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My right knee/leg and somewhere in my back that feels like it's directly connected to said knee hurts like a fucking bitch. Normally I wouldn't phrase it exactly like that, but oh my god it hurts. I don't know what the hell I did to it. I was fine when we unloaded the truck and since all I had to do for that was catch the boxes and totes as they flew down the rollers and scan the barcode, it really wasn't enough to do anything to my knee. My elbow, sure. Fingers? Why not. But not my knee or even my back. So. Much. Pain. It's not as bad right now, but waiting for my ride after I got off work, and the hour before I got off work? I nearly cried. Numerous times.

And normally I would have just scrapped this, but Dru actually looks cute. Which, you might have noticed, is next to impossible to catch on film. Or... in pictures. Whatever. Photographic proof is hard to come by.

Could I? Should I? )

And also, why we do not let Dinah dress herself anymore.
Dinah )
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Pullips and magazines. A match made in heaven. Really. )

Totally pointless, but I wanted to see if the camera could work without sunlight doing it's magic. Woo.

Oh. Hair:

Both should be darker, but I won't tweak 'em color wise.
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Swapping Styles Nolee scares the crap out of a ghost. And evil plots for world domination. The usual.

Off with their heads! )
Very, very, very long. And yet, for one that was basically designed to be a throw-away, I like it. Nicca's snobbery can be fun. :D

Books! Fill out! Love it... )
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Odd. I got bumped up to mod at the myscene board I frequent. Two days ago. I didn't notice until today. :$

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It's a Pullip-a-day-a-thon! Or something. Because I took a billion and twelve pictures on Sunday, I have about half a billion to share. Today's spotlight?

Dru! But you might think of her as Fanatica )

Unfortunately it took me until the last picture I could take of her to realize why she looked so different. D'oh! I forgot to have her borrow Tish's glasses.
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On the last day of February, Dru finally made it outside in between rainstorms. It cleared up quite nicely and then about five minutes after I made it outside, I realized it was going to rain again very soon.

That said, I think she looks cute, so I force her on you. In a non kinky way. I've decided Dru is definitely the geeky nice & yet snarky one. [those who thought that was Alice missed ditzy and prone to insanity. that's alice. ;)] I figure Dru's going to be based on a former friend of mine moreso than her namesake. Woe.

Love, love, love this picture, btw. It shows one of the few things I truly love about where I live. Namely that it has these glimpses of being really pretty, despite the fact that humanity can't go ten feet without plopping a building down. Anyway, spanish moss and oak trees and a field of dead leaves with Dru daring you to go to the house in the distance. What's not to love?

Enough chatter.

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If I'm ever dating someone and you hear me say, "-name here- said I couldn't spend more than" or "-name- said I couldn't buy -item I want-" or any variation thereof, I want you to smack me and tell me to break up with whoever it is, or call them on the BS. I'm trusting you all to do this. Trusting you.

Do not betray the trust.

Annnnnd now, thank you, [ profile] cheerlessbeauty/Heidi! My books came today and I was so surprised. You found the Elizabeth books! *hugs* Have I told you lately I love you? :D

Pullip Theatre Presents, Waiting for Fanatica )

Tired. Cold.


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