so I'll settle for dolly pictures.

*hum* )

Odd. I thought Sweet Sacrifice was the fourth Evanescence single from The Open Door, but I guess it's just the third. I swear it seems like the fourth.

Oh, and if you go picture hunting, the apple next to Scar? When my leaning tower of Pullip, DAL, and boy boxes fell the other day, it crashed right into the little bookcase where Princi, Georgie, and Fi were sitting. Naturally they all went flying [and as I was asleep when it happened, I couldn't reach out and save anyone, or even try to do so] but when I finally worked up the courage to assess the damage, I found Princi clutching the apple. Completely fine [all three were], though I can't quite figure out how the apple ended up in her hand.
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It may be Alice's birthday, but she's sharing the spotlight... 'cuz Alice is nice like that.

Alice )

Speaking of...

Brand New Purezza )

DALs )

These bright lights have always blinded me )

And I was wrong about the song. Right now it's this one. Yay?


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