Feb. 22nd, 2009 02:03 pm
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It's been awhile, so you may need a refresher course.

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It's a good thing I left a loophole for today in order to share pictures, because while I did take them yesterday, I ran out of time to do much else. Mostly because I'm exhausted. I hate being sick, and having two colds back-to-back, one of them spanning over Christmas is just cruel. CRUEL I tell you.

Anyway, Adsilitia and Milch arrived just before Christmas, and for half a second I seriously thought of waiting to open them on Christmas, but I decided that Milch might actually look cute near the tree. Naturally I didn't even try it once I opened her, but I did think about it. That has to count for something, right?

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Why do you let me go to Target? I swear, it's physically impossible for me to go there and not spend a small fortune. *grumble*

Let's see, I walked away with the following:

  • 2 baskets to sort/organize my crap

  • When You Are Engulfed in Flames [I really should have bought this at BAM, but holy Holly, it's hotter than hell out there.]

  • a cute crab plate

  • cotton balls for mumsy as I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where the hell they moved the ones at work

  • Olay body wash that it seems Mumsy likes, so I might be nice and give them that bottle. Might not. It's huge and less than it would cost me for a smaller one at work. We'll see.

  • 2 magazine files

  • Bratz Baby Nurse Yasmin

  • dog food

  • TP

And it cost a fortune. *face palm*

I just lost an hour and a half or more of my life to The Andromeda Strain. I like my stuff with a Sci-Fi slant, but swear-to-dog, everytime someone would mention a worm hole and the strain from the FUTURE my head would explode. I do wonder if this was less amusing/better if, I dunno, I'd been watching from the start. Only I couldn't/can't handle the part where people die out in the field and then The Hero would make some comment that would ensure that something awful would happen. Also, when the Skeptic fell to his death, I missed how the other guy [Epileptic Scientist] died because I refused to watch the thumb removal. Sorry, nuh-uh. Not gonna happen.

Also, while I'm sure that if I somehow landed in an alternate reality where someone would need me to go all traitor and risk humanity to save hostage!family members, I'd feel differently, I still cannot fathom the thought process of "hmm, bad guys have my family and if I don't risk the whole of humanity, they'll die. But if I DO go all Judas on everyone, their odds are just as shitty, if not worse." and then picking the kill the entire world to save them option. *headdesk*

God, it's hot up here.

Shame. I found someone who has many a prettiful Pullip picture, but after further investigation, I've realized that while I think the dolls are lovely, I suspect if confronted with the person IRL, I would drop a piano on her head. I don't know how I would rig that, but I really do think I would give it serious thought. In fact, I am at the moment. *muse*


Jan. 11th, 2008 11:40 am
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Dear JP,
When it comes time to figuring out hair/eye combos, let me offer some advice. If you've got your heart set on blonde hair, a) hire someone to kick you in the kneecaps. B) Blue eyes are a no. You've also abused the brown option, and no, tinting it red doesn't really count as not brown. You've got more than enough blondes as it is, though, so really, try again.

Ah, brown hair. Brown hair/brown eyes? Lovely that you're going for realism. If I didn't have a frickin' army [and not a brunette Purezza in sight, no less] of dolls with brown/brown, you'd actually get the golf clap you so obviously desire. However you've more than abused this option.

There are other colors in the world! Use them, and not just on collabs and limiteds. Or else I'm suing you for mental distress.

Bitches one and all.

That said, new Dal makes me cringe and I want new Pullip's boots... and possibly her. I know, I know. I am weak. But I'm still mulling it over. I really do like the boots though.

I'm thinking joining six billion gossip girl comms was not my best move. So... I guess I learn to filter better. Yes. Mebbe.

I'm exhausted, though it's certainly not from working like crazy. Oh, I went to work, and I even did what I was told to do, but some things only require so much effort. There's a Psych marathon on, so I can't watch my GG eps. Or I could, but I'd have to lug the discs downstairs and that could get confusing as the later ones aren't anywhere near labelled.

