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21. How has the HP fandom connected you to other fandoms, interests, or people?
  I... don't know? I guess HP is one of those semi-universal fandoms in that when you run across person X and you're getting to know them, the moment you realize you both love Neville means that you can actually be friends? I know i've picked up a few people through HP that I adore, even though I'm sure they don't even remember why I'm on their FL anymore. :P HP fandom is everywhere. A bit like a fungus, really.

22. Your favorite villain
  I'm actually pretty fond of fake!Mad Eye, simply because almost all of the awesome stuff associated with Mad Eye (not all, but quite a bit)? He did. Well played, lesser Crouch. Well played.

23. Share some HP icons:
Cut for your convenience )
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14. Moments in the books/movies that made you cry
  I cried when Sirius died, both in the book and the movie, which makes me a little weepy when I re-read PoA and Harry thinks he has a snowball's chance in hell of moving out of his aunt and uncle's place. I bawled when Dobby died and couldn't really see straight when Hedwig perished, although technically no tears fell for that one.
   As for the movies, I get a little teary when the theme music plays. I don't know why, I just do.

But Dobby's death pretty much reduced me to a blob of nothingness for a little while there.

15. Whatever tickles your fancy:
Because I care. )

I'm off to nap downstairs until Widget is off to school... and then nap some more until the call for me to go be someone's tech support comes in. Sleepy.
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12. Favorite movie scene
  Bouncing. Ferret.
This is followed very closely by Hermione decking Malfoy.

13. Least favorite character(s)
  Well, there's always Percy Weasley. I mean, really, if we're going to go around offing the redheads and maiming them, we couldn't have thrown this one out instead? I'd like an exchange done, thanks. But you're supposed to dislike him for the most part.

For the most part I don't really dislike anyone. Or I do, but you're supposed to hate Umbridge. (She's my absolute least favorite for utterly obvious reasons.) So, to make up for missing yesterday's question and having such a short answer for it anyway, I'll piss you off by insulting characters you probably love. Yay! Wait, wha?

I do not like Hermione nearly as much as I suspect I am supposed to. But, and here's the thing, I only feel this way during the movies (and it's not that I hate Emma Watson) or when people go on and on about how utterly wonderful she is. Otherwise I'm usually content to just coast. I think Bellatrix in the movies is a letdown and I don't understand how this can be considering who is supposed to be putting the crazy in Crazypants. I mean really. I think Tom Riddle is vastly more interesting than Voldemort is 99% of the time.

Damn, some of the upcoming questions are difficult.

Hurry up and burn, R&I. I want to go to bed.
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Huzzah, my Good reads 2010 list is at 100 books. It should be higher, I think, but you know how it goes. You read one BSC book, you've read fifteen.

11. Character you're crushing on
  If you ignore the fact that it seems kind of creepy until you factor in when the series is supposed to be taking place (which then, I do believe, makes me about the same age as... Luna? Yessssss.) I'll go with Oliver because, duh. And the twins, but not together because ew, no.

But mostly I do not crush on any of the HP characters, it just felt like a cheat to not give a potential answer, y'know?

Yes, I am finished butchering the language for one day.
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Dear headache, dear headache, please go away... go away.

Time to catch up on the HP meme of doom.

Day 8: (the 23rd)
08. Your favorite ship(s)
  I believe in Ron/Hermione. I think Luna/Neville is pretty damn stupendous. If you do not believe in Remus/Sirius, please do not tell me. I will not prance around shrieking, "TRUE LOVE FOREVER!" but dude. It's so obvious that even when I wasn't looking for evidence, it was still slapping me in the face. I can get behind Harry/Ginny. For awhile I would have happily shipped the good ship Ron/Luna. And we won't even speak as to what Crazypants (Bellatrix) does when she has alone time with, or without, Voldy.

