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I apologise in advance for the wonky color of these photos. The day I took them it was overcast and then the next however many days it rained and by the time it was sunny, I'd moved on. :P

You might recall I gushed about my last AG order and promised pics. Well, I eventually deliver. Maybe? I tried anyway.

 photo teaser_zpscc6590c0.png
I like toys, yes I do. )

I love them all. :D


Jan. 26th, 2011 11:53 am
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On a dreary, dismal day, a box appears out of nowhere. Or, you know, the mailman delivered it and someone took it to my room. Whichever you prefer.

What could it be? )

Sorry, Cleo...

Less story, more gushing )

Thank you, [ profile] zallia!
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You might recall that not so long ago I placed high enough in the MH comm's Halloween contest to win a prize. I entered because I thought I'd give it a shot and also because I actually really wanted a little re-ment set. Yes, I'd have loved to have won super-big, but it's like that whole shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you land among the stars thing. In this case I snagged myself a sugar-shock sort of star, which is excellent since I'm not big on sushi and if Lagoona or Draculaura want some, the Bratz sushi playset is around here somewhere. :P

I figured I'd share pictures of my rement prize from [ profile] singnovember for the super fun Halloween contest. :D

Sadly someone borrowed my camera and while they said they replaced the batteries, I'm thinking it doesn't count as a replacement if the batteries you use don't work for longer than five minutes. So behold! Five minutes of nonsense culminating in tiny doll food.

Geek day. )

Also posted in the MH comm, though this tweaked things a smidge. Not much, though. I actually really like most of these pictures. The background, if you can call it that, are the various sleeves to the decemberunderground records. It worked out much better than I planned. I went looking for a serving tray or a platter for the sweets and I found my cardboard Buffy characters. It seemed perfect for Ghoulia to ♥ Giles. :)

The problem with dreams is that sometimes you wake up and it takes you a moment to remember why you felt unsettled by the dream. In last night's case it wasn't so much the fact that dream!Mums kept looking away from the road while she was driving on the interstate, it was the fact that in the dream the ex was not the ex and we were holding hands.

That's all. It's just that in the dream it kept bugging me and I didn't know why. Nap time now, thank you.
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Tonight I apparently have my crabby pants on because my temper has flared in varying degrees over a fun assortment of things.

1) It's hot as hell in this house and yet, if I go outside? Mosquitoes descend upon me like I am a tasty, tasty buffet.

2) Despite liking the first book, and loving at least two characters in the series as a whole, I still hate that if one mentions a vampire or a werewolf (SPOILER: HE'S NOT A FUCKING WEREWOLF. HE'S A SHAPESHIFTER. There. Now you don't have to fucking read Breaking Dawn.) BAM. You are obviously influenced by Twilight. What I hate even more? That to a degree, they're right. I'm not entirely sure we would have gotten MH goodness if Twilight hadn't told a new generation of tween girls that vampires are AWESOME and werewolves shapeshifters are, too. On the other hand, it's possible. Vampires seem to have their moment in the sun, as it were, and then they fade away to the fringes of society again until pop culture remembers her old friends. I get it.

I just don't have to like it.

3) What the shit is this? It's bad enough fucking CBS won't put Mike & Molly episodes up anymore, now I'm told that people cannot handle fat people in a relationship, and all that entails, on a television show because fat people are icky?

Really, Marie Claire? You're going to pull this shit now, too? I fucking took Allure off my subscription list (and I really liked Allure til they went with the "are fat people icky?" question and didn't seem to find anything wrong with it), don't you think I'm going to say something? Yeah. It's going to be small, but anyone who isn't borderline stick-thin will now get, "Marie Claire's writers find you disgusting so are you sure you want to give them your money?" as a bonus question. I am dead. Serious.

So anyway, yes, I think I'd be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other ... because I'd be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room — just like I'd find it distressing if I saw a very drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroine addict slumping in a chair.


I would really like to apologize for the insensitive things I've said in this post. Believe it or not, I never wanted anyone to feel bullied or ashamed after reading this, and I sorely regret that it upset people so much.

Those two things do not go together. How the HELL did you intend this to be taken? Oh, right. You wanted people to back you up or be so grateful that you were dispensing weight loss tips that they didn't realize what an unbelievable fuckup this was. And it was. Oh, it was. It is, even. If I were slightly less interested in being the bigger person in every goddamned way, I would make many a cheap shot at certain things mentioned in the update. But sadly, if I'm going to be the bigger person, I'd like it to be in more than just clothing size.

But remember kids. It gets better. Unless, of course, you're fat. Then you're fucked.

*seethes with rage* Add to that the family is desperately in need of something, although I don't know what that is short of a friggin' lottery win without the accompanying curse, and you've got super fun times.

