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So. I've been up for an hour and a half or so, and I've cleaned a cat litter box, found half the sink and begun work on the other side, made breakfast (who doesn't consider baked potatoes breakfast?), fed the animals, changed their water, thrown out some perishables that perished, and... I dunno. Stuff. Oh, paid part of my credit card bill and remembered that I must pay my cable bill the next time I go downstairs. Huzzah?


Dear girlie parts: Stop with this whole going on strike business. This is unpleasant. Unpleasant indeed.

Moving along to shiny things:

batty slippers

Dead Tired )

Obviously I've now been up for much longer than the time stated previously, so I should probably go do things to add to my list of chores. Whee? Oh, and cable bill paid even if it did take forever because their system was screwy. Next up, books and nostalgia and other things. Whee!
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Today I have things to do. THINGS TO DO. But I'm killing time here, going on about things. Things, man. Things. Anyway, first went vent, and then we squee.

Widget has food issues courtesy of his mother. )

Now we squee.

Saturday I talked Mums into trying Target for the new MH stuff. I wasn't really thinking this through since Target is the one store no one's found anything new, but still. We tried. We failed. Mums took pity on me and we drove out to Toys R Us. I hurried inside and made my way to the MH display. Where I zeroed in on the Dead Tired doll I saw. Draculaura! I glomped onto her. "MINE!" my brain screamed. Behind her was Ghoulia, and I grabbed her, too. I looked behind the others but no one else was hiding, so I took a minute to check the MH section on the nearby aisle. Clawd/Draculaura! But 34.99 and I'm still not sold on Ulla D's outfit. So I decided to be good and wait. Birthday present or something. Mums hadn't made it inside yet (Yes. I may have sprinted to the door before the car fully stopped. What of it?) so I took another minute to look at the dolls for possible wonk-i-tude. Ghoulia's glasses were sitting funny, but Draculaura was adorable. As I tried to figure out whether she had the sultry eye screening or just slightly less wide eyed and bushy-tailed than normal, I noticed her left eye sort of sparkled. It's hard to explain since there's no glitter. So I took it as a sign that magic was afoot.

Mums appeared with a cart and we slowly walked the MH aisle. I decided that since I was there I'd see if they still had Bijou, the Moxie Teenz doll I want. (Well, her and first!Tristen) No. Figures. But to the right of where she should have been, there was another DT box. I grabbed it and voila! It was another Draculaura. Which is perfect because I was hoping to find a double of someone for [ profile] zallia, should she want 'em. That's how you know it's MH hunting season.

Dead Tired Yay!
Hers is on the right, mine is on the left.

I'm so stupidly excited for this line. I love dolly jamma lines. I blame Skipper and all those BSC sleepovers. (Which were then reinacted with my Skipper dolls.) Also, I think this Ghoulia looks more like webisode Ghoulia than her original version did.

Springtime Fluttershy
Someone explain to me how I've bought 2 Fluttershys and neither are the one that comes with Angel? D'oh! It probably helps that I think Fluttershy is one of the few who translates pretty well to toy form. I did see the big, plush Pinkie. I'm sorry, I think it's hideous. But it was cheaper than I thought it would be, so there's that.

Now, we slide back to Friday. I had to go stand outside in our backyard to wait on the mailman to get my box from Korea. You see, during the photo challenge (consider this another one!), [ profile] zallia introduced me to ddung. Name aside, I thought they were adorable. I wanted one. Waaaaaanted. But I was good. I waited until I was sure it wasn't just a knee-jerk reaction to the cute.

Thing is, I didn't want this to turn out like some of my other doll loves where I end up buying a lot. Don't get me wrong. I love my Pullip army. LOVE. I love my fleet of My Scene dolls. I'm fairly happy with my AG dolls (I wish there were less of a certain mold, but you make do) but I didn't really want to be adding a million dolls, you know? So, I had to whittle down the choices. Some were pretty easy and didn't speak at all. Others spoke in promo pics, but Flickr told me otherwise. Finally I saw this:

I die. The cute! Still, I had to be sure. Flickr told me I had a 50/50 shot of loving her. And none of the others spoke to me the same way. So...

Boxed some more!

