Dammit, PBS

Feb. 5th, 2017 10:07 am
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That's Paperbackswap not the channel. A few days ago I got another ping of "hey, this book you wanted is available!" so I bought a credit and ordered it. And waited.

And waited. You know where this is going, right? Yesterday morning I get an email from the site telling me that my request has been cancelled and that I've got a message from the would be sender. Once more I hear that they ran out of money after sending out 15 books and "maybe next time."

What are the odds of two different people using the same excuse back to back?

I log in and look at the transaction archive (which is something I keep forgetting exists) and sure enough, it's the same asshole as before. And as I scroll through my archive I realize that almost every flake that I've requested a book from and not gotten since August has been this jackass.

And there's no way to block someone so you either have to accept everything and then just nope the hell out of there when you see the name or take your chances. Unacceptable.

So I poked around the site again (double checking the blocking thing) and couldn't easily find a Report Douchebag function, so I sent the Helper on Duty a PM. And a little less than an hour later I get a reply that you can totally report someone for doing this, and here's how, and also the system is still set up to flag people if they cancel too often. Alas, this was all yesterday and I was too tired then (it was way past my I should be asleep time) and I'm too tired now, but after I wake up I'm definitely going to report this wretch. Once was annoying but I could sort of understand, especially if someone happened to be new (when you're super encouraged to post a bunch of books all at once, y'know?) but multiple times, always screwing me over no matter the book? Uh, no. Fuck you, sweetheart.

Let's shift gears to happier topics, shall we? I gave Powerless a whirl and despite my meh feelings towards Vanessa Hudgens the pilot was cute. We'll see how it goes. I also caught up on The Good Place and I'm going to need someone else to watch and then geek out with me, k?

Annnnnnnd let's end on a really good note. Finally made it to Walmart today and I was looking for three things: something to eat because I completely forgot to stop at the grocery store, the new basic Harley DC Super Hero Girls doll, and MH minis I don't have. I found all of that and so much more.

First, I didn't pick up Harley yet because I'd rather spend a little more and get special Wondy (and Super Girl whenever she comes out) but mostly because I hit the clearance section first and found...
Funko Keychains for a buck! I snagged Sadness, Eve (from Wall-E), and Spider Gwen. :D I've been eying Spider Gwen at work (the full size, not keychain) and for a buck? Oh yes. They also had Neon Lights Ball Evie who is lovely, and I snagged six more minis. They were stocking the toy section and I didn't feel like going digging through the big side panel display so I just went through the stuff on the aisle and chose six I really wanted from those.

Stupidly happy about my finds. :D
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To you people gushing over TSL on Amazon, I am totally giving you all a serious case of side-eye. WTF, people. WTF. I read that trainwreck. I reviewed that trainwreck. I'm still in recovery from that trainwreck so I haven't actually left a review on Amazon (or Goodreads) but I still stand by my thought at the end:


I can understand wanting more (and if they were all more like TSL 1? I'd totally be behind that!) because who the hell leaves a series on a cliffhanger? A complete and total jerk, that's who. And I can understand wanting more because those few weeks with a new SV to look forward to, even once I knew it was going to be complete crap? Still better than some weeks without that to look forward to.

But don't pretend it was better than it was. The series deserves better. The characters deserve better. We deserve better.

And Lila Fowler most certainly Does Not Approve.

We all know that if Lila ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Also, you can now get your vintage SVH fix on your Kindle. Woo. I should probably put this in the proper journal but I'm trying to haul my ass to bed and I think the pics work better here anyway.

I give

Sep. 23rd, 2012 08:38 am
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I've racked up quite a fine trying to finish this fucking book, so you lot are going to share my suffering, okay? Okay!

Let's start at the end: I think this will be my final Anita Blake book. I've never been all that fond of Anita herself, but I was intrigued by the world LKH dreamt up. When she put her mind to it, the woman could do creeping dread really well, and early!Anita might not be someone you'd ever want to call a friend but you'd be glad she was out there fighting the good fight, catching the bad guys and all that.
Since I read the Merry books first, I had no real issue with the sex when Anita finally began having some... and even when some turned into a lot, so long as there was a plot elsewhere, I had no real issue.
Then her wires got crossed and all plot seemed to escape while the sex went on and on forever. Boring sex! Meh. STILL. I'd come to give a damn about some of these characters and I either wanted to see them again (Damian, Edward, Asher) or I wanted them to be redeemed (Dolph, Richard) so... I hung around.
But with each book, I began to hate myself a little more. I began to hate LKH a lot. I was ready to give up and then the sex cut back and plots were sort of reintroduced to the story! Hallelujah!