I'm thinking my brain is really enjoying hopping from one thing to another. *spaz* Almost done with Heat Stroke and while bits of it are a little too into the science geek aspect, I'm pissed as hell that I don't have book three ready to read. Grr!

I think they multiplied... )


Oct. 3rd, 2007 12:18 pm
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My fucking DVD/VCR thing hates me. I hate it right back, I do. I woke up a little before 9:30 last night and looked at the machine and thought I saw the long string of numbers that means it's recording. I purred a little, closed my eyes, and then sat straight up, grabbed my glasses and started swearing a blue streak. The damn thing hadn't started and nothing I could do would make it tell me why the hell not. I pop a tape in, figuring the last half of House is better than none at all, and something starts recording. I try turning the TV off and it looks like the recording stops and for about ten minutes I freak out and warn mom that House is DOA apparently. I hear the sound of the machine cutting off a little after ten, and when I woke up for work, realized that it had gone on to record as if nothing were wrong with missing the first half. So either I didn't press the right button after I set the thing, or it's mocking me. My money is on mocking me, simply because it went on to record exactly what was left on the original... thingamabob.

Sorry, my brain parted ways with me for a moment as it remembered that we repeatedly receive notes on homework sheets and things from Widget's teacher and her assistant, and they consistently fuck up their spelling or grammar. I know this is a Math & Science school, but hell, "the book is to old for him" is wrong no matter how you look at it. My reaction? "....o_O !!!!!! IDIOTS!" I want to correct their snaffus with red pen, send it back to them, and demand they initial and recognize that teachers should be able to go a week without fucking something up in the form of a note home to ALL parents/guardians/whatever. You don't want the kids to come in and say, "Momma says I don't have to listen to you until you learn -insert problem of the week here- so nyah!"

Luckily, I'm not quite evil enough to teach that little phrase to Widget.

These are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing's users (as of today). As usual, bold what you have read, italicize that you started but couldn't finish, and strike through what you couldn't stand. Add an asterisk [*] to those you've read more than once. Underline those on your to-read list.
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Slowly loading the Pullip Fab entries so I can continue my betting ways. I still say that what the various NTM-like competitions are missing is the critique. I'm not saying you have to be unbelievably harsh, but really, isn't a lot of the fun of ANTM and the various other off-shoots watching the last fifteen minutes as they judge them? Well, duh, of course it is. I'd also pick a 'winner' of each round, but I like-ums the drama so long as I'm just watching, and I can see why you wouldn't necessarily want to set people up to have the same person picked over, and over, and over. Y'know how it goes.


Sep. 10th, 2007 05:51 am
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New dolly thing running around. It sort of looks even, except, y'know, some of those I'd already said no thanks to. :P Not sure about the crazy bear DAL either, but it's not an immediate no. Besides, currently I'm eying another dolly. We'll see if life kicks me in the shins. If you don't hear from me for a little bit, the phone died. Here's hoping...
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Pullip crossing. )

Work was dull. Beyond dull. By two, I'd done most of the stuff I could do by myself on the list, and the only things left either required a smidge of help, OR scrubbing the bathroom after some guy pissed all over one of the toilet seats in the women's bathroom. Yes, like that's gonna happen.

Off to have some brunch of the actual lunch variety and then I think I'm passing out. Mmm. Sleep.


Jun. 6th, 2007 11:24 am
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... I'm feeling bitchy. Please excuse me.

But if you have to ask... And thus, I answer here, because really, that? That is a "pet me and tell me I'm lovely" kind of thread. Which would be why I don't like you. Because you felt the need to make one of those and then flit around encouraging the damn thing and no one's shut it down despite it being a really obvious bid for people to hop on their white horses and come to your aid. "Those big ol' mean jerks on LJ are just immature babies!" Really. I am. Yes. But it doesn't mean I have to like you.
Otherwise, I don't really recall what it is about you that bugs me. It's one of those things where maybe I was in a bad mood, read something you wrote, and thought, "Shut. Up." Not in that fun way either, mind you. Perhaps you are just a fantastic person and due to something I don't even recall, I am being cheated horribly out of knowing you.