09. Fanfiction: discuss (the 24th)
  I don't tend to read it. It's not because there's a godawful amount of crap out there (and there is) and I have nothing against it. In fact, I'm pretty much pro fanfic as a general rule. I think authors who get all pissy about other people playing in their sandbox should be smacked. If someone likes your world enough to move their mental vacation home there? Jesus, you meet them at the door with a casserole, a pie, and some booze if they're of legal drinking age somewhere in the world. I'm not saying you read it, particularly if your series is still on-going, as that's said to be a lawsuit begging to happen. Fair enough.
  But it's very, very, very important not to piss off the people paying for you to sit up there in your precious ivory tower and write. What separates you from the fanfic people (and not even all of them, mind you) is that you have an audience that pays for your creativity. Plus, y'know, book deals and whatnot. Point is, do not antagonize the hand that pays your damn bills. If nothing else, you don't have to read it. You just be flattered that people like your stuff enough to feel inspired.
  I do not tend to read fanfiction because I do not tend to have time to do so. Okay, fine, and I don't necessarily want to read something that everyone else says is amazing, nor do I want to wade through all the crap. It boils down to me being lazy.

10. Favorite book moment(s)
  My absolute favorite moment is when the twins make their exit from Hogwarts. It's the moment that gives you hope that one day OotP will end and that it might be worth the pain (actual physical pain) being inflicted by this stupid brick.
   I love Luna's coverage of Quidditch. Oliver Wood crying. The reveal that it could have been Neville and not Harry. Luna's hat.

List! )

Now I need to find a book I thought I'd already given to Mums to return. Crap.
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07. Song that reminds you of HP
  This is pretty much the only fandom I don't identify any other songs with. :P Now I'm curious as to what other people would choose. *muse*

I braved the grocery store at an unnatural hour on a Sunday. I'm not sure if I hit the people who were waiting, hoping to avoid the after Church crowds from earlier, or if this was one of the after Church crowds. Whatever, the boy, Widget, and I had to buy some stuff for dinner and dessert. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I guess I don't hate going to the store so much as the idea of it. And when I end up in line behind someone who is just TRYING to annoy me. :P

Then I made dinner. While cleaning dishes as I went. Crazy talk! Now I go read the Widget his book and then I debate the merits of a shower versus laundry or both. But I'm thinking that with 3 hours of sleep to my name, if that, I should sleep and then shower, THEN do laundry. Yes? Yes.

Also, I realized last Monday that I'm an adult. Or damn close. How do you know you're an adult? When you can't wait for school to start up again. :P Teachers and other people who actually work at a school are excluded from this since y'know, it's their job and all.

Today is Ruthie's birthday (AG ref) and Tori's!

That is just another reason as to why Ruthie is friggin' awesome. Tori birthday sharer.
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Day Six of our tour through the HP universe:
06. Your favorite character(s):
  Luna. Freakin'. Lovegood. I think you knew that. I've loved Luna since she first appeared and she was pretty much the only damn thing that kept me reading through book 5. My mind would start to break and then Luna would appear, so blissfully unaware (or maybe she just didn't care) of how the rest of the school seemed to think of her. If she wanted to do something, she did it. She believed in things no one else did and she was right far more often than most would have ever imagined at the beginning. And yes, she has tragedy in her past and all that. Luna and her funky hair and eyes. ♥

  I love Neville as well. He's just adorkable. He's sort of the flipside to Luna. Oh, Nevile knows how everyone else looks at him, and he still tries so damn hard. It would be so easy to just... not try and that's just not an option for him. One of the most awesome bits of the final book was the glimpse at how he'd grown up and taken charge. Dude. I could have accepted Harry dying but not Neville. Yes. My priorities might seem a little skewed.

I love the twins and lalalala-Ican'thereyouwhenyousaythatoneisnomore-lalalalalala! I believe that you don't mess with Mama Molly Weasley, and that Ginny is pretty bad ass at times. I think McGonnagall is sorely underrated and underused. Hagrid may drive me bonkers at times because he has moments where you have to ask yourself, Really?! but he's Hagrid.

And if you insist upon making me pick one of the trio, I love Ron. I get that I should probably pick Hermione but I can't. I like Ron because he gets jealous of Harry's fame and the perks that come along with it. He's a jerk at times, but in the end, he's got your back, even if he's pretty sure you've finally lost your damn mind. I like that he's not perfect, or perfectly accepting of everything. It makes things more realistic.