Yeah. No. No they weren't. Coupled with the fact that Anita is the biggest fucking monster in the series these days and LKH is either pulling the biggest con ever (I don't think she's that talented, sadly) or is too blind to see the fact that her heroine is now decidedly the bad guy? I'm out. This book exemplifies almost all the reasons why.

I may pretty the thoughts up later, but as it is... )

You are a terrible character, Anita Blake. Earlier you would kill current you and run screaming from everything that made you a possibility as her future.
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Emails and things are owed. Sleep deprivation means I rely heavily on spellcheck, but still I end up like Claudia (misspelled that one right off the bat) and her "who are you" instead of "how" so we'll be waiting until more brain cells join the awake party for anything beyond this, I think.

Update on Popsicle: Dad's blood is being thickened so they can put in a shunt for dialysis, which will in turn apparently make it easier to treat his inability to breathe. Sometimes I really wish the discussion of things like this did not make my toes curl in a bad way and my stomach start to heave and the world start to blur around the edges. It makes it difficult to follow medical discussions when you're always having to tell yourself, "Do. Not. Throw. UP."

Anyway. There's that. My brother is being an unbelievable bitch and his signifigant ex has more than gone off the reservation. She calls and claims that no one answers when she calls and that they don't pass along the messages she leaves. In the last two weeks the phones have been pretty much glued to people, so it's not like she's been calling and no one's been answering. This is not the first time she's said such a thing. We're friends on fb, so if she was trying to get ahold of him and couldn't, she knows (as we've discussed this) that she could just send me a message and I'd work something out. She's on fb all the freaking time, so it's not like it would be an added inconvenience for her, y'know? She also claims that she hasn't seen her ex (baby daddy of kids 2 and 3) in more than a year yet she has pictures she took of his wedding on February 11 of this year online.

And then there was this, waiting for me when I got home from work. Normally I just attempt to sort of fly under the radar because you never know when the court of SC will need to know that she's not exactly well acquainted with the truth on a good day, but I just couldn't hold my tongue. I tried. Really.


But an hour later she deleted it. While checking to see if she altered our friend status, I saw this:


If you want added hilarity, I'm pretty sure Aunt Eilieen there is the one who stole Jackie's inheritance-type money and oh yeah, kicked her out of the house, ignored her, and basically left her to fend for herself for years. And this was before she got knocked up, so you can't even claim it was the whole pregnancy thing.

Yeah. There's someone who should know whether you're a good mother or not. And the nightmares are of when her ex threw him in a dryer, and sat on him while she watched and did nothing, choked him more than once... You get the idea. I understand on a basic level, that relationships, particularly the toxic ones, are incredibly complicated. But I'd say that for now your Mother of the Year award isn't bloody likely this year either.

Okay, no.

Feb. 21st, 2011 12:55 pm
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Dear People of the Universe:
Unless I think you are fucking awesome, if you ever utter the phrase "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" in anything other than jest, it will automatically make me hate you. You do not get bonus points if you were formerly fat, either.
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Goddammit, freeforums, you are being a collective bunch of assholes so strung up on your power trip and so afraid to admit that someone fucked things up that you're making a fucking mountain out of a motherfucking molehill. Seriously. If I weren't invested in this at my current limited amount, I'd be laughing hysterically at how badly their "oh noes! nudity and adult content!" fiasco is playing out. Because oh, my lord, is it ever insane.

But my mood isn't that good so instead I'm wishing for a shower of anvils.


Dec. 13th, 2010 09:30 am
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Sometime yesterday morning/early afternoon, my eye started to hurt. Not all the time or anything, and it was so vague that I mostly thought it was my head starting to hurt right above my eye. Not so. It's my right eye and I keep expecting some bionic part to come out and play anytime I blink. I went to bed shortly after I discovered it was my eye bothering me. I thought the sleep would make it go away.

No. It didn't increase or anything. It's just that when I blink, it hurts. This morning at work I nearly stabbed a customer when they wouldn't hurry the fuck up because my eye was annoying me and this whole not blinking thing was NOT working out and I was getting that crawl out of my skin feeling.

