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So, this is my list of Monster High dolls that have been released/are currently out/were out at one point that I am missing. It also includes the dolls I'd like to twin or replace my original version in the case of wonky dollitis.

It seems long, but at this moment in time it boils down to two things; I love Lagoona and Ghoulia and, most importantly:
MH Dawn of the Dance Deuce Gorgon
If you see this, buy it. I will pay you back. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to blow $400 for him, y'know?

Picture Checklist, ahoy! )

Was in the middle of updating this when LJ said, "HA!" so the text portion of the list is gone for now. Pictures, yay?

A diversion

Mar. 6th, 2011 01:25 pm
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  So these two pretties showed up Friday. I was bitten by the Basics bug, so I decided before Thursday's event, to join the BFC. I figured that even if I didn't like or want to shell out the money for the actual collector dolls, I could use my rewards towards the Basics on my list. I've spent too long with the big head dolls, however, because when my first arrived:
   All I could think was how tiny her head looked. Anyway, I went for Tango (blond) because she looks so unusual. Also, I'm a sucker for the doll that I overhear people bitch about how ugly she is. Island of Misfit Toys, unite!

I haven't deboxed the Friday girls, but that's probably what will happen later today or tomorrow.

And now it's time for lists in picture form!
These are definite wants.

Mebbe. I love how 001 looks, but I'll admit that standard Barbie blonde isn't necessarily my favorite of all Barbie variations. The 80's made me a sucker for the other two face molds. MIDGE. (Yes. I know. They have actual names for the molds, but my brain sees them and screams Midge usually.)

The other from this mini-line on my list. I'm a sucker for how damn happy she seems. I gather not everyone else shares this opinion... :P

Jeans, dudes. Jeans. This is a mix of wants and mebbes. Redhead and super curlie are both "Now." and everyone else is pretty likely.

Looking over this, I'm kind of surprised by how many blondes appear. If you went back in time and looked at my doll collections over the years, the blonds were usually not picked out by me unless it was a Skipper. (Or it was the BSC and I was hunting Dawn or Stacey.) I love my brunettes and I've got a thing for redheads (See above: MIDGE love.) Weird.

Weird feels like an understatement. Also, need to find something for these loverlies to wear besides what they come in.

I'm off to find the rum for oatmeal rum cookies.
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I'm cold. Have a picture of my various interests at the moment.
(Hey, cutest Kanani in all the damn world!) Lagoona, Applejack, and Fluttershy also say hey.

And that's my Elefante from last Christmas. He's adorable, he is.

Oh, and the newest Scarpetta novel? Doesn't suck. HUZZAH. To properly sum it up though: I liked Benton better when he was dead. Mom wants to bargain that down to before he died, but I'm currently too cold to bargain.
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The dryer is fixed.

Let me repeat that.

The DRYER WORKS. Fluffy towels and fresh clean sheets, here I come!

Mmm. And due to some weird time thing, I haven't pissed away all my nighttime with looking at random crap on the internet and had time to start my laundry so that I'd be done with the washer by the time Dad needs the shower. :D I haven't washed all my linens in ages. Actually, still haven't done that as I don't know where exactly the other sheet is. It had been on the yellow chair as I'd been tucking Lady in when I went up to nap, but when I tried to snag it a few minutes ago, it wasn't there. So pray Mumsy washed it for me. Lady is a lovely dog, really, but she smells like dog and even if she didn't, she pees in her sleep.

Lady is also why I'm not entirely thrilled by the possibility of having company this afternoon. Lady scares the bejeezus out of most people. To be fair, I can understand why. She's a big ol' black lab who believes the best way to say hello is by hopping up to give you a hug and some violent sniffing and then she kind of hovers near you, sniffing your crotch and knees and shoes and pockets because dude, you might have food you totally forgot about, and hey, it's a new person! And if you're not an entirely new person, she might try and hump your leg because she's confused like that. She's got those fun red-tinged hound dog eyes, her ears have been marred by Angel trying to kill her [some might say Lady started these fights and Angel merely finished them, but I say that if you want to be seen as the victim in all this shit, Angel, you've got to stop making Lady look like you tried to rip her damn throat out, okay? God. Simple enough for you?] and her paws are HUGE. Lady is not a tiny little dog. She is not a dog who looks like her name would be Lady.