And a special mention for Oliver Wood. Love.
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Day 4 of the HP thing:

04. Your favorite movie
So far it's Goblet of Fire. It managed to hit the right balance between "as much of the book as possible" and "what the hell, let's have some fun while we're at it". Plus, when Cedric dies, I ... might have gotten a little misty eyed. I mean really, who kills the pretty one? Only I can't say this now because of the whole Twilight thing. Bother.

Any movie can be improved with the addition of Luna, which is why OoTP is probably pretty high on the list. That and it ripped out much of the annoying crap. But Luna needed a mention.

Today continues in its quest to be filled with suckage.

I'm just about to settle down for a nice chilled Pepsi when I decide that to complete my morning, I should light my birthday cake sceneted candle. (It is a lovely thing.) I grab my box of matches which is huge and should be nowhere near empty and find... two matches. o_O Hunh, I think. Well, the box was falling apart a bit so maybe someone else grabbed them and they fell down next to/behind where the box was found.


And then I remember the Widget's love affair with fire. I get twitchy because I cannot freakin' use lighters (not that I have one anyway) and also, STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF.

But mostly because FIRE BAD. trees pretty.

Then I happen to glance over behind the lamp that needs a new lightbulb and shade and see something that pissed me off more than the matches. My black nail polish that was practically brand new. My favorite weird Rimmel nail polish. Also damn near new. One of those weird lip-plumping Maybelline lip glosses that didn't feel like bees stinging me. And then my vision swam red because the other thing was my Revlon lipstain that they do not make anymore and I don't give a rats ass about this whole throw your lipgloss away when it's 6 months or whatever. ...the little artiste used them on his giant canvas of doom.

Which means he's not only stolen my stuff after he promised he'd stop TOUCHING MY STUFF, but he ruined it (and at least one, if not three of the items cannot be replaced) but for god knows how long afterward he's been fucking bugging me about finding him old makeup that he was allowed to use.

The part that made me so mad I didn't give a shit when I stepped on his bow and it snapped like a twig? Is that this stuff wasn't just out in the room. I had it put away in a box so it wouldn't tempt him.

I... and... g'ah!

So I start cleaning, looking for other things of mine that might have gone to live with him and I notice burned toilet paper. The little pyro has been setting fire to stuff in here. Then I find three of my pretty, colorful CDs on the floor and I think, "Odd. I don't remember using these yet." I hadn't. He'd just swiped them too. The little... *strangling motion*

So when I find the burned paper, I go tell his father. Surprise, surprise, Widget hadn't told him about the headphones he ruined days ago or about the fact that I'd busted him with a lighter. A lighter that apparently he didn't fish out of the trash, but instead stole from the boy.

But the thing that killed my rage, and not in an "I feel satisfied that at least his ass will be grass for the next two weeks" (because apparently that's the going rate for destruction of property) is that I found a picture of his, all ripped up. I found two pieces and there are some... special words written on the back. I can't tell if Widget wrote the obscenities or if the boy did and I'm not really sure which would be less disturbing.

To round it all off, my Dawn of the Dance order was canceled and I figure this means I'm going to gather my stuff, make notes on the ruined makeup, and go to bed. Fuck this, today can go to hell and leave me out of any further BS.

^ Yesterday's ranting. Today I would be satisfied if my mouth no longer hurt. Stupid gum chewing that led to me biting my cheek. *pouts*

Also, I've found that watching Rizzoli and Isles takes me to a happy place. Best couple who aren't a couple I've seen in ages. This is one of those shows that gets better each week. :D Anyone else watching or is it just me?

Day 5 for HP:
05. Wizard Rock: discuss
  I keep meaning to check this phenomenon out but I never do. I used to be highly amused at the song titles though, so there's that.
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Snark of Bullet called on account of me getting bored (it's bad, bad, bad. JC finally comes out as a bad guy, only not because that would be awesome and we can't have that.) and because I got weird news and the person who delivered it then decided they were done with the conversation.

Yesterday was the significant ex's birthday. For the most part I think I only thought about it a couple of times (one of them being when my phone/alarm alerted me that he was turning 30 and I laughed because, well... I'm not 30 yet.) and the day was much better than I might have thought.