White Rabbit, Startled
LOVE. So far she's still in her box, but I don't feel the need for another yet.

(Consider this the "someone else is to blame for this" challenge? Or make your own theme.)

Which is good, since I finished my DT non-bedded dolls this morning. Now to wait for delivery.

Oh, and Mr. Mailman brought me Kirsten's World on Saturday and Samantha's Short Story Collection this morning. :D Books and dolls and... crap. I have to clean. Well, two outta three, right?

Oh, fandom.

May. 5th, 2011 12:06 pm
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So... I might have spent a tiny bit and bought some shiny things from the Pink Sale at the BC site. *cough* Just two things. It would have been cheaper to buy the third, but I'm saving my reward for either the basics or something else. Also, I think owning the repro Peaches & Cream Barbie isn't high on my list at this moment. Tomorrow I may fall to my knees and weep for my stupidity. But for now, I'm happily anticipating Uhura and a doll I plan to headswap depending on who matches.

Doll people are sick and twisted, man. Sometimes this is awesome.

The book gods smiled upon me. My Wicked Lovely manga issue (the first) from PBS? Brand. Spankin' New. Hot damn!

Because I figure I have a couple of pictures I can spam you with til I take new ones:
Lagoona and Clawdeen (Crescent and Hisette, too) say hey. If I haven't mentioned this before, Lagoona the ragdoll is my most favorite. The only one who might rank higher could be Ghoulia when released. Crescent still has the best bio, however.
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group shot
Oh, ho. What's this? Could it be my Monster High collection doing its best to look intimidating?

The other odds and ends sneak into the shot, too.


Apr. 27th, 2011 11:06 am
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I have spent the better part of my week coughing up my lungs. Part of this is my own damn fault, as that's what Mucinex is supposed to do. I just didn't realize that it was going to try and take a rib or two along for the ride. The plus side, if I can call it that, is that my lungs no longer feel like a swamp has set up residence there. Sadly, it has cost me my voice, my throat, my taste buds, and my sweet disposition.

Wait. I was lacking that before. Never mind.

So, new pics were found and shared and to not steal someone else's bandwidth, I capped and uploaded to flickr although I never add promo/proto pics there. Whatever. Mad Science and all. Anyway, click on any pic to see it larger. And now... doll talk.

Dead Tired?
Dead Tired
I'm not really sure that's going to be the final name used for the line, but it's the one been thrown about longest (I think?), so it's what we'll use. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for pajamas. Not so much for myself, but for toys? Hell. Yes. So this is pretty much a gimme, but it works even beyond that. Frankie is adorable, although I'm kind of wondering if she's always going to look pretty much the same in each line.* I think Draculaura is my favorite, although I want to scoop Ghoulia up and give her a hug for some reason. Cleo, stay awesome.

* Yes. I'm aware that they all tend to look similar, although there are definitely moments when each breaks their own mold. See: DotD mostly. Except, y'know, Frankie.

Gloom Beach
Gloom Beach Ghoulia
As much as I like the artwork previous released for her, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the doll. I suspect that this is a case where the promo isn't as awesome as the finished product. Or, if it's not that, I'd imagine that she'll switch outfits with someone since I think it's the red paired with her grey lips. But it's too soon to really tell.

Beds and Misc Stuff
Bed Sets
Loving Draculaura's outfit off to the left side. (Frankie's continual print-overload hurts my eyes.) Cute microphone. Clawdeen is purple-tastic and I love her. I want a Howleen someday, but for now she can share with another Clawdeen.
  Lagoona's Hydration Station: WANT. NOW. This opinion has not changed, thank you. This is one I, should the finished product be as amazing as I'm hoping for, will shell out the money to twin. Just because.

DotD 2 and Classes
  I still think DotD D looks a bit goofy, but hey. I'm one of the people dying for Lagoona and you know her hair is going to be wonk-tastic so...
   Classes! Mad. Scientist. LAGOONA. Yes. Please. Now. Gracias. Frankie's doing that pattern overload thing and I like her second outfit, but not so much the one on the doll aside from the tights. But look! Bangs. :D And this is my favorite Ghoulia of the bunch.