But she's a lovable goof. She doesn't bite, she isn't mean, she's just... suffering from people who have yet to fully train her. :P And yet everyone, and I do mean everyone, freaks out. And stays freaked out even when she's given up and is ignoring them. The hell? A dog has to be tiny and prissy to be lovable? If you want tiny and prissy, you get yourself adopted by a cat. [Cats are superior to dogs, yes.] Anyway, blah.

*is lazy*

Yesterday my inner...however old she is type child squeeed herself to death when I finally introduced Nellie and Samantha. I don't know why it took me months. It just did. Okay, fine. Little Me didn't want them to meet until Sam looked prettiful and Sam's tea dress doesn't actually look all that good on my Sam. [Little Me is all :( about it too] But instead of changing her into, I dunno, something else, I just let Sam entertain Ruthie and Kirsten [poor redhead whose name I never did settle on way back when!]

Finally decided the hell with this. Take the collar of DOOM off and we'll put her tea shoes on [yes, if your eyes have glazed over, it's okay. I'm sure the next post will be far more interesting, yes?] and where the fresh hell did I put her ribbon? Spent half an hour looking for the ribbon and could not find it. Gave up, walked Sam over to Nellie who has been snoozing with me since she arrived, and Little Me shrieked herself silly. Mainly because when I was younger I really wished they'd make the best friend dolls because Sam without Nellie was criminal. Sam/Nellie are a unit. They are one. I used to dream they'd release Nellie and I had the outfits picked out that I wanted and I figured if they wouldn't for the big dolls, maybe they would for the minis. Ah, little me. You were ahead of your time.

Frickart's NeoNoir is creeping me out in a good sort of way, mask aside. I shall remain good. I shall admire other people's NN's. I SHALL BE GOOD. Luckily it's not payday yet so I kind of have to be good. I also have to remember to switch cards because it's that time of year. Wheeeeee.

I'm going to go check on my laundry and then on the cat.


Jan. 6th, 2009 06:24 am
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Ask and ye shall receive, although on my standard time table of running a smidge late. But the pictures, they happened, and isn't that what's truly important? Of course it is. Because [ profile] mythosidhe asked. :)

Milch and Pinkchan, cuteness powers activate )
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Woo! Club Disco Delancey came. So. Pretty. Sparkly and lovely and all around love.

All right. Drama aside [the drama!], I've decided to go through with part of my evil plan. For those of you who aren't in it for the dolls, you probably want to skim to after the cut, or maybe the next entry on the friends list, most likely discussing the genius of Dr. Horrible. [Seriously, every fifth entry on my f-list seems to be about it. Dude.]

You know how every so often someone will call for the "show us your collection!" post and everyone will post their dolls, all nice and neat, even though, really, how many people actually keep them like that all the time? Yeah, I'm gonna do that later. Until then, let's see how my poor plastic pretties suffer for their art.

Onward! )

Still no word from the idiot front. Which I suspect is better than I'd imagine, considering what's he going to say? Exactly. Nothing good. Cass, however, is ready to kill him. For which I'm kind of grateful, though I wish I could work up that anger. I will say that after awhile, the non-stop love songs do start to get to you. Work, that is. I'm not being completely masochistic about things.

So... tired. Wish this video would finish loading so I can oooh and ahh and then pass out.

It loses steam for the last... thirty seconds or so, but up until then I'm in love. And since I never do this, it's really more for me than anything else. *pets* Someone did a very good job for most you, pet.
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...World's fastest shipping? Could very well be. Guess who came today? GuG Kennedy! Which is fun to type. GuG. Tee. Uh, anyway. I didn't expect her here so soon, but the second she arrived, I pretty much yanked her out of her box. Okay, I spent a little time admiring all the languages and then cursing the need for numerous languages on one package in the same country [when they're being shipped to various countries, fine, okay, I deal, so in this case we let it slide] and then admiring the truest case of Delancey looking like Nolee that ever there was. I'd forgotten that GuG Nolancey was, y'know, not Nolee.

Anyway. Boxed:

and then there were more. )

And that's GuG Kennedy for right now.


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