Today Cass tells me that oh, yeah, he's got a facebook (which I knew) and that he added her as a friend sometime last week and that the woman he's in a relationship with is 5-6 years older, isn't that just weird?

Um, kay, I knew the fb but I hadn't looked because I kind of hadn't wanted to know this exact information. It's one thing to know that duh, of course the person who did the dumping did the moving on. DUH. I get that. But it's another thing to have it confirmed, you know? So there's that moment where you feel like someone literally kicked you in the gut (and as someone with a little brother who believed in wrestling when we were younger, I know full well how that feels, thank you kindly.) and then you're left not entirely sure how to process the information.

Sure, it's a duh moment, but until ten minutes ago I could pretend he was effing miserable. It's harder to pretend that right now. Y'know? )

Of all the things to inherit, it had to be the ability to hold the most random and painful grudges.

And now for Day 3:
03. What house would you be in?
I'd like to say I'm a Ravenclaw because I'm oh so smart, but I strongly suspect that I would've been thrown in Hufflepuff. I'd have been okay with either, except for the part where the Ravens are mean to Luna. That's just not cool. But if you ask which house I identify most with, I blame my stint at HC and my sorting into Ravenclaw, because I'm all, "Ravenclaw pride!" You know, in a thoroughly mature sort of way. *cough* :P
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It's day two of the Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge, and so I present to you my rant on...

02. Your favorite book
It's not like this is spoiler-rific )

Listy. )

Before I go slam my head against a wall and attempt to finish Bullet (and the essay that comes afterward will be for my own piece of mind), I remembered that on my toy travels, I did see a couple of other things.

Twilight dolls:
I saw Alice in person, and she was adorable but Kmart had her seriously overpriced. Also saw Victoria and she looked like she'd been whacked with the ugly stick. I'm pretty sure that the guy also on the aisle got a smirk out of my, "OHMYGOD, What? NO!" face when I finally comprehended the fug.

The ugly, it burns!
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*swipes from someone else* While Sailor Moon is stalled out as I figure out what the hell, I present the Harry Potter 30-Day Challenge... if you DARE. (Okay, fine, the icecream may have hyped me up a tad.)

Day One! )

Listy! )

This is actually from three days ago so... later I might move on up to questions two and three. We'll see.

  Yesterday was a bad, bad day. It actually reduced me to whimpering and rocking back and forth. I don't even think my breakups have reduced me to that, so there you go. Bugs apparently have a bigger chance of breaking me than boyfriends turning into exes. Who knew?

Still. I bounced back because I had a friggin' list of things to do. One of them involved getting Widget's school supply list all crossed off. It wasn't until we hit Target that I remembered why I'd given up on this earlier. He's getting a "new" list on Tuesday and if it's like every other year, they're just going to change everything. Bother. I really wish that once August started, they'd give the parents the information like, "Your kid is going to be in Ms. Nelson's class. Here is her list. Have fun at the tax free school supply holiday, k?" Instead they don't hand that list out until after all the sales are OVER. So, I mostly ignored the supply part of the list and concentrated on getting the boy some new clothes.
   I... I lack the words, you guys. I just... I know it must be hard to see all those clothes you'd rather be wearing and then look over and see the uniform of DOOM but he wouldn't cooperate. At all. It was painful, dudes. Painful. Anyway, clothes were found. Shoes were found. Tears were shed. This was much longer originally but it's enough to say Never. Again.

We walked up the last aisle and there was some weird CD trial thing and he grabbed my hands and said, "Dance with me!" And it was adorable enough that I momentarily forgot that This Expedition Was A Bad Idea. :D

Walked by the book bags and he didn't fall in love with anything. Headed for the toys because the other part of this mission was simple. I was fucking going to see these Monster High dolls in store, in person, and I was going to buy Clawdeen Wolf.

Sadly, Walmart (never my first choice in the toy wars, but the only place I *knew* had the toys to begin with) was in the middle of revamping the toy section.

Let me repeat that for you. Walmart was resetting the toy section the weekend before school starts. So all those parents who did what my parents used to do for my brother (to me the school supplies were the best part of starting school!) and offer to bribe him to be good with a new shiny bauble? Yeah. They were screwed unless the kids wanted Legos, Monster High, or Barbie. And even then, they were still screwed because... it was a mess.

