Feb. 5th, 2007 09:17 am
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Frankie is a complete bitch to photograph. There's the hair and lighting issue. Like Alice, she takes a perfectly good photo and suddenly turns it orange. Or washes out completely, which is exceptionally skillfull since she's darker than most of the rest of the gang. :p Sooooooo... we're gonna give 'er another go in a bit, if my legs ever defrost. Until then, a couple of pics.

Frankie )
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Riletto arrived yesterday, just as I predicted. [of course she'd show up on the one day I couldn't really devote any time to adoring her properly. Yeah, like I let that stop me. She's adorable if you ignore the world's worst fringe/bangs. It's just... so terribly wrong. If I didn't adore the color of the wig, I'd seriously consider just buying her the wig selection I've been pondering. But it's so pretty! And if you ignore the bangs from HELL, so soft. I think she's gonna be the hat girl of the bunch.

She's Annie's twin, in case you pondered. She's the older of the two and I'm thinking it's possible she's quite lazy. I'm not sure yet. I shouldn't judge her on her PJs alone. Cute socks!

+2 )

Hrmm. I'm gonna guess no one saw Merry, but I don't know where I stashed the pictures so she'll wait until tomorrow or kill me in my sleep.
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It's rush week here on sorority row )

Grumpy bear!
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Pullips and magazines. A match made in heaven. Really. )

Totally pointless, but I wanted to see if the camera could work without sunlight doing it's magic. Woo.

Oh. Hair:

Both should be darker, but I won't tweak 'em color wise.
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Basically this and Andromeda Snaps are two parts of the same.. um, weirdness? Yeah. I was bored the other day, and figured I'd finish the cosmics' first story, and then decided it'd be nice to see what a normal day with the rest of the girls is like. Turns out normal is a relative term with the minis.

Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you backup. )
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and we'll all float on... )

Name, rank, and serial number )

Cosmic thoughts.
  Mercu [Bee] has some serious makeup going on, man. That purple in the corner of her eye is actually freaking me out a little. But I think once I get used to it, it'll be one of the things I love best about her. As it is, I love the color of her eyes. They're gorgeous. Look up there. Do you see that? Gorgeous. Oh yes.
  We love her choker, her holster for her little space gun, the stars on her boots ... lots of things. Her hair is thick and long and both Cosmics have hair that reminds me of those crayons/gel pens you buy to write specifically on dark paper. Tis wonderful.

  Jupi is probably going to be my favorite once payday hits and I buy her [and Tish] some hair clips. It's odd. She's got a lot of hair, but it's really thin. I don't know if it's just Andromeda, or if all Jupis have this issue.
  I like her eye color, though I do agree it's a bit of an odd choice considering her hair color. Still, it stands out and is something I think I love about her. I love how she looks easily miffed [hence her personality], and she has the most awesome boots ever. If she had the cool little stars on her boots, I'd say she was perfect. I don't really understand why people didn't like her as much, and I'm going to feel superior to those who are now jumping on the Jupi bandwagon. Hair color wise, she has the weirdest. It's actually a shade of purple in person, but it seems to photograph a shade of pink. So odd.


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