Fearleading and Duos
I do not understand Draculaura's hair. At all. But Ghoulia is adorable and Cleo's prettiful and did I mention Fearleading uniforms sans stitches? Exactly. Yes, please.

Um, oops.

Apr. 19th, 2011 01:35 pm
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First, happy belated birthday, [ profile] mythosidhe! I miss your updates, but I'm hoping your birthday was fantastic. :)

Second, could someone explain to me what just happened? Target has the MH ragdolls on sale for 9.99, yes? But didn't have Draculaura and the shipping pissed me off. (Factor in Target's incredibly slow shipping any time I order from them and, well, no.) So I went to the closest Target. And naturally all they had was a sea of Frankies. Mom did find a really helpful guy who actually checked and found another doll, but it was Lagoona and I own her already. I resisted the urge to buy a second one and left her for someone else. I looked around to see if they had the Bratz Jade I'd been eying, but of course they didn't, and there wasn't a Sasha to be found. Rude. Found the Liv outfit with the umbrella and rain slicker. That's cute. Into the basket it went as I considered.

I ended up walking out with:
Frankie the rag doll
the Liv outfit
Ghoulia (the darker haired version)
the last two seasons of Scrubs
Cherry snow-cone syrup

All because spending $18 after using my giftcard to knock off another $10 was too much. o_O Target! Always you do this to me!

I cannot return until I get paid. I'm hoping by then Draculaura and Cleo will be in stock. The ragdolls, that is. Wants!

Yes. A third Ghoulia. Don't judge me. :p
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This is a nonsensical post while LJ continues to hiccup. A lot.

I have Raisin Bran. It is yummy and infinitely better for me than most of the things I normally have at this hour. Two scoops!

Also, while I was sleeping/at work, promo pics of a new Monster High wave leaked (School's Out, which I think is named wonkily) as well as the second part of the Dawn of the Dance wave. Say what you like, but there's new Ghoulia and Lagoona. I'm so there. Can it be time for them to be released? Please?
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Bagels do not taste right to me unless I am eating them in a hotel at some ungodly hour in the morning. If pressed, it's probably just the ungodly hour of the morning that I require, as I could easily scorch some coffee to make things smell right.

My head hurts. It didn't until I came home and the orange terror started screaming that he hadn't been fed. Then my head went from "You should probably eat and get out of the pollen" to "I KILL YOU ALL NOW!"

So I'm off to read (finally) Black Magic Sanction. I did read The Ghoul Next Door, the second in the Monster High series, yesterday. Two and a half, maybe three hours. It was really good, all things considered. It had more Lagoona, Clawdeen, Draculaura, infinitely more Cleo, oh and Ghoulia. Also, I still love Candace, even if I still imagine her as Candace from Phineas and Ferb for some odd reason. It makes her three times as funny.

Hopefully a nap will help the brain so I can get up and clean up my bookcases. Also, probably the kitchen. But mostly the bookcases. Did I ever mention that I had achieved my goal of having bookcases spanning the length of the hallway from my room to my brother's room? Granted it's not a particularly long hallway or anything, but I did it. Books!
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I now understand why most of the people who have Comic Con Frankie (the black and white version) tend to question whether or not to de-box her. In general, the MH dolls look fantastic in their boxes. Presentation gets a 10, normally speaking. But CC Frankie? Yeah. The metalic sheen to everything cranks that up to 11. I think I like the whole thing more than I might like the doll herself, but I'm not entirely sure since I just got her Saturday.

Okay, PLL roundup for... three weeks ago. Hunh. I didn't realize it had been that long.

Know Your Frenemies:
If you have to ask the question, you wouldn't understand my answer.
- Ezra Fitz to Noel Kahn

Okay, to be fair I watched this three days ago so my memory is a little hazy on some things. So we'll go with what the notes said, k?
Aria's huge earrings are brightly colorful, but distracting. )

Careful What U Wish 4
That was a suicide mission and you know it.
- Spencer to Aria

Oh, ABC, your Laugh On slogan sucks. )

If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again
You look like a strung out Powerpuff Girl.
- Hanna to Aria after an allnighter

More Ella! )

So Ella returned two of those episodes. Pictures later. I killed my back and now I'm off to die. Diiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee.