But back to MH. Apparently I was not the only person who wanted Clawdeen because she was the only one they did not have. This did not surprise me though, because Mums said as much the other day when she went to look for me. But they had added more to the section, so I think somewhere there's someone with a Clawdeen and they'd better treat her right! Anyway, a lot has been made about the quality control of other companies, so I will say this. Cleo should be suing Mattel because the few boxes I peeked at all had Cleo's lipstick smeared across the plastic facing on the box. Not cool.

They didn't have the Fortune Skulls but they did have the rag dolls. All three of them. The cute, it burned. I grabbed Clawdeen and turned it over and read the back and the little bio on Crescent, her cat, was so perfectly cat-like that I could've died. But it was 16.99 and I wanted Clawdeen, the fashion doll. So, reluctantly, I put her back.

They were clearancing the Barbie Basics, but they didn't have the ones I loved and only one that I merely liked and $13 for a Like in a crappy LBD isn't a great deal. Saw the glitter fairy fashiony things. If they'd been the price the sticker said, I would have bought two. Hell, maybe three, because for all the glitter, I love them. But they were ten bucks and yes, the three dollars does change things for me. So I didn't buy anything. Widget desperately wanted a toy but he didn't seem to love anything and I reminded him that we had two more stops to make. In retrospect, maybe just buying him the blasted army figures would have kept the insanity level at normal. But hindsight and all that.

There was a brief thing that the Widget and I were not privvy to involving the belt that we realized had looked onto the cart and we hadn't paid for. Mom went to go pay for it (damn you honesty!) and was gone for forever. Widget and I were in the car debating whether it would pour again (the rain bands on the way to the store were not pleasant) and eventually she appeared, looking pissed off and without the belt. Crap. Turns out the belt had been recalled and Mums.... it's best if we don't speak of it. I gather that in the karmic kickback system, I'll be getting people pissed as hell that I'm unable to sell them something that's been recalled but since it was hiding behind thirty other things, no one ever found until now. Sigh. What're the odds this was the kickback for when people did that to me?

Target. Target's got the super awesome display so at least I could see Clawdeen in person. I wanted her, man. You have no idea. But they didn't have her. They had a thousand Cleos and quite a few Draculauras, and one Frankie, I think, but Clawdeen was gone. They had the fortune skulls, but I was a bit distracted by the other things. I grabbed stuffed!Clawdeen because I really, really regretted not buying her. Plus! She was cheaper. It was fate! I love the little displays Target has for the dolls and the fact that I could annoy other shoppers while listening to/watching one of the webisodes? Just icing on the cake. I do have to say that in general, I think the dolls are being recieved rather well. Two decidedly tween girls were all, "OMG! I want!" and with the grabby hands. Speaking of which, later I heard someone actually say OMG. And not in a tounge in cheek sort of way, as I've heard other people say it over the past couple of years. It blew my mind.

Because Target was done with their toy reset, I can say that I've seen quite a few of the new dolls. I saw the new Bratz and I'm guessing I must live in the Bermuda Triangle because they weren't as craptacular as people have been saying. Well, the Twiinz were. That was an idea of unfortunate consequences, really. Jade didn't do much for me, but as far as I could tell it wasn't a quality control issue, it was just... meh. They had the basics and it irked me that everyone is a party basics Bratz doll, but Sasha (whom they had one of) was a party basics (ethnic) doll. Um... okay. What the hell. If you ignore the fact that she was pictured with short hair and it was awesome (and I'm not necessarily the girl you go to for short haired dolls) I thought she was easily the prettiest of the bunch. I considered buying her, but it looked like a kid or a Target employee threw her around. The doll looked fine, but her box was kinda beaten up. Sad. Besides, much as I might have tried to lie to myself, I knew I was buying ragdoll Clawdeen.

I saw the new Moxie Teens and I thought they were all really pretty. Much prettier than I was expecting, honestly. But the fact that I wouldn't have anything else to dress them in? Yeaaaah. Deal breaker for now.

