Feb. 22nd, 2009 02:03 pm
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It's been awhile, so you may need a refresher course.

In case you forgot... )


Meet Sonali. )

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Mail call!

May. 7th, 2005 01:01 pm
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There's a reason why Isa is no longer allowed to get the mail anymore.

Never give out your password, folks. Not even to cute mini Pullips. )

Witch is evil. I love her. I think she needs a new name, though if I'm not careful, she'll forever be Witchbaby. Anne's eyes go pop, and I'm thinking when I redress her, she'll be fab. Witchbaby has elf shoes! Jingle jingle...

Cosmics came! :D I'm off to debox and then sleep.
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Odd. I got bumped up to mod at the myscene board I frequent. Two days ago. I didn't notice until today. :$

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The sound you heard earlier was what little self confidense I'd managed to aquire in the last year or so go kerflooey. Gone the way of the dino.

Yeah, I had to buy new pants for work. *gags* This wasn't so awful except they didn't have the size I wanted, so I went one size up [which had previously been too big] and... it was no longer entirely too big. So I was in a foul mood and about ten seconds into my nuclear breakdown [I figured I'd go full on hissy fit instead of stopping like I did earlier] Mom asks, "So, are we going on a diet today?" She got the finger in response.

So, I'm seething. It's not been a pleasant ten hours or so for me. But then I see these two women who are probably my size, only shorter [so possibly smaller, since apparently my mental picture of me needs an update] and they're having a fabulous time looking at clothes I'd rather shoot myself than wear... But they seem happy. And the sales woman is incredibly nice and gives me an extra discount, and I'm much happier about things. Except the diet comment, because really. There's a time and a place for everything, and now is not the time, and a dressing room is NEVER the place. NEVER. Especially when a fat girl is holding a size that was previously too large and isn't anymore. Sure, it seems like the perfect place to mention the d word, but trust me. It's not.

And then I decided fuckit. For the most part, what makes me unhappy has very little to do with my size. I don't sit around whinging, for the most part [do I?] about my fat ass, and I'd rather like me at my least cute than wait around for me to be more of society's bitch. I'll be my own bitch, thank you very much.

But you will never see me wearing khaki. It just won't happen.

Onward! Doll of the day!

Who could it be now? )
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Image hosted by

nekkid! )

Going to sleep. Letcha know if anything good appears in the mail today.
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If I'm ever dating someone and you hear me say, "-name here- said I couldn't spend more than" or "-name- said I couldn't buy -item I want-" or any variation thereof, I want you to smack me and tell me to break up with whoever it is, or call them on the BS. I'm trusting you all to do this. Trusting you.

Do not betray the trust.

Annnnnd now, thank you, [ profile] cheerlessbeauty/Heidi! My books came today and I was so surprised. You found the Elizabeth books! *hugs* Have I told you lately I love you? :D

Pullip Theatre Presents, Waiting for Fanatica )

Tired. Cold.
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Is it wrong that my main reason for wanting to join the monochrome thing over at PP is because I want to title it monochrome delirious? I don't really think I have any clothes or fabric things to happily pull the effect off, which is what's keeping me from going forth in search of my bliss.

Yes, sometimes I talk funny. The voices all scream to be heard and it's a smoosh-for-all in what comes out.

That said, meet Isa!
That'd be ChinaChina who beat me up when I started calling her CiCi for short )
Isa's personality is slow in coming, but hopefully won't be as slow as, you know, Pishy Tanda.

Brother got fired from his job, saw that one coming. Hopefully he'll find a new job soon, or win the lottery. Though the lotto might be a bad, bad idea.

I'm off to attempt taxes.


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