Feb. 22nd, 2009 02:03 pm
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It's been awhile, so you may need a refresher course.

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Despite the lack of my hearing/reading holidays on ice, I have finally found my christmas spirit. Woo. It's odd though since I spent last night ripping ad tags alone, mopping the store [holy christ, aisle 6! who the hell didn't clean that up immediately? I had to resort to stripping the wax to clean it.] and scanning in the stuff from the truck, but somehow the spirit found me and slapped me upside the head with glee.

This is a bit odder than you'd think considering that while I love Christmas, it's not my favorite holiday. But I'm all glowy and happy, and not even the thought that I won't see three of my favorite people can make me too sad right now. But to be safe, I'm not gonna focus on that.

Sometime soon the minis should be getting a visitor. I think I'll drag her down to Folly Beach, but no idea where else, if anyplace, to take her. Hrmm.

Anyway, Princi wishes you all a, "merry effing christmas." Except anyone who doesn't celebrate christmas, like jake. Then she wishes you luck in staying semi sane the next few days and says she'll eat your cookies for you. Princi's like that.

cookies, pie, gifts, and love to you all. Seriously. Come over and they're all yours. :p
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Basically this and Andromeda Snaps are two parts of the same.. um, weirdness? Yeah. I was bored the other day, and figured I'd finish the cosmics' first story, and then decided it'd be nice to see what a normal day with the rest of the girls is like. Turns out normal is a relative term with the minis.

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Odd. I got bumped up to mod at the myscene board I frequent. Two days ago. I didn't notice until today. :$

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Going to sleep. Letcha know if anything good appears in the mail today.
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If I'm ever dating someone and you hear me say, "-name here- said I couldn't spend more than" or "-name- said I couldn't buy -item I want-" or any variation thereof, I want you to smack me and tell me to break up with whoever it is, or call them on the BS. I'm trusting you all to do this. Trusting you.

Do not betray the trust.

Annnnnd now, thank you, [ profile] cheerlessbeauty/Heidi! My books came today and I was so surprised. You found the Elizabeth books! *hugs* Have I told you lately I love you? :D

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Tired. Cold.


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