But. You made that thread and thus I stand by my previous assessment that you are annoying. Not all the time, but enough that, well, my knee-jerk reaction is to wish a hammer would fall on your baby toe.

And thus we spend another moment reveling in the land of whinge.

I think someone's been spiking my Pepsi with essence of bitch, because there's no other logical explanation for why things keep bothering me the way they do. None.

I ran out of Dresden-y goodness yesterday, so maybe that's it? It could be, as well as the reason I ran out of goodness. I kept reading through lunch and realized that I had maybe, fifty pages to go, so... I read through the thunderstorm and well past when I should have gone to sleep. Lack of sleep could contribute greatly to the overall evil.

Now, to charge the batteries and fall fast asleep. Mmm. Sleep.

To complete the Pullip-y goodness: Aquel is love and shall be bringing her mix of Princi acid-blue and Alice-y goodness this way. The Golden Alice/Queen/King/and DALs will not. For awesome as the Queen and that one DAL might be, I don't really fancy breaking my "No one can cost more than Alice! Except Noir. Or possibly Purezza"- rule. Technically, I could get around it with "Another Alice" but... really. No. I'd rather shove that $180 towards twinning Alice, and that ain't gonna happen either. :P
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Alas, I'm almost out of book. Or out of books to read, however you want to phrase it. There's this book Mumsy's been bugging me to read, and I might give it a whirl, but even if I love it and finish it, come Monday, I'll be without anything new to read. I could, I suppose, go to the book store and pick up the first Dresden novel, what with me having half of the others here from the library. But then what would I have to whine about?


I'm sure I'm forgetting something terribly important, but my brain is waterlogged, so I'll settle for dolly pictures.

*hum* )

Odd. I thought Sweet Sacrifice was the fourth Evanescence single from The Open Door, but I guess it's just the third. I swear it seems like the fourth.

Oh, and if you go picture hunting, the apple next to Scar? When my leaning tower of Pullip, DAL, and boy boxes fell the other day, it crashed right into the little bookcase where Princi, Georgie, and Fi were sitting. Naturally they all went flying [and as I was asleep when it happened, I couldn't reach out and save anyone, or even try to do so] but when I finally worked up the courage to assess the damage, I found Princi clutching the apple. Completely fine [all three were], though I can't quite figure out how the apple ended up in her hand.
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Weird. The other day, while perusing Pullip Style I found one of those photo request threads and thought, "Hey, if I ever figure out the complicated way to switch pictures from the camera to the computer and a graphics program, I should do that." I figured by the time all those stars aligned, someone else would come along and have fulfilled the request, as that always happens when I decide to try one 'em. Seriously, I cannot be the only person with Timmy, Zuora, and Suigintou. But apparently the task was too daunting, or maybe it was asked elsewhere, too, and I just found it on PS. I don't know, but the stars aligned, sort of. So the grey haired Pullips got their moment in the sun.

Grey. )

I love these four, although Timulus has some serious hair issues. Dude, man, dude.

I should sleep sometime this century. Wheeeeeeeee!


Feb. 8th, 2007 08:00 am
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Mmm. Sweet Valley fix. I'm a big dork, I admit this freely, but few things make me happier than reading total brain cotton candy. So every few months, give or take a few due to life, I renew my search for missing SV books. I'm thisclose to finishing off SVU, and would have done so already except everytime I think I'll breakdown and buy the six books I'm missing, something will come up. For instance, the last of the actual series, non extra-fluffy special versions? I keep thinking I've bought it already. I know, I have a list. I consult said list for most purchases of anything not twin/kid related, and yet I still think I already own this book. It's insane. To be fair, I didn't check off all the books I snagged last time, so this go round it was perfectly justifiable. Other times I am obviously just plain stupid. For the remaining diary books, I think I've read them all, and if not, the only one I haven't is for a character, I quite frankly spend a great deal of time trying to forget ever existed. The other two I'm split on. I don't remember one and the other one sucked so much that all I remember is cringing at the thought of touching the book to return it. :p As for the thrillers, those are actually normal excuses. They only come up when I can't afford them, or when something I want more is also up for grabs.