*makes strangling motions*

So... hair? )
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Oh new Rainbow Bright, I liked your artwork, but the only thing I can say about your toys is... Fashion Star Fillies? The dolls do nothing for me, although I do support fun colors in hair. Some people love the changes. Some people are appalled. Meh. I lived through her last skinnification and I'll live through this.

Yes. Like a gazillion other girls (kids?) I loved Rainbow back in the day. I had most of the dolls, a big Rainbow, and Starlite still lives in my room.

I would kill for some Brownie Batter ice cream right now. Kill.

Instead, I have one mini Twix bar. Twix is the ninja of all the candy I will eat. Which isn't really a long list.
  Anything with nuts is automatically out because I don't like nuts in my candy. Or ice cream. Or in anything. Ever. I don't mind all nuts which I thought I did for awhile. Then I realized that I only hate most of them. *shrug* So that's out. Anything with coconut is also out because it's gross and makes me all frowny face. How can something that smells SO GOOD taste SO BAD? You should seriously imagine 2nd grade me being really excited about finally trying some and then the look. You know the look. Every kid everywhere has The Look on their face when they try something and it's disgusting but they can't spit it out because they just can't. That's me.

That was also me. )

You'd better savor that because sadly I became camera kryptonite when I hit third grade. I didn't realize how bad it was til I was in sixth grade. Ever since, you'll be hard pressed to find a picture of me. There's a reason I was the one wielding the camera, love, and it wasn't because I fancied myself a budding photographer. Well, for half a second I did, but I eventually got over that. Mostly. You take enough rolls of film with people's heads cut off, and not all of them were accidents, and you eventually get the idea.

Anyway, back to candy. I'm not a big fan of the fruit-in-chocolate fad that seemed to have gone over big a few years ago. I like fruity candy well enough, but odds are good I'll choose Whoppers over Skittles every damn time. Basically, if it had chocolate and caramel, I was there. So I'll never know why it took me until I was 12 to realize how awesome Twix bars were/are. And ever since, I keep forgetting that I love them until I'm offered one and then I bite into it and I swear, there might be a bit of swoonage going on. Just a little.

And now for something completely different. I dislike it when there's someone who creeps me out in the store and I alert management and nothing happens. I'd even accept an, "I don't feel comfortable asking Grizzly Adams to leave." Instead, I had to stand there and assure other customers (the people from Huddle House) that I was aware that Grizzly there was pretty high on the creep-o-meter and that I had alerted management and that yes, he's totally not allowed in the store, but fuck dude. I'm not a short girl/woman/female type. My work shoes add an inch or two depending on how short I'm feeling that day. He towers over me. He'd tower over me-in-heels. So no. I'm not going to go over there, hold my breath (because even if he hadn't smelled funkalicious before coming into the store, he definitely did after raiding the cos testers.) and tell the dude he knows that I know he's not allowed in the store and to beat it. It's really hard to be polite when someone's trying to warn you that you should be throwing someone else out and you can't do anything else. (We've got these fun signs that tell you that should you suspect a customer of shoplifting, you are to find management and then back off.)

The second part of that whole situation that vexed me? The fact that the guy KNOWS he's not allowed back. He was chucked out by the police the first time and he looks around to see which clerk is on duty before entering the store. And he kept looking at me and I was more than a little unnerved by the stare of DOOM. I'm not eight so I can't say, "Stop looking at me!" Instead I had to bide my time until another manager came in and then told him the condensed version and then waited as Grizzly was escorted out of the store.

And I still feel kind of bad for him because I suspect he's homeless. Only unlike the other homeless guys who occasionally pop in to get out of the heat/rain/weather/buy cigs, he creeps me out. I'd say "he steals" but at least one of the other guys did, too, and the cops would let it slide because he served other nefarious purposes. But he still wasn't creepy.


Drove around the old neighborhood because they've got better decorations. I can still remember hitting most of the houses for trick-or-treating purposes. Still a really pretty neighborhood, although you could see the signs of conform or die. The house with a jungle for a front yard still exists. Most of the homes that used to go all out for Halloween haven't, but others did at least try. My old house was probably the second most decorated home of the ones we saw.

It's so weird to see what they did to the house, but for the first time most of the changes didn't make me want to cry. Other than whatever the fuck they did to the garage. It's covered in ivy and it looks like it's about twenty seconds away from falling apart. They've also got ivy climbing all over the house, but in a way that's obviously deliberate. Mums tsk tsked about how that'll kill your house something awesome. Still. Obviously someone there loves Halloween because they tried.