Jan. 26th, 2011 11:53 am
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On a dreary, dismal day, a box appears out of nowhere. Or, you know, the mailman delivered it and someone took it to my room. Whichever you prefer.

What could it be? )

Sorry, Cleo...

Less story, more gushing )

Thank you, [ profile] zallia!
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Gloom Beach dolls spotted and some were even snagged. To celebrate holiday pay, I stopped at the Walmart down the road from work. They were in the process of revamping their toy aisles and for a second I couldn't find the MH dolls... but then I turned around and tada! Gloom Beach dolls! So I picked up Frankie and Clawdeen. Jackson either had bits of hair on his face or black paint on his lips, so he stayed behind. And I also grabbed a Fearleading outfit and Deuce's outfit. If I go back tomorrow to see if any of the other clearance stuff is cheaper than marked, I'll probably grab Clawdeen's if it's still there. Which means if you're in need of one of the school spirit packs, you should lemme know. (Or, I suppose, the GB dolls? They also had Cleo, and oddly enough I didn't even look twice at her although I wanted to know if it was just mine that looks a little eerie. D'oh!)

i also snagged a How To Train Your Dragon comforter for the Widget. It didn't come with the extra sham, but it had Toothless on it so, yay? Also, it was half the advertised price. :D

Anyway, it was a nice haul. They had a $5 Liv doll but I still couldn't pull the trigger. Oh, and they were finally adding the new MLPs. FINALLY.

Oh, toys. You make the day suck less.
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I'm cold. Have a picture of my various interests at the moment.
(Hey, cutest Kanani in all the damn world!) Lagoona, Applejack, and Fluttershy also say hey.

And that's my Elefante from last Christmas. He's adorable, he is.

Oh, and the newest Scarpetta novel? Doesn't suck. HUZZAH. To properly sum it up though: I liked Benton better when he was dead. Mom wants to bargain that down to before he died, but I'm currently too cold to bargain.


Dec. 29th, 2010 10:56 am
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Dear 2010,
You sucked in a lot of ways. But you also had your moments. So today I celebrate those and try to ignore the not so hot stuff.

Things That Didn't Suck, 2010 edition:
No spoilers, but pictures are contained within. )
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Before I resume cleaning, I have two things to say. One is a story, one is just fun.

One. I met Voldemort! And Voldemort is adorable. And snuggly soft, though clawless. Voldemort, in this case, is a cat. (A coworker brought his or his roommate's cat to the store and I nearly died. It took all my self control not to dissolve into "EEEEEEEe! KITTY!" hysterics.

Two: Monday I went to Target in search of some cheap stockings and a MH goodie. There was always a possibility they'd exist, right? I head down the MH/Bratz aisle and as I'm about halfway down, this woman passes me and her friend hurries to catch up. "Ew, look! A vampire doll," friend says as she passes the MH display. Woman A's lip curls up in distaste and then she says, "Oh, gross. Who would want one of those?"
I arch one eyebrow and say, as I pass them, "I would!"

Yeah. The internal censor said, "Y'know what? Fuckit. Say it." So I did. They avoided me whenever we ended up on the same aisles after that. :P Sadly they didn't have anyone other than a thousand plush Frankies and C/D pairs. Asking only yielded the biggest backpeddle in the history of asking an employee to do something that may or may not actually be in their job description. Mom starts to ask if they've got any MH stuff in the back and the woman yells, "No! No, no no!" and then, I guess, she realized how bad she came across, so she did her "we get a truck every day and you'll just have to keep checking back because we have no way of knowing what's on the truck or back there."

Is funny. If she'd said that there was too much stuff to really get to anything, that I'd fully believe. But since the last time I was in the store, I was standing right next to someone as they were taught how to look up inventory/stock on their little Telxons so... I'm thinking that it's not quite as ~*mysterious*~ as she'd like me to believe.

Ah well. Mums bought some stuff, I chose not to get the stockings just yet.