I resisted. Even when I had to wrestle a damn Christmas tree back into its box. It bit me. A lot. I think I'm allergic to the tree, honestly.

Yesterday still sucked. And shit. I just remembered what I'm supposed to have done today. (CD for someone.)

G'ah. I'm cold and I still haven't heard my favorite holiday song yet. :(

^-- From Sat.

Today I add that my teeth hurt. I blame the cold and the fact that my wisdom teeth are horrible, horrible things and that I should have done something about them this year. But I didn't. So when I'm miserable, I have no one else to blame for that.

I had a list of things to do today. I got some of it done. Some of it can/will still be done. But things have not been going my way. The other day we set up our Christmas lights. The year we had No Tree we put up lights all throughout the downstairs of the house. It was so pretty that we kept the tradition up even though now we have trees. (Not real ones, sadly) The other day the boy helped Widget and I put up the lights in the living room. It was lovely until this morning when I plugged them in and saw that a fourth of the main strand had died. WTH, lights. WTH. So I asked Mums to fix it if she could. I wake up this afternoon and my brother pulls down the stand of lights. Fair enough except... I can't suss out how we had it hung up originally and by the time I officially give up fixing them, half the freakin' strand was dead. I don't begin to understand how that happened. Replacement lights, stat!

Anyway. I couldn't put up the tree until the light situation was fixed. And the headboard my brother was supposed to take upstairs a WEEK ago was moved. And the piece of exercise equipment no one uses was moved. And someone vacuumed. I've been waiting a week for these things (lights aside) to happen. Finally I had the Widget help me moved the headboard to the hearth (our fireplace doesn't work anyway) and I waited for it to be moved upstairs. No. Someone moved it even further back and then acted like it was supposed to be there. *rubs forehead in pain because facepalming would be a BAD IDEA*
I did the other stuff and now the Widget is vacuuming and the damn thing still won't get put up before 8pm.

And my teeth still hurt. DAMMIT.

That aside, TRU briefly had most of the Gloom Beach dolls online but I only ordered Cleo. I briefly debated using up most of my emergency dolly fund on them but decided to hope for the best and snag the one I wanted to see most. Also, I really cannot see my mother buying that version of Cleo if she had a choice. So... logic.
^--- Yesterday.

Yesterday (I think), Kanani's, the Girl of the Year for 2011, book covers leaked. Or I saw them and they leaked Sat. Don't care. She looks adorable and if you want to punish your liver, you'll want to take a shot each time someone says that.
Happy St. Lucia Day! )


Dec. 4th, 2010 02:46 pm
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Well, that was annoying. I decided to stop by the new Walgreens that's technically closer to my house than the one where I work. I was mostly there to see how different it is and to see if it was one of the Chosen Few to have Monster High dolls. (No.) Mom wanted the m&m's that were on sale, but I didn't have my little proof of employment card. I did, however, have my freakin' uniform shirt and I had to listen to people wax poetic about my store manager. I'm told to go to Cos, no mention of the dreaded ID coming up. I do, I wait. I wait. I wait some more because the Cos lady is helping someone else. I could make some catty remarks, but I don't think she was intentionally trying to screw my day up so I'll refrain. She pages the manager, he appears and walks right on by. He comes back and in the rudest voice I've EVER freakin' heard used towards me outside of family and exes, informs me that I have to have the little paycheck stub ID thing. He shows me his and then says without it I can't get my discount.

I was prepared for this because I've heard stories. Stories, man. Anyway, those stories end with you using the store in question's computer to log in (thus proving you're in the system and an employee!) and printing out the card right there in the store.

No. He walks off, does not offer this, and I'm just twitching. You're that fucking rude and then you leave your employee to pick up the pieces? REALLY? I briefly debate buying the stuff, full price, and just swapping it out at my store later. But I'm pissed at his attitude. It's not like the store was packed with people. And he didn't have to be an asshole. He could have said all this politely. He could have offered to call, or let me call, the store that I claimed to work at, and talk to my boss. You know, the one everyone is all, "We love him!" about?

But no.

So I put my stuff away after debating, for half a second, just leaving it and huffing off because of the rudeness, but then that would be rude. I put the stuff back where I found it (neatly, far moreso than it was to begin with, I might add) and I leave never to return willingly.

