Jan. 26th, 2011 11:53 am
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On a dreary, dismal day, a box appears out of nowhere. Or, you know, the mailman delivered it and someone took it to my room. Whichever you prefer.

What could it be? )

Sorry, Cleo...

Less story, more gushing )

Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] zallia!
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[not quite]Winter, ready or not, here we come. )
Also known as a take on Tailea's contest over on the pullipstyle forum.

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Tuesday I pushed [livejournal.com profile] callingpiper in the mud (-17 points). In November I put gum in [livejournal.com profile] dollz0rz's hair (-12 points). In February on a flight to Colorado Springs, I stole the emergency flight information card (-40 points). Last week I punched [livejournal.com profile] pruegirl17 in the arm (-10 points). Last Thursday [livejournal.com profile] cursed_emerald and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-68 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

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My right knee/leg and somewhere in my back that feels like it's directly connected to said knee hurts like a fucking bitch. Normally I wouldn't phrase it exactly like that, but oh my god it hurts. I don't know what the hell I did to it. I was fine when we unloaded the truck and since all I had to do for that was catch the boxes and totes as they flew down the rollers and scan the barcode, it really wasn't enough to do anything to my knee. My elbow, sure. Fingers? Why not. But not my knee or even my back. So. Much. Pain. It's not as bad right now, but waiting for my ride after I got off work, and the hour before I got off work? I nearly cried. Numerous times.

And normally I would have just scrapped this, but Dru actually looks cute. Which, you might have noticed, is next to impossible to catch on film. Or... in pictures. Whatever. Photographic proof is hard to come by.

Could I? Should I? )

And also, why we do not let Dinah dress herself anymore.
Dinah )
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I look a bit like I tangled with a rose bush and lost horribly. I didn't, I tangled with batteries. Battery plastic packs will slice you and dice you quite effectively. o_O Both arms look a bit painful. I'm hoping they fade soon. If they aren't super freaky, I don't want them. [If they are, then I can whinge if sent to work in a similarly painful section. :p]

This was after I bent over to pick something up and smacked myself in the eye on the corner of one of the tables at the front of the store. Ow.

And now, the conclusion of yesterday's picfic. Sort of. No minis were actually harmed... yet.

hope was wasted away )
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What lies beneath? )

We'll gush about Annie first and probably Oren tomorrow. Anne is my first purchase from [livejournal.com profile] pullipstyle and as such, whorage to [livejournal.com profile] pullipstyle. ;) It's nice getting your dolly crack exactly when you're told it should arrive and that's within a few days. :D Plus, as Icy and Oren will show you, I got a nifty Pullip postcard that will go up on the bookcase o-Pullips. *happy dance* I love little things like that. and the best bit? Really, really nice. I don't know if that can ever be stressed enough. Now I just kick myself for not ordering from them earlier. :p

As for the doll, somehow she gives the impression of being smaller than the other girls. I don't know why or how, but she does. I wonder if it'll be the same way when I redress her? She's adorable though. Smitten! Oddly enough, she's also the youngest of my dolls [newest] and the oldest [in terms of production]... Which is amusing. However, if the sneaky [livejournal.com profile] pullipstyle has their way, someone else will claim that honor shortly.

Hurry up payday. I have to pay off Paja!

Oh, and I feel like I'm on fire, but apparently I'm freezing to the touch. o_O
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Jade! Times three!
Icy meets Spinelli )

Abby was named for the character on NCIS. Mom was pretty hellbent on one of the Baby Jades being Abby, but when she saw BigBaby Jade, she was hooked.
Spinelli is named after the Recess! character.
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Pullips and magazines. A match made in heaven. Really. )

Totally pointless, but I wanted to see if the camera could work without sunlight doing it's magic. Woo.

Oh. Hair:

Both should be darker, but I won't tweak 'em color wise.
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Part 2:

Did someone say something about a bodyguard? )

Went toy shopping briefly yesterday before dying. Bought Giant Babyz Bratz Jade, Dynamite Nevra and Cloe and Mom immediately guessed that Icy would steal Nevra's outfit. She was right. You'd never know the outfit is purple in the pictures, but at least everything isn't orange. Um, also bought a Jade I shall rename Spinelli. Hrmm, and an accessory set for Barbie that was thirty cents. Pictures and stuff are either already whored, or will be at a later date. Yum.

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I tried but I lied )
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Basically this and Andromeda Snaps are two parts of the same.. um, weirdness? Yeah. I was bored the other day, and figured I'd finish the cosmics' first story, and then decided it'd be nice to see what a normal day with the rest of the girls is like. Turns out normal is a relative term with the minis.

Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you backup. )
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and we'll all float on... )

Name, rank, and serial number )

Cosmic thoughts.
  Mercu [Bee] has some serious makeup going on, man. That purple in the corner of her eye is actually freaking me out a little. But I think once I get used to it, it'll be one of the things I love best about her. As it is, I love the color of her eyes. They're gorgeous. Look up there. Do you see that? Gorgeous. Oh yes.
  We love her choker, her holster for her little space gun, the stars on her boots ... lots of things. Her hair is thick and long and both Cosmics have hair that reminds me of those crayons/gel pens you buy to write specifically on dark paper. Tis wonderful.

  Jupi is probably going to be my favorite once payday hits and I buy her [and Tish] some hair clips. It's odd. She's got a lot of hair, but it's really thin. I don't know if it's just Andromeda, or if all Jupis have this issue.
  I like her eye color, though I do agree it's a bit of an odd choice considering her hair color. Still, it stands out and is something I think I love about her. I love how she looks easily miffed [hence her personality], and she has the most awesome boots ever. If she had the cool little stars on her boots, I'd say she was perfect. I don't really understand why people didn't like her as much, and I'm going to feel superior to those who are now jumping on the Jupi bandwagon. Hair color wise, she has the weirdest. It's actually a shade of purple in person, but it seems to photograph a shade of pink. So odd.

Mail call!

May. 7th, 2005 01:01 pm
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There's a reason why Isa is no longer allowed to get the mail anymore.

Never give out your password, folks. Not even to cute mini Pullips. )

Witch is evil. I love her. I think she needs a new name, though if I'm not careful, she'll forever be Witchbaby. Anne's eyes go pop, and I'm thinking when I redress her, she'll be fab. Witchbaby has elf shoes! Jingle jingle...

Cosmics came! :D I'm off to debox and then sleep.
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Swapping Styles Nolee scares the crap out of a ghost. And evil plots for world domination. The usual.

Off with their heads! )
Very, very, very long. And yet, for one that was basically designed to be a throw-away, I like it. Nicca's snobbery can be fun. :D

Books! Fill out! Love it... )


Apr. 18th, 2005 02:31 pm
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Kay. I suspect I'm coming down with a cold again. Ugh. Not pleasant. But I need to whore Afternoon out, so I'm going to do that before I pass out, kay?

Afternoon in the afternoon. )
Wow. I'm either really weak, or the cat gained weight.
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My eyes are refusing to focus properly. Oddly enough, if I don't move, I feel really, really good. I'm not sure, but perhaps those pills I swiped from Mom [massive headache on it's way to killer] were not a "take two" as I thought. Maybe one? Thing is, the headache is lingering... and yet I feel like lying down and smiling until I pass out. Woo. Sleep.

Worked nine hours thanks to the freakin' time change.

(hours later)

No longer feeling very spacey. Woe. Sleepy though. Lesse. If I prepare for Cass coming over, she won't. If I don't, she will. I think I've said this before, huh?

Pictures up for sharing. More Alice, although one is actually me blathering on about various things not so much Alice related. Onward!

spooky alice

through the looking glass )
Happy Halloween!


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