Dec. 4th, 2010 02:46 pm
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Well, that was annoying. I decided to stop by the new Walgreens that's technically closer to my house than the one where I work. I was mostly there to see how different it is and to see if it was one of the Chosen Few to have Monster High dolls. (No.) Mom wanted the m&m's that were on sale, but I didn't have my little proof of employment card. I did, however, have my freakin' uniform shirt and I had to listen to people wax poetic about my store manager. I'm told to go to Cos, no mention of the dreaded ID coming up. I do, I wait. I wait. I wait some more because the Cos lady is helping someone else. I could make some catty remarks, but I don't think she was intentionally trying to screw my day up so I'll refrain. She pages the manager, he appears and walks right on by. He comes back and in the rudest voice I've EVER freakin' heard used towards me outside of family and exes, informs me that I have to have the little paycheck stub ID thing. He shows me his and then says without it I can't get my discount.

I was prepared for this because I've heard stories. Stories, man. Anyway, those stories end with you using the store in question's computer to log in (thus proving you're in the system and an employee!) and printing out the card right there in the store.

No. He walks off, does not offer this, and I'm just twitching. You're that fucking rude and then you leave your employee to pick up the pieces? REALLY? I briefly debate buying the stuff, full price, and just swapping it out at my store later. But I'm pissed at his attitude. It's not like the store was packed with people. And he didn't have to be an asshole. He could have said all this politely. He could have offered to call, or let me call, the store that I claimed to work at, and talk to my boss. You know, the one everyone is all, "We love him!" about?

But no.

So I put my stuff away after debating, for half a second, just leaving it and huffing off because of the rudeness, but then that would be rude. I put the stuff back where I found it (neatly, far moreso than it was to begin with, I might add) and I leave never to return willingly.

I debated putting in a complaint. On the one hand, rude. On the other, I really didn't feel like throwing that into the universe. Ultimately I decided that if I was mad enough to complain all the way up to the point where I had to put my name, I might as well go through with it. I wasn't nasty (since he should be reading it) but I made it clear that seriously, you do not treat people that way. Seriously. :P

To make my day suck less, the mailman brought me my Cyber Monday haul from No pictures because I'm lazy, but I have the Fashion Studio for Sam, the berry hoodie (which didn't even come in a bag. They just shoved that in the main box), the bag/shirt combo (they both say American Girl Place), and Ruthie's shoes. Yeah, I didn't go crazy. I did snag Molly's Skates and ear muffs yesterday, though, and a little something else from another store... which I'll share when they come in. (Though at least one of those things is a gift for someone else.)

The Fashion Studio comes with 40 or so pages of paper that's fairly thick. Most of it's patterned, especially in the same print as Samantha's clothing. You get a little stamper but no ink (Sam's little leaf symbol thing), a paper doll (photo, not a drawing, which makes the outfits look...strange in the photos), stencils to trace onto the patterned paper, and a little book that tells you a bit about fashion in Sam's time as well as advice on colors and design. Mom seems exceptionally taken with it. Me? I bought it because it was Sam and I was curious. The little book looks most interesting to me, but that doesn't mean I won't go for an outfit. Maybe. *shrug*

It also came with a catalog that had Kit & Ruthie on the cover, so Mums and I discussed the similarities between Molly/Ruthie/Samantha. I think that Molly and Ruthie would look awfully similar side by side, Mums thinks Sam and Ruthie would. My Sam and Ruthie don't because my Sam is old as dirt (comparatively speaking) but yeah. Then Mums shrieked in horror over many of Julie's things. She finds the Calico dress an eyesore and I find the jumpsuit to be too painful to look at. I shared the knowledge that the crazy calico dress looks infinitely better on Ivy who calms the crazy down. She did not seem thrilled at this, and I assured her that it wasn't likely to come visit my Ivy any time soon. She's got eyes on J's birthday dress and her roller skate outfit. Ivy will not be denied! Just... delayed a bit.

Oh, and my Target trip yielded partial presents for people, one of which was only a dollar. :D I wish I'd known sooner as I'd have picked up a couple more. I was too bored with the store at that point to willingly go back in again, especially once the toy section filled with people. They did have W1 Frankie and Draculaura though. I seriously considered buying Frankie, but decided that if hell froze and people took me literally when I said "ANY MH doll except Plush Clawdeen!" they might not appreciate me having bought myself the same thing they just did. :P (Technically I don't need or even really, truly want a third W1 Draculaura, but it's easier to have one exception to the rule. Which is why I have LAGOONA-ANY at the top of my official list. Yes. Lagoona.)