Tylenol PM is kicking in. I'm having waking dreams of bookcases filled with books. I know what I'll be asking of Santa Claws (yes) for the holidays. Ivy, a bookcase, books... maybe some new shoes.



Apr. 6th, 2009 02:48 pm
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I tried to ignore this. I really, really did. I was hoping that even with the "this is not an April Fool's joke" disclaimer that it really was. But no. It appears real enough. I knew it would happen. Everyone else got a TV deal or a movie deal, so she went and got... a TV movie deal. "Hamilton's work is noted for its strong female characters set in vivid and complex storylines..." Um, wha? She's got two. Three if you stretch and count Andais, and really that should just bring the number to two because Anita and Merry are kind of the flip-sides of each other, and no other strong females are allowed in their sandboxes. Andais doesn't count to them because she's batshit crazy. [Which is why she does count for me.] And I could quibble on the vivid and complex bits as well.

Good. Grief.

To sum up so your brain won't leak, too: Movie deal with IFC, they'll be working with the earlier smut-free AB books and their demographic is males 18-34. So... um, I'm confused. The gore will obviously be there, but the sex doesn't kick in until later so... *ponders*

Did a smidge of gardening with papa and Widge.

And for whatever reason, never bothered to update this or hit "post". Go figure. Dad and I put Widge to work in the garden and he... went insane. Seriously, tore everything up, even his precious weed he'd saved from one of the planters from last year. I... and... Oi. Still, the work got done and as long as I do the work in the rose garden or supervise, things should work. I hope my tax check comes soon. I'd quite like to actually be able to buy the plants I keep admiring. Y'know, I'm just nutty that way.

I have a fantastic headache. It's centered right above my left eyebrow. I'm thinking since the last three headaches have all happened in the exact same spot that it's possibly a sinus thing, or allergies or something. Which would blow because I. Do. Not. Want. Allergies! Seriously, ick. On the other hand, I'd like a non horrible explanation for the headaches, too.

I've been catching up on Desperate Housewives since our particular branch of the library seems to believe that Supernatural should not be stocked. S3 is much better than I'd expected and I'm quite happy in my little DH coma. :D I'm thrilled that we're allowed five DVDs and five more kids, but I really do wonder about the sanity of some of our librarian-types. Mums and I returned discs one and two and went to pick up my pile of DOOM. Mums has a pile of doom at home. And they looked at my pile which was two DH, two Supernatural, and one Gilmore Girls and said, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but you can't have more than five childrens movies at the same time." Fair enough. Mums had five at home. We looked at the pile. Truthfully, I expected them to try and hold GG and claim, though a bit insanely, that it was a kid's show. That was the one he didn't touch. Instead, he tried to convince Mums that Supernatural and DH could be considered kid's shows.


Mums calmly informs him that no. Really. She's seen both shows enough to know that she pauses the show when Widge wanders in because hello demons and people being shot and crazy hijinks are not kid friendly, thank you.

And I do not tell him that he wandered in and would not leave and I am a terrible aunty because as soon as I realized that someone was gonna get shot and tried to shove the kid out of the room, he looks over and sees person get shot. Eyes widen a bit and all I can think is oh. Shitty shit, fuck.

It's not that he hasn't seen things before. Let us not forget the day Sean, Dad, and I were watching L&O: SVU and Widge was playing with his cars or something and then suddenly asked what some sexually explicit thing was [parroting is fun!]

Hrmm. Headache has receded.

Time to go do something else. Like... plot.

I said I was going to plot! )

*purrs* My booklist for the year is currently at 43.


Mar. 10th, 2009 09:17 am
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I promised pictures, yes? Yes, yes I did. So I will combine them and you can pick doll goodness or book goodness, or if neither interests you [shock! amazement!] you only have to worry about skipping one post and not two. Or twelve.

Angryluv! )


For all the love I have for books, I'm the sort who leaves them in stacks until I either knock them over, the cat does, or I'm finally struck by how awful it is to have your bookcase looking like someone mauled it. I meant to take a picture of the bookcases before I touched them, but I spent so long trying to get the damn light to stay on [the switches in the house are EVIL] that by the time I had light [I can see!] I just plunged into the books and didn't remember until I'd sorted through the Sweet Valley stuff and started on the misc shelf. So you missed the complete feel of anarchy. I'm sorry. The SV shelf tends to be the most easily disturbed due to the side project and the fact that I keep trying to find out which ones I need in which form [...shut up!] so.. yes. I'm sorry you missed that one.

books! )

Oh, and the bottom of the bookcase closest to my room? Yeah, that's the section of 80's love [Sleepover Friends!] that the cats peed on and I refuse to get rid of even though it's a wall of books where only the first six or so SOF books aren't ruined. But I did write down the ones that were ruined so I can replace them and not think, "wait, I own these." Yeah, you do, but they're dead to you.