I debated putting in a complaint. On the one hand, rude. On the other, I really didn't feel like throwing that into the universe. Ultimately I decided that if I was mad enough to complain all the way up to the point where I had to put my name, I might as well go through with it. I wasn't nasty (since he should be reading it) but I made it clear that seriously, you do not treat people that way. Seriously. :P

To make my day suck less, the mailman brought me my Cyber Monday haul from AG.com No pictures because I'm lazy, but I have the Fashion Studio for Sam, the berry hoodie (which didn't even come in a bag. They just shoved that in the main box), the bag/shirt combo (they both say American Girl Place), and Ruthie's shoes. Yeah, I didn't go crazy. I did snag Molly's Skates and ear muffs yesterday, though, and a little something else from another store... which I'll share when they come in. (Though at least one of those things is a gift for someone else.)

The Fashion Studio comes with 40 or so pages of paper that's fairly thick. Most of it's patterned, especially in the same print as Samantha's clothing. You get a little stamper but no ink (Sam's little leaf symbol thing), a paper doll (photo, not a drawing, which makes the outfits look...strange in the photos), stencils to trace onto the patterned paper, and a little book that tells you a bit about fashion in Sam's time as well as advice on colors and design. Mom seems exceptionally taken with it. Me? I bought it because it was Sam and I was curious. The little book looks most interesting to me, but that doesn't mean I won't go for an outfit. Maybe. *shrug*

It also came with a catalog that had Kit & Ruthie on the cover, so Mums and I discussed the similarities between Molly/Ruthie/Samantha. I think that Molly and Ruthie would look awfully similar side by side, Mums thinks Sam and Ruthie would. My Sam and Ruthie don't because my Sam is old as dirt (comparatively speaking) but yeah. Then Mums shrieked in horror over many of Julie's things. She finds the Calico dress an eyesore and I find the jumpsuit to be too painful to look at. I shared the knowledge that the crazy calico dress looks infinitely better on Ivy who calms the crazy down. She did not seem thrilled at this, and I assured her that it wasn't likely to come visit my Ivy any time soon. She's got eyes on J's birthday dress and her roller skate outfit. Ivy will not be denied! Just... delayed a bit.

Oh, and my Target trip yielded partial presents for people, one of which was only a dollar. :D I wish I'd known sooner as I'd have picked up a couple more. I was too bored with the store at that point to willingly go back in again, especially once the toy section filled with people. They did have W1 Frankie and Draculaura though. I seriously considered buying Frankie, but decided that if hell froze and people took me literally when I said "ANY MH doll except Plush Clawdeen!" they might not appreciate me having bought myself the same thing they just did. :P (Technically I don't need or even really, truly want a third W1 Draculaura, but it's easier to have one exception to the rule. Which is why I have LAGOONA-ANY at the top of my official list. Yes. Lagoona.)

I'm sleepy now and my CD has burned so I'll toddle off to bed. Be good or good at being bad?
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Holy. Fuck.

My cable bill came today. I was expecting it to be $170-ish because I had a small balance left over from last time, y'know? (Well, smaller than usual.)

No. My bill is $300 and some change.

I... what?

They installed my stuff... the 12th of October. So for this bill, they're billing me three times. One for next month, one for Oct-Nov (last month essentially) and then a third section for just October.

I... and... no?

When they came, they came late. Not really a surprise. They installed a digital box that was outdated by more than a year and naturally it had fits with our TV because it's old and outdated. Dad calls and the guy at customer service is perplexed but then assures dad that this whole turning your television off and then refusing to turn back on is a well known glitch with these older boxes. Dad chuckles and says, "But they installed this thing yesterday." CS: "...*sweatdrop* r-really?" Dad opted to bring the box in and trade it in himself because he didn't want to wait all fucking day for them to come out and "fix" it.

Yeah. We're on either our third or fourth box. So no. You do not get to charge me super fun times for your installation and then charge me super-deluxe full price on services you have made it impossible for me to use!

Then they charge me for long distance and it has never worked. Which is why, when my bill was smaller last month, I figured it was because Mom had said no long distance or something.

No. They just fucked that up, too.

I can sort of make sense of the bill in pieces, but when you put it all together it's just beyond me. Also, it came with a handy little guide called
Notice to customers regarding policies, complaint procedures, and services.

You bet your ass I'm complaining. $300 bucks? ARE YOU INSANE.

My second favorite part of this thing is that there are "credits" assigned all over the place. Very nice, right? Except that if they actually existed my bill would not look like it was bleeding.