I seriously considered a regular Moxie girl because they were on sale and I was still debating Crescent at this point, but the only one I really liked enough to buy (that was on sale) had a really meh outfit, and the outfit I liked was on a meh doll. I'm going to agree with the general consenus that it was a lovely faceup the first couple of times, but now it's just lazy. Change. It. Up. Saw Bria and she's also stunning, but not included in the sale because she's ethnic too. *twitch*

LIV dolls. *ducks any and all rotting fruit* I keep wanting to like these dolls because I adore the whole wig thing, but I've seen exactly one doll in person that doesn't look creeptastic. It's the face-mold. It's hard to explain because it's not just the high probablity that your doll will look cross-eyed. It's the combo of the eyes and the way the mouth looks like she's either trying really hard to be a model (anyone who either was a pre-teen girl or knows/knew any rather well will know what I mean. There's this phase that a lot of them go through where they think they look AWESOME but in reality it's a really bad idea.) or they caught her about to say something or.. I don't know. So all these outfits and wigs appeal but I don't know who the outfits would fit and I think the Wigs work on Moxie Teens, but I don't have one yet. Research!

We ended up at Kmart looking for a book bag that didn't cost as much as a small country, that he thought was "cool" and would actually hold his school stuff and not immediately fall apart. Three different people to please. Not easy. Thing is, Mums forgot that the big reason Kmart was even on the radar was because they had their bookbags on sale. So Thomas fell in love with a couple while I was wandering the toy aisles (they all changed! But no monster high! Not even a place where they'd belong. But no Bratz either, which leads me to believe that they just did a better job of hiding the line between finished/haven't started yet) and Mom shot him down because of price. I came by in time to see her shoot one down, so I wander back to the price checker (why, oh why, are there two in toys, but only one of them works? and none in the seasonal section?) and aha! It's one of the ones on sale. It took it from, "Yeaaaaaah. NO." to "will it fall apart immediately?" and Mums said it would die a horrible death. Or maybe it was the one that wouldn't even hold a fraction of his stuff. I don't know. Point is, it failed one of the tests. But it did get Mom to ignore the price tag because that was just not going to work.

Eventually I grabbed him and told him, "Find ones you like. If Grammy says they'll hold your stuff and won't fall apart, then I'll check the price, okay?" Yeah. That worked for about three seconds. Ultimately he'd start fussing, "They won't fall apart! Why do you keep saying that?! THEY WON'T!"

Oh, honey. I've been there. The only licensed book bag that I owned that did not fall to pieces after the first three months of school was my She-Ra one and it was a bag, not a backpack.

He might sound really obnoxious, but this is nothing compared to the Target leg of the trip. Still, I was losing my patience again and Mom had lost hers when she notices one lying on the bottom shelf, "He liked that one originally." So I pick it up and give it to her for the tests of endurance. She takes a few minutes, as Widget is clearly ignoring us as he focuses on his pain! His rage! She finally says, "It won't last forever, but it's got that extra pocket so it will hold more than all the others."

I wander to the price checker and aha! It's on sale. Widget, who had caught on to the fact that he was getting one that lit up and wasn't plain as hell, ran towards me, grabbed the bag and said thank you. It was cuter than cute.

As we passed the toy section, something happened to fall into my hands. But that'll have to wait.
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Saw Half Blood Prince. Long movie. Needed an intermission. Didn't have one. Long walk back to bathroom. Not enough Luna. Not. Enough. Luna.

Very pretty though. The movie. Not just Luna. Though every time Luna got to speak, you could see little hearts come up from the audience. Not just me. The rest of them, too.

Also? Really good popcorn there. Usually I munch on the buttery goodness until the previews are done and then hand it off. I demolished waaaaaaaaay too much but didn't get that icky feeling I normally do after binging on popcorn.

movie. )

well, damn

Jul. 31st, 2007 02:53 am
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Finished the other Harry, as someone lent me their copy yesterday. Yes, I sat there and crammed as much of the book into my brain as humanly possible until the words ceased to make any sense whatsoever, passed out, woke up, ate something, and resumed my crash course in warfare.