I know, that was absolutely thrilling for anyone other than me. No, you can't have that minute or so of your life back, and no, I have no intention of making it worth your while, either. Infact, I shall blather on a little more about my cotton candy fluff.

Said SV book was Mystery Date and for some reason I thought it came up earlier in the series. Which happens a lot for any series I re-read. Since the whole point of the book was to set up Olivia and Ken, I thought they had more than three or four books after that as a couple. But no, they don't. Weird girl finally gets the guy and what do they do? They kill her. Oh yes. Which I guess is better than if they'd substituted Enid in, but since Liv only made a cameo in SVU, they could get away with the timelines not matching exactly. Enid gets entire crazy storylines, so they couldn't very well give her a boyfriend and then off her and not get at least one person writing in and saying, "What. The. Hell?" And while re-reading MD made me cringe at some of the writing and slang, which I'd be willing to bet good money was already outdated when the book hit shelves, it's still one of the happier making books. So long as one ignores the general b-story. *twitch* Jocks versus burnouts indeed.

From one geekdom to another! Over the weekend I decided to buy an Obitsu body to see if I'd just grown used to seeing them everywhere or if I still wanted to gouge my eyes out with a pen if given a choice. I'm guessing, seeing as my eyes are still intact, that I've gone to the dark side, if only for a visit. In theory, I bought it for Evie, only when I was actually buying it, I kept waffling on the color. At the time of flipping a coin, it was down to two... Did I buy the one I suspected matched her best, orrr did I go with super pale cuz Isa needed a new body first, and if she didn't like it, one of about nine billion others would? I meant to go with the first, but ended up with the latter. Which is fine. The color difference doesn't make my eyes bleed for Evie, so she'll keep it until I buy her... her own body. Then the other pale girls can duke it out, and whomever wins must divide their original body up as I see fit. Or something. [If Isa wins, Tish gets a new arm]
And in a fit of stupidity, I then spent the next forever hacking away at that cursed plastic nub so we could try it on. Which sounds weird, but I'm not rewording that, kay? Accept that it's weird and move on. Move on!
Half a forever later, Evie was all boobified. Now she creaks like an old woman, but is surprisingly flirty for one I suspect so ebil. Which is extremely noticible when you put her next to another doll. In this instance, it was Fil. The two were doomed when they arrived, what with him looking ever so plastic and she was bitching about earrings the size of small children and good god, the bangs... Now he's still pretty plastic, but she's able to threaten or flirt. Naturally the camera's batteries died so you'll have to wait for photographic evidence. I imagine you'll survive. Somehow.

Odd but true: Dreams within dreams within dreams fork over the best sleep I've had in ages. It's very, very weird.


Feb. 5th, 2007 05:03 pm
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G'ah. My tummy is all rumbly now, and I knew it would happen. But there was nothing else to eat, so rumbly making it was. Still, it's particularly vexing because it wasn't all that nummy to begin with and then the dog lept up and knocked the bowl onto the floor. It made a particularly spectacular splash of tomato sauce and I spent the last twenty minutes scrubbing the carpet to clean it. Now it looks like something spilled a few days ago as opposed to someone having killed a small animal right infront of the DVD player. Yay for me.
I was watching The Devil Wears Prada for the second time, and I think I enjoyed it more this go round, puppy teething and splatter aside. I still resent not getting my favorite bit of the book thrown into the movie, but at least this time I knew it wasn't coming. And the deleted scenes were almost as much fun as the gag reel. That alone was worth the price. And I always feel like a dufus for laughing at the gag reel on things, though I don't know why. Maybe because so many are this long endless stream of inside jokes? No clue.
I need to return my copy of the book to Ari, but as I haven't talked to her since her wedding, I'm not sure when that'll happen. I'd say I'm avoiding her, only... you kind of have to have the chance of interaction with someone to avoid them, I think. *shrug*