Nov. 1st, 2010 12:26 am
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Just. Freakin'. Breathe.

Just because the boy says something does not mean it will happen. And just because you do not want it to happen does not mean it might not be a good thing. Somehow.

My Halloween kind of blew. It's strange. My birthday, I fully understand how it never lives up to expectactions. For July 10, I expect people to remember my birthday. I expect a gift or six, and I not so secretly wish that someone would throw me a goddamned party since I, someone who is about a step up from recluse but working my way down every day, have thrown people parties before and for fuck's sake, they threw my mother one once... Um, my point... I had it.

Oh. Yes. Birthdays I set myself up and I know I do.

So by the time Halloween rolls around, I have very low standards.
Ranting! )
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Tonight I apparently have my crabby pants on because my temper has flared in varying degrees over a fun assortment of things.

1) It's hot as hell in this house and yet, if I go outside? Mosquitoes descend upon me like I am a tasty, tasty buffet.

2) Despite liking the first book, and loving at least two characters in the series as a whole, I still hate that if one mentions a vampire or a werewolf (SPOILER: HE'S NOT A FUCKING WEREWOLF. HE'S A SHAPESHIFTER. There. Now you don't have to fucking read Breaking Dawn.) BAM. You are obviously influenced by Twilight. What I hate even more? That to a degree, they're right. I'm not entirely sure we would have gotten MH goodness if Twilight hadn't told a new generation of tween girls that vampires are AWESOME and werewolves shapeshifters are, too. On the other hand, it's possible. Vampires seem to have their moment in the sun, as it were, and then they fade away to the fringes of society again until pop culture remembers her old friends. I get it.

I just don't have to like it.

3) What the shit is this? It's bad enough fucking CBS won't put Mike & Molly episodes up anymore, now I'm told that people cannot handle fat people in a relationship, and all that entails, on a television show because fat people are icky?

Really, Marie Claire? You're going to pull this shit now, too? I fucking took Allure off my subscription list (and I really liked Allure til they went with the "are fat people icky?" question and didn't seem to find anything wrong with it), don't you think I'm going to say something? Yeah. It's going to be small, but anyone who isn't borderline stick-thin will now get, "Marie Claire's writers find you disgusting so are you sure you want to give them your money?" as a bonus question. I am dead. Serious.

So anyway, yes, I think I'd be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other ... because I'd be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room — just like I'd find it distressing if I saw a very drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroine addict slumping in a chair.


I would really like to apologize for the insensitive things I've said in this post. Believe it or not, I never wanted anyone to feel bullied or ashamed after reading this, and I sorely regret that it upset people so much.

Those two things do not go together. How the HELL did you intend this to be taken? Oh, right. You wanted people to back you up or be so grateful that you were dispensing weight loss tips that they didn't realize what an unbelievable fuckup this was. And it was. Oh, it was. It is, even. If I were slightly less interested in being the bigger person in every goddamned way, I would make many a cheap shot at certain things mentioned in the update. But sadly, if I'm going to be the bigger person, I'd like it to be in more than just clothing size.

But remember kids. It gets better. Unless, of course, you're fat. Then you're fucked.

*seethes with rage* Add to that the family is desperately in need of something, although I don't know what that is short of a friggin' lottery win without the accompanying curse, and you've got super fun times.

*makes strangling motions*

So... hair? )
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Why do you let me go to Target? I swear, it's physically impossible for me to go there and not spend a small fortune. *grumble*

Let's see, I walked away with the following:

  • 2 baskets to sort/organize my crap

  • When You Are Engulfed in Flames [I really should have bought this at BAM, but holy Holly, it's hotter than hell out there.]

  • a cute crab plate

  • cotton balls for mumsy as I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where the hell they moved the ones at work

  • Olay body wash that it seems Mumsy likes, so I might be nice and give them that bottle. Might not. It's huge and less than it would cost me for a smaller one at work. We'll see.

  • 2 magazine files

  • Bratz Baby Nurse Yasmin

  • dog food

  • TP

And it cost a fortune. *face palm*

I just lost an hour and a half or more of my life to The Andromeda Strain. I like my stuff with a Sci-Fi slant, but swear-to-dog, everytime someone would mention a worm hole and the strain from the FUTURE my head would explode. I do wonder if this was less amusing/better if, I dunno, I'd been watching from the start. Only I couldn't/can't handle the part where people die out in the field and then The Hero would make some comment that would ensure that something awful would happen. Also, when the Skeptic fell to his death, I missed how the other guy [Epileptic Scientist] died because I refused to watch the thumb removal. Sorry, nuh-uh. Not gonna happen.