...well, damn )
So overall, lots of love. I think I could read it again sometime soon without my head exploding [something I will never say about OoTP] and that maybe I shouldn't have read it so fast. But it was pretty much the same school of thought that goes into ripping off a band-aid. You want the pain over as fast as possible, and I knew there would be pain.

In other news, Ghost Rider sucked so bad that we couldn't even mock properly. Do you know how hard it is to do that? I didn't even think it possible, to be honest. When we originally saw the trailer waaaaaaay back... whenever, Ari said she wanted to see it, and I said it definitely looked crack worthy. Um... no, not really. It's just bad. Eva M. is a really terrible actress if this movie is any indication, and if you have to ask if the main character is supposed to be coming across as mentally handicaped, I think there's a problem somewhere. It had moments where it was exceptionally pretty [although I think some of that can be attributed to sitting at the wrong angle for a HD TV] and parts were so unbelievably cheesetastic, but not so much that it was awesome. Either not enough, or way too much. I had to look away because if I didn't, I thought I'd fall out of my chair.

Had Ari not lent me DH, I'd have been spilling blood over The Harlequin, as it finally pushed Anita from grey area, possible super-heroine with a sex addiction straight into villain of the I don't think LKH realized it variety. Granted, that was if you were being polite, but still. G'ah! It took me a week to finish that book, but give me less than a day, complete with sleep and other things and I'll finish the new HP? At least I know my reading button wasn't broken.

I'm hungry now. Feeeeeeeeeed me, Seymour. Feeeeeeeeeed me.
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All hail the movie gods, I saw Goblet Of Fire. Because it would be rude of me to impose a silence ban on other people and then prance around without a cut on my thoughts, I will put all such geekouts behind the cut.

But you're stuck with trailer musing beforehand.

We opened with Superman, which seemed to be a big deal since the people who'd already seen the movie [atleast twice. o_O] said this one wasn't shown before. Gotta say that for all the possible awesome-ness, there was this snippet with Lois and Supes and my brain curled up inside my head and cried out, "Noooooooooooooo!" I don't know why though.

Monster House looks... enh. Happy Feet looks cute, but come on, they're penguins. Penguins are cute and I've always thought so. When Hollywood came to this conclusion, I'll never know.

Narnia looks amazing. One of those movies you could simply look at. On the other hand, it lost some coolness when a reject from LOTR seemed to pop up for a second. :p Still, oooh. Ahh. Shiny!

The only surprise of the bunch was King Kong. No interest in the movie whatsoever. None. Is there a way to have less than no interest? If so, that was me. The trailer? Whoa. Makes me almost want to spend the money to see the movie. Freaky.


Someone's dreamy and someone isn't. )

I think I'm going to cave one of these years and buy a PS2. Yeah, I'm falling off the geek wagon. Woe. Luckily I don't have an extra $200 to blow immediately. [games too, people.]

Gotta go send dad some .wav files so he can mock people cuz Clemson won.

This post brought to you by thunder, lightning, and the lack of spellcheck. WOO!
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If things go as planned, I'm going to see Goblet of Fire tomorrow sometime. Until I saw the last ten minutes of HBO's first look, I really didn't care one way or the other. Now? Kinda fangirly. So anyone who sees the movie and tells me entirely too much about it? DIES.

It's rather cold here. People kept coming in, coughing all over the store, and muttering about the cold. Honestly, people. It's not that cold. When we get the kind of days where I shiver and grab a coat then you can bitch. Until then the rest of the country mocks your inability to tell what's cold and what's not.

Ah, memories of the day it snowed in fourth grade and our teacher letting us go outside since it almost never snows here and being the only one perfectly comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.


Hrmm. I'm fine with that, but if we take it the other way I could have answered without lying we turn out to be

Which Pullip Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Rovam and Noir. o_O I'm apparently beyond awesome. Modest aboot it too.

And if you like Melissa McCarthy, she's in this week's In Touch. She's actually the reason I bought it.

Off to update wishlist and check out someone else's. Yes, I'm terribly awesome, but horribly boring. Don't envy me, Argentina.

Remember. If the light is off then it isn't on. Cuz these words of wisdom, the Duffster sings to us nightly at work now. Oh yes. Nightly.


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