I'm sleepy now and my CD has burned so I'll toddle off to bed. Be good or good at being bad?
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You might recall that not so long ago I placed high enough in the MH comm's Halloween contest to win a prize. I entered because I thought I'd give it a shot and also because I actually really wanted a little re-ment set. Yes, I'd have loved to have won super-big, but it's like that whole shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you land among the stars thing. In this case I snagged myself a sugar-shock sort of star, which is excellent since I'm not big on sushi and if Lagoona or Draculaura want some, the Bratz sushi playset is around here somewhere. :P

I figured I'd share pictures of my rement prize from [ profile] singnovember for the super fun Halloween contest. :D

Sadly someone borrowed my camera and while they said they replaced the batteries, I'm thinking it doesn't count as a replacement if the batteries you use don't work for longer than five minutes. So behold! Five minutes of nonsense culminating in tiny doll food.

Geek day. )

Also posted in the MH comm, though this tweaked things a smidge. Not much, though. I actually really like most of these pictures. The background, if you can call it that, are the various sleeves to the decemberunderground records. It worked out much better than I planned. I went looking for a serving tray or a platter for the sweets and I found my cardboard Buffy characters. It seemed perfect for Ghoulia to ♥ Giles. :)

The problem with dreams is that sometimes you wake up and it takes you a moment to remember why you felt unsettled by the dream. In last night's case it wasn't so much the fact that dream!Mums kept looking away from the road while she was driving on the interstate, it was the fact that in the dream the ex was not the ex and we were holding hands.

That's all. It's just that in the dream it kept bugging me and I didn't know why. Nap time now, thank you.

MH: book!

Nov. 14th, 2010 09:53 am
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So the library finally got the Monster High book in. And Mums went and rescued it for me. I immediately finished Cape Storm and started MH because, well, you knew I was going to, right?

The thing is, I'm a little less than halfway through it and... it's not nearly as bad as I was afraid it would be. So far, anyway. Now I was expecting some real crap, so I will say that my expectations were exceptionally low. I'd read some of her previous stuff (sometimes the recommendations on various sites or book-flaps lie. If you like Gossip Girl, you will not necessarily love The Clique. Your braincells might die en masse instead.) and while I might grudgingly agree her way with words is pretty clever at times, it's also one of those things that kind of sets my teeth on edge. There's no doubt she had a gig at MTV, y'know? (Yes. That was the least subtle dig ever. Shush.)

If you've read the book or read enough spoilers... I am... )

So while I would have preferred a book based on the Webisode universe or something closer, thus far my braincells have not jumped off a cliff just yet.
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I made the top 5 in the [ profile] monster_high comp! That has never happened to any photo comp... Wait. Untrue. I did win that one Hudson doll way back when on the Barbie Collectors board. Okay. Since then I have tried and failed many, many times. (Sometimes I didn't doubt the awesomeness of all those who beat the crap out of me. Sometimes... yeah.)

Un-huzzah! I am currently dead last of those five! And each time I check, I fall further behind.

So... I'll stop checking. :P

commentary )
Also, I can't really complain about being last in the group. They're really good photos. I'll just hope that I snag another couple of votes before the end so that when I lose, it won't be quite so spectacular.

Working on a book swap with someone and it's making me fantastically giddy. :D The fact that I get to head out to the bookstores this weekend (assuming it doesn't rain) also helps.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Okay, what the hell. I found this a couple of days ago when someone posted the new video by the band on one of the gossip girl comms and someone mentioned videos which meant there was something other than Miss Nothing (which isn't a good video). So... she's stripping on her way to hell?

Normally I'm not the type of person who feels the need to point out someone's age because I don't always feel it's relevant. But she's seventeen years old. And those are not guys a couple of years older than she is in her band. Seventeen.

Less strippery version:

So... I'm wondering. When she snaps out of the phase she's currently in (and has been in) you think she's going to regret the ratty extensions or the raccoon makeup more?