Also, while I'm sure that if I somehow landed in an alternate reality where someone would need me to go all traitor and risk humanity to save hostage!family members, I'd feel differently, I still cannot fathom the thought process of "hmm, bad guys have my family and if I don't risk the whole of humanity, they'll die. But if I DO go all Judas on everyone, their odds are just as shitty, if not worse." and then picking the kill the entire world to save them option. *headdesk*

God, it's hot up here.

Shame. I found someone who has many a prettiful Pullip picture, but after further investigation, I've realized that while I think the dolls are lovely, I suspect if confronted with the person IRL, I would drop a piano on her head. I don't know how I would rig that, but I really do think I would give it serious thought. In fact, I am at the moment. *muse*
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This is me requesting a zillion cookbooks from the library.

This is me slowly going insane due to only leaving the house for work and a weekly grocery store trip, which I loathe beyond all measure. Seriously, the only thing keeping me from screaming about it is that I do get to leave for work, which is more than Mumsy gets to do. [Her weekly trips are to the doctor, for those playing along at home.] Bah. It's chilly up here, but that has more to do with lingering winter morning and tank tops than it actually being cold.

So, a few weeks ago I bought the first four Private books. There was a sale, I had a gift card or something, and it was a boxed set which made it a freakishly good deal. For weeks it sat in my bathroom, unopened and unloved. Friday or so I cracked it open and read the second book. I'd read the first shortly before buying the set, as it's the only one the library has. Anyway, I read books two through four this weekend. and my brain sort of exploded )

I obviously have issues with main characters. I almost never like them, or if I do like them, rarely is it more than a bit player. There are exceptions [Harry Dresden, though TV Harry plays second fiddle to TV Bob] but I usually want to slam whoever the star of the series is into a wall.

Awkward sentence, I know.

Completely on a superficial note, the newer covers also seem to be sporting some super skinny waifs. Which isn't to say the first four weren't skinny, but they didn't necessarily look like a good sneeze would snap them in half.

Oooh, obviously the library is ordering new books. When I return I'll have to peek and see if they're getting anything good.
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Hair update: One box of Color Oops is not enough, however it was all we had. So now I have this weird section of red roots that I can't hide. Also, there are these small bits of red here and there, and overall, it's kind of this bright obnoxious blond. However, I'd like to avoid washing my hair for the next six years [part of the C.O. process involves numerous shampoos], so I'm not going to see if that would help until tomorrow at the earliest. The whole "rinse for five minutes" seems sensible at first, but then you hit two minutes and you're standing there wondering, "Am I done yet?" No, no you aren't. You will NEVER be done. Until you notice that your hair is no longer scary red and back to dark brown [when wet], and you damn near slip in the shower because you're so happy you seriously debate a jig.

Hungry. This might be because I had my dinner at 5:30 yesterday and a couple of handfuls of popcorn around 4am isn't really cutting it anymore. Hmm. I've started reading the first Dresden Files book, and I'm currently pretty happy. Thing is, eventually I'm going to run out of Harry to read. SO. Suggest stuff.

Know what I love? A phone call in the middle of the night asking me Highlander trivia. What I don't love? Being told that someone would have dropped off the CD of stuff [I didn't ask for, btw] they made me if they hadn't been caught up with other people. Couldn't you have just let me believe you were busy in a very general sort of way?

Must go work on breakfast.

Back. Burned breakfast terribly, but still ate it as there was little else in the house. Came back to kill a couple of minutes while I munched on glorified charcoal, and found that Gilmore Girls has been "canceled". Quotes because it's not exactly being canceled if your average fan has been figuring it was gonna happen unless there was a huge shout from the rooftops announcing Alexis was in. I don't know how fair that is, but with what little I've picked up here and there, it seemed to always come back to her not having signed on for at least another year as well as the chance in hades that the CW could pull a hit of it's very own out of its arse. No one actually seemed to be betting on the latter, by the way.

Followed that with another round of "Is Scrubs screwed?" and still no [good] news on whether I'll actually be forced to watch Sci Fi for a second season of The Dresden Files. [I'd do so happily, guys!] Why do you let me watch and love TV? Why?


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