Feb. 20th, 2008 09:21 am
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Damn you, TFAW. Damn you and your nick & dent sales! I'm usually able to abstain, but you had both of the Buffy Omnibus collections and I... I am weak.

in which I dolly dance and scream )

Couple of things.
1) Flickr is fun to fidget with. Is why those pictures above were finally cut down to size.
2) I do not do well without sleep. I do even worse with interrupted sleep.
3) Purezza is MINE! :D *dances around like a loon* Mine, mine, miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. And it didn't even break the Alice rule.
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ooooooh, new )

And how I learned that London was going to hell in a handbasket [also known as why I fear for the brain power behind walgreens management]:

manager who refuses to introduce himself: so how was your night?
me: ...well, I'm still here.

He takes a moment then chuckles as he thinks this is either amusing or he wishes to humor me. I'm not sure which. Anyway, as I'm ringing his energy drink up, he begins to speak again.
him: well, I'm sure your day is going better than the people in London.
me: *blank stare* er, why?
him: don't you know? haven't you heard?
me: ...
him: explains, briefly, about the chaos.
me: *thinking* we don't get the news here, pal. it wouldn't have hit the papers, so even if I had been able to sit and read through today's paper I wouldn't know. How the hell would I know about this?



Jul. 6th, 2005 07:44 am
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Work. Drama! Only... not really. I get there and the three managers on duty are all crowded into the tiny hallway where the timeclock is. Thus making it a bitch to clock in. As I'm attempting to duck out, I'm given the lecture on the code to call if we're robbed and a reminder that you can, in theory, call 911 from any of our phones. o_O So I head out, take over for Jeffrey, and find out that a second Walgreens [I think] was robbed. Some dude actually robbed the one pharmacist I'd bet money could kick his crackhead ass. Balls of steel, man.

So, I spent the first few hours trying to get a description of the dude they were expecting to come back and rob us. You see, they think he was casing the joint [hee!] earlier. Hence the reminder about what to do when the store gets robbed.

Dude never came back. Woe.

I then marveled at Kathleen's ability to take more than an hour and a half to do nothing but sweep the floor. And I mean nothing. She didn't stop to chat, or pick things up, or anything. Just... swept the floor. I haven't the words...

I need to brush my hair.

Oh. Dido thoughts, but no pictures just yet. She's adorable. I'm leaning towards calling her Kate [mom said Katie and the immediate thought was, "fuck no." Luckily I didn't say that.] but I'm not sure. Anyway, the thing people don't tell you about her is that in that pretty shock of purple hair, there are blue strands. Tis most awesome. Also, if you look at her from one side, she seems to look at you out of the corner of her glittery eye. The other side, not so much. Love the soles of her boots. I could pet them all day long...

*yawn* Not so random craving for the Rob Thomas CD. Must. Resist.

edit new icon. Woo!
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I'm exhausted. I'm pondering the probablity of me being ill. I'm also pondering the odds of me yawning so much I unhinge my jaw. :p

Still, today was excellent in terms of mail. I got two pretty shinies. :D

Oren. Mmmmmm. Oren. I swear, I didn't know I needed pink until she arrived. How did I survive without the pink? Why did Roseio not tell me the word of the pink? How? Why?!

Luckily Anne is there to flaunt the red and the freckles and I just know she's going to be a handful once she ditches the outfit and loosens the braids. Oh yes.

Of course, having Icy be the welcoming wagon is always a little iffy...

If you've got suggestions for names [as little Anne has so firmly stated, "I was here first and I'm Annie, so *she's* got to get a new name. It's only fair."] I'm all ears. Or something. Mumsy suggested Gillian for Anne, as in Practical Magic.
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Swapping Styles Nolee scares the crap out of a ghost. And evil plots for world domination. The usual.

Off with their heads! )
Very, very, very long. And yet, for one that was basically designed to be a throw-away, I like it. Nicca's snobbery can be fun. :D

Books! Fill out! Love it... )
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Yesterday may have sucked massively on a work level, but there was a shining bright spot. Panda came. :) The only thing about her that isn't perfection is that her right arm refuses to pose properly. It's like it's stuck and will bend backwards and if you move other bits you can get her to seem like she's posing, but currently she can't do the fun cute cover your mouth with your hand trick. I don't know if this is a permanent defect, or if she's just rusty from her travels. I don't trust myself enough to try and con her arm into working as it won't easily pop out. The other one will, so I'm a smidge worried.

Still. She's adorable.

Bump in the night )

Revisions may come later. More pictures, but they didn't really go with this, uh, story. Still working on getting to know Panda. I love her so. She seems so sad though. Anyway. I need a nap. Staring at Princi pics? Really does make me sleepy.



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