All that said, I love her voice. I just wish she didn't have this apparent fear of pants and non-ratty hair. Someone described this video as very 90's and it's not an unfair assessment. I actually like it, aside from the red dress, but my taste is questionable at the best of times.

I was going to cave and post Miss Nothing, too, but it's... no. Find it yourself (it won't be hard) and marvel at the Last Supper with stripper heels. (Yes. I mean it. Go on.)
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Since the Widge does not have school today, last night we watched a movie together. Well, mostly I watched and he listened while he played Legos. I have a low tolerance for Scooby Doo cartoons and I was pretty sure he wanted something longer than an episode of animated Batman... and then I found Carebears II on Netflix.

I had to talk him into it. "Batman! Scooby! Spiderman!" "Just try it. If you hate it, we'll watch one of those, okay?" and so it began. I asked, maybe fifteen minutes in, if he wanted to switch movies but he wanted to find out what would happen to Dark Heart. Plus, I think the allure of baby Carebears and Cousins is universal.

Rewatching it, I was struck again by how dark you could choose to take it. (I'd seen it a couple of times after I was *little* so... not as surprised as some. I'd already had my "DUDE. o_O" moment.)

It explains a lot about the way my brain works. First of all, the end credits song still remains a song that I love. Second, Christy/Dark Heart is probably the earliest pairing I can remember loving in anything fiction-y. Lemme tell you, I shipped it. Shipped it hard. Still do. It would also explain why I never bought Kristy Thomas as in a relationship with anyone. I was waiting for a redheaded devil boy to come along and ask for her to repay the favor she obviously owed him. And we won't even point out the fact that human!Dark Heart and Sue from Glee share the same outfit. (Like I said. Explains. So. Much.) Oh, wait. Just did. Oops.

Okay, it's been a few days since the Monster High special. Can we take a moment and discuss how incredibly confusing and somewhat stupid it is to have
1) Book Cannon
2) Doll Cannon (diaries)
3) Webisode Cannon
4) TV Cannon

I would understand the variations if this were a line that had been out for ages and people just kept tweaking things. But it's, as far as these things go, brand-spankin'-new. At most there should be two. I'm willing to accept that book!cannon is it's own thing and that, for whatever reason, this was mostly on purpose. I get that. And technically, I don't think webisode and diary cannon really contradict one another (do they?) except for Jackson/Hyde/The Hot Guy... well, and Ghoulia's diary pretty much says zombies never move fast. So they kind of do.

But the special managed to just... confuse me. Clawdeen as a fearleader would make sense if she didn't explicitly state in her diary that she would NEVER. And Clawdeen and Cleo weren't attacking one another, which was a nice change of pace, but still, a bit odd.

If one ignores the fact that there's no real reason for all the continuity things in such a new franchise, we'll move on.

I liked that the voices were the same, or at least not the commercial voices. I liked the nods to the webisodes, and a babbling Ulla D would probably drive me batty (oh the puns) but she's adorable, so we let it slide. I wish there'd been more Lagoona, and no, I cannot state this enough. I liked that Ghoulia got more face time than I would have thought, but I don't like how Cleo treated her. Thing is, this is one of those things that actually does tie into the webisodes. Ghoulia gets treated weird in any form (is she in the book? The library still hasn't shared their copy with me, bastards) and it's been brought up before.
  I liked that Cleo seemingly went to Lagoona/the pool to get her head together, and I also like Cleo's breakdown. I don't particularly care for the C/D thing needing Frankie to fix it because, really. You'd think Deuce would have been able to clear it up, but I'll allow it.

Frankie. Frankie. Frankie. They took a lot of what I did like about Frankie and traded it in for the stereotypical new girl in school sells herself short to fit it, it blows up in her face, and then PARTY. I don't like the new girl crushing on most popular guy in school (what, he could be, I dunno. Go with it.) because I really liked that they avoided that particular cliche in the other forms.

My thoughts are falling apart at the seams, but I'm sleepy so that's my excuse. I may pretty this up tomorrow. Anyway. I would love for a TV show or a series of specials. But I wish they'd figure out their continuity.

Also: Needs more Lagoona.


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