Nov. 8th, 2008 09:13 am
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I can't concentrate. I did a little more work on the NaNo of doom, but it's going to kick my ass for the second day in a row, so I might as well accept that. I just... can't concentrate. I'm only a down about a day's worth, though, so... yay? Long shot, as I think most of you burned them/traded/got rid of them, but anyone got access to any of the LKH books with her spiffy/crazy notes? Usually they were the re-releases, like when they put the earlier books out in hardback? I ask because, well, I should think it obvious. I'm mocking her and I need the ammo.

I'll bake you butterscotch cookies. Or oatmeal rum cookies. Mmm. Rum?
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Opinions needed, people!

Is this self-centered/crazy enough? )

I'm having just enough trouble with this damn thing that I'm interested in getting through, but I'm not falling for it like I normally do after six days of exposure. Hrmm. But I don't have a backup bunny, aside from last year's no-go, and I don't really feel like digging that up because it was [at the time] tied to a dead relationship and the pain of the more recent implosion would just be bad. Though pain works quite well as a motivator, I really don't want to go down that road without sick days.

I hit my goal for the day, so I'm happy about that. I think I actually hit the goal without factoring in the second file with stuff to come later, but since I'd begun using that number too, I figure I'll continue to do so. And I still have two scenes left sitting in my head, so that leaves me with a bit of a safety net. I just have no idea what to do after that.

So. Thirsty!

my brain

Nov. 3rd, 2008 05:12 am
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Guess who killed their computer again yesterday? Oh yeah, that'd be me. And instead of just throwing in the towel and taking a nap so that my brain wouldn't be quite so fuzzy, I kept trying to fix what I'd managed to muck up.

Figures that it took me twenty minutes of actual fixing to check off all the boxes I needed, and I was good to go. It was just all the restarting that made it take much, much longer.

Well, that and the cat puked on my keyboard again.

I tell you, November 2, 2008 can kiss my ass!

[I blame the puke on yesterday because if I think today is jinxed too, I'll kill something.] Oddly enough, I think I might have actually fixed a few things from earlier that were bugging me. Like my nifty keyboard that lets me pause music? Yeah, that's been dead for months. But now, now it works again! I don't know how I managed that, but hey, I'm happy. :D Now I just have to keep this cheat sheet so the next time I think I'll try and fix one thing, only to fuck everything else up, I'll know what not to do. But I missed my Media Player and now it works again. *cuddles* Real Player's a bitch, although she will play more stuff than you will, honey.

I need soda. And Excedrin.


Because I started Breaking Dawn )

I should poke my NaNo with a stick. But I have an idea bouncing around in my head, so I'm going to give it half an hour to form. We're about to meet Crazy Momma. Woo? I'm still behind for the day, but considering I wasn't sure I'd even get thirty words today, I'd say I'm doing okay. Yay for pep talks!
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The brick of Breaking Dawn is on my kitchen table. I didn't realize that you could kill someone lifting that thing. I haven't cracked it open yet, because I know the moment I do, I'll need a pile of Excedrin and something to munch.

Also, I'll kill what little joy I have left for NaNo right there.

Weird. Last year I was excited, this year not so much. A month ago, excited. Now, not so much. Perhaps because I am wandering around aimlessly? Last year it was easy. Idiots go to haunted house. Idiots get stuck in haunted house. Idiots are seperated, idiots must find one another, get rid of the thing posessing the first idiot, and get the hell out of the house before it EATS them. Flashbacks and murder ensue. Good, good times. Except for the fact that it totally had to be padded to meet the requirements. :P Still. MURDER. Death! Haunting! Spoooooookies.

An excerpt or three from last year's )

Bah. Maybe I'm just exhausted.
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Rabbit rabbit. I will forever be haunted by my step-grandmother and my grandfather's hope that I would answer each of the first of the month's calls with that, given the odds were in favor of her calling then to see if we would.

Who doesn't love to begin November with a skip down memory lane? Happy NaNo-month to all those doing it, and those that aren't, try not to point and laugh too much. I've begun mine [and I think I'm ahead for my average, given last year's] but that's only because I've no idea where I'm going next. That's right. A little over two-thousand words and I'm already lost. A new record for me! *curtsies* I'll figure it out. I just have to remember to bring my notebook to work with me tonight in case inspiration strikes. Oh yes. Inspiration. My muse hooked up with someone else's muse and probably popped out 2.4 little muses, which is all well and good for her, but it leaves me stranded, doesn't it?

Nellie arrived Thursday and I opened the box yesterday. Freed her today. She's much cuter than I expected. I need to get her some PJs, as I think she's going to be my nap with me doll.

I had more to say, but all thoughts flew out of my head when I caught the Widge peeing on the floor. o_O
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*cackles* My new American Girl doll arrived yesterday. This morning I got my shipping confirmation email from the AG site. Fantastical! Speaking of which, Ruthie... will grow on me. I'd forgotten that the dolls are kind of hit or miss-then-grow-like-fungus. And you will never fall for your own. :p

But she's cute and not too similar to Sam, which I was worried about. However, the real love kicked in when I read her book. *cuddles Ruthie* You're so sweet! So huggable! And... I'm really not loving Kit. She tolerates your fairy-tale loving ways? Uncool! I would more than tolerate, I would... um, well, probably create new ones. Duh.

*dances* I found my smidge of story for NaNo. Oh yes. However, I do not trust myself not to lose it, particularly since I ripped it out of the notebook it was in [it was Mom's otherwise I'd have just left it there.] so... up here it'll go for safe keeping and easy tweak-ability, considering it was written when I'd had no sleep for ages, and was busy trying to kill spiders. The fumes! The rage! The sleep deprivation:

If that didn't lure me in for next time, nothing will. )



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