Jun. 5th, 2017 07:15 am
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G'ah. I don't think I'm going to get to go swimming today. Stupid period showed up last night and while it does explain the back pain it's not exactly thrilling. And I didn't go yesterday morning because by the time I got home from work (we stopped at the store), the walk from the car to the house was already too hot. The sun, it blinds and overheats me!

Sooooo... work. We officially opened Friday and I went in at midnight Friday and Saturday. It's... different. I don't spend a lot of time going into other drugstores but apparently our new store is set up like a lot of the newer stores. Which makes sense since duh, obviously they're going for a uniform thing. We do seem to have the fancier layout for cos, but our cos head moved to overnights so I don't know how that's going to work. Also, I still think it's ridiculous to have cos right by the windows, y'know? Ah well.
The store itself is bigger in a LOT of ways. There are more aisles, the aisles themselves are longer, the stockroom seems massive though I'm pretty sure I'll think differently once we start getting in promo stuff for say, back to school or an actual holiday. Pharmacy is huuuuuuuge on the customer side (I'm not special so I've not been behind the magic doors to see how it is from an employee viewpoint)... you get the idea. Oddly enough, the aisles themselves are more squished together which should make doing the floors at night easier. But it doesn't. Because whatever our floor is made of, it refuses to let the dustmop work. You'll sweep something up and then realize that as soon as you moved around one of the poles or something, you've lost your bit of trash/dust/whatever. And since there's a lot more floor to cover, doing the floors takes me a goddamned hour every night. And you can't even tell because not only does the floor repel the dustmop, it won't give up anything with a regular mop, either. So it's a waste of time!
Anyway. Since I also have only a general idea of where things are (whereas before I could pretty much tell you exactly where to find it) trying to put things away from the old store is a pain. Which I'd be okay with if half the stuff wasn't not sold at the new store because... why? There's more room, why are we cutting our selection of stuff? I don't get it! And it's not even like it's the stuff we never sold that's being cut. o_O So then you have to hike all the shit you can't find back to the cavernous stockroom and try to find a place to put it because heaven forbid we leave it in totes even though it's taken over about half the stock carts at this point. So that kills even more time. There are lunches (and I will say the new breakroom having the timeclock is kinda genius) and then there's the most difficult thing of all:
There is no way on earth to watch the front of the store if you are not standing at the wall o' registers or the front of a couple of aisles. And I do mean the front of that aisle, you cannot just wander down any of them and still see the damn registers because it's a wall of them so you can't tell when someone is randomly standing in front of say, the photo register because how are they to know which one you're actually ringing on? Which means you can't really do anything if you're covering the front for someone else. At first I thought the really annoying automated "welcome