And then I realized I still had a ton left in my room. The birthday pile from last year, the BSC books I'd rescued from the garage, the books I pick up at random because they're awesome... the SVH books I've left around for whatever reason. This is the never ending quest, I guess.

New Tori Album Cover


Jan. 6th, 2009 06:24 am
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Ask and ye shall receive, although on my standard time table of running a smidge late. But the pictures, they happened, and isn't that what's truly important? Of course it is. Because [ profile] mythosidhe asked. :)

Milch and Pinkchan, cuteness powers activate )


Dec. 31st, 2008 08:44 am
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I must confess that Milch was the doll I was most waiting for. Because she was so preeeeeeeetty in promo land and she didn't seem like she'd be that easy to screw up between promo and reality. Luckily she wasn't. Yay!

Milch! )

I'm just a little slow is all.
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It's a good thing I left a loophole for today in order to share pictures, because while I did take them yesterday, I ran out of time to do much else. Mostly because I'm exhausted. I hate being sick, and having two colds back-to-back, one of them spanning over Christmas is just cruel. CRUEL I tell you.

Anyway, Adsilitia and Milch arrived just before Christmas, and for half a second I seriously thought of waiting to open them on Christmas, but I decided that Milch might actually look cute near the tree. Naturally I didn't even try it once I opened her, but I did think about it. That has to count for something, right?

Pictures, ahoy! )
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So. I waffle on my AG love depending on that time of year, the position of the moon and stars, and how often they randomly send me a catalog. Whenever Mattel took over, they decided to stop sending them at regular intervals, and I can't say I blame them as I'll go years without buying anything, and the only time I ever went slightly crazy in terms of buying was when I bought my Girl of Today, her bed, and assorted outfits, and even that had problems. This is not the time for that story, however.
Anyway, when Cass presented her roadtrip idea, I was all set to tell her the same thing I always tell them. "No." Particularly with her leading with her Cabbage Patch idea. But then she said Atlanta [I was still saying no] and the AG store. To which I had to reconsider. Realistically, I have very little desire to return to NYC to hit their store, and Chicago will forever be tainted by that news story I read about the family who went to the store only to come home on the wrong train and it was this horribly gruesome account of the aftermath, and yet all I could think was, "Dude, what a way to ruin your kid's trip to the AG store. That place must be jinxed." And I've no desire to hit the LA store. Just... no.
Obviously, I went on the trip. This... is that story. Muhahaha!
Not Dial-up Friendly, even though I am dialup. Whee! )

That's just the AG section. Other pictures to come as I get less twitchy.
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Woo! Club Disco Delancey came. So. Pretty. Sparkly and lovely and all around love.

All right. Drama aside [the drama!], I've decided to go through with part of my evil plan. For those of you who aren't in it for the dolls, you probably want to skim to after the cut, or maybe the next entry on the friends list, most likely discussing the genius of Dr. Horrible. [Seriously, every fifth entry on my f-list seems to be about it. Dude.]

You know how every so often someone will call for the "show us your collection!" post and everyone will post their dolls, all nice and neat, even though, really, how many people actually keep them like that all the time? Yeah, I'm gonna do that later. Until then, let's see how my poor plastic pretties suffer for their art.

Onward! )

Still no word from the idiot front. Which I suspect is better than I'd imagine, considering what's he going to say? Exactly. Nothing good. Cass, however, is ready to kill him. For which I'm kind of grateful, though I wish I could work up that anger. I will say that after awhile, the non-stop love songs do start to get to you. Work, that is. I'm not being completely masochistic about things.

So... tired. Wish this video would finish loading so I can oooh and ahh and then pass out.

It loses steam for the last... thirty seconds or so, but up until then I'm in love. And since I never do this, it's really more for me than anything else. *pets* Someone did a very good job for most you, pet.
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I wonder. If one does a Google search on you and nothing shows up aside from being in the acknowledgments page of a book, does the world think you exist? Does it matter?

Good. Frickin'. Dolly. GODS. I manage to accidentally stay away too long from the MS Hangout for various reasons [namely, I can't get my fix and looking at other people getting theirs was vexing] but in the meantime someone annoying has turned up and about two seconds into it I want to slap them with a bat. Does enrico get more tolerable as time goes by, or should I hide the weaponry?

I'm glad you're on my side... )

I snagged Swapping Styles 2 Nolee last week and realized that when they got rid of Nolee, and it became painfully clear that she wasn't coming back, a big part of my love for the line died then and there. I love Delancey. I do. Even love Nolancey... but I've got three or four boxed Delancey's running around, and it's the Nolee I want to open up. Pictures of her will appear soon.


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