The good thing about going a little wacky with the camera? It means I had to straighten part of my room, which is nice. If I can either sneak in a nap or just remember, I'll have to do some laundry tonight. But for now, I'll be content with my thermal blanket being clean for the first time in months. Okay, fine, that's just what I'm telling myself. I don't really believe it. :p

There are numerous things I've found are less than fantastic about the night shift, but a big one is that there is absolutely no one to do anything with on my weekday off. No one. They're all at work. Okay, or I'm not talking to them, but we'll go with the work thing. It's not even like I've managed to switch myself to a normal schedule. Give me enough days [anything more than four] and I revert to being awake at night anyway.
... Or they blow me off to organize their room. o_O That's... nice. Couldn't you just say you were busy? Then I could pretend you were saving the world or something.
Nap time, for sure.

But first, Evie. )

Now it's nap time.


Feb. 5th, 2007 09:17 am
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Frankie is a complete bitch to photograph. There's the hair and lighting issue. Like Alice, she takes a perfectly good photo and suddenly turns it orange. Or washes out completely, which is exceptionally skillfull since she's darker than most of the rest of the gang. :p Sooooooo... we're gonna give 'er another go in a bit, if my legs ever defrost. Until then, a couple of pics.

Frankie )
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You can always tell it's a bit chilly when you've yet to refill the ice in your glass as there's no need, despite sitting in soda for the last hour and a half. Mmm. That's how I guage the cold, anyway.

I'm kinda freezing, so we'll split the photos up, the better to spam your friends page with, my dear.

First up, as we work in reverse, is Suigintou. Might I say that she's perfectly loverly? She is. The only tweak I would make, if given a time travel device, would be to evil the eyebrows up a little. But I suspect I'd do that to entirely too many things, so there you go.

If I go back and photowhore it up a little later, we'll play detail photos. For now, it's enough to say she comes with a little slip of paper that tells you how to attack and detach her wings [snaps, people. Don't snap too hard or bad things will happen.] and I suspect highly that she'll stain the hell out of anyone left too close to the outfit. Which is my way of saying that she too has the arms [and possibly other things, dunno as she and I aren't that close yet :p ] wrapped in plastic. But for all I remember, they do that for everyone, just in case. You'd think I'd pay more attention...
Speaking of not paying attention, when did they start putting photographs on the back of the boxes? Suigintou and Rot both have their pictures displayed back there, thus killing my initial theory that maybe it was a RM thing.

Suigintou )

Now to figure out a name for her. *muse*

Others to come:
Frankie, Frankie's mini, Blair, Poppy, Evie, Fi, Rot, the DALs, and possibly a guest appearance by Lumpy.
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It may be Alice's birthday, but she's sharing the spotlight... 'cuz Alice is nice like that.

Alice )

Speaking of...

Brand New Purezza )

DALs )

These bright lights have always blinded me )

And I was wrong about the song. Right now it's this one. Yay?
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Riletto arrived yesterday, just as I predicted. [of course she'd show up on the one day I couldn't really devote any time to adoring her properly. Yeah, like I let that stop me. She's adorable if you ignore the world's worst fringe/bangs. It's just... so terribly wrong. If I didn't adore the color of the wig, I'd seriously consider just buying her the wig selection I've been pondering. But it's so pretty! And if you ignore the bangs from HELL, so soft. I think she's gonna be the hat girl of the bunch.

She's Annie's twin, in case you pondered. She's the older of the two and I'm thinking it's possible she's quite lazy. I'm not sure yet. I shouldn't judge her on her PJs alone. Cute socks!

+2 )

Hrmm. I'm gonna guess no one saw Merry, but I don't know where I stashed the pictures so she'll wait until tomorrow or kill me in my sleep.
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Who could it be now? )

Surprisingly tired now. I ponder why.
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She's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.

And she brought along enough hair to donate to two other dolls and still have plenty for herself. You are supposed to comment on the hair when you get a Squall, right? Well, there you go. She's loverly, but now I'm going to have to figure out how to do her hair so she's not drowning in it all the time.

She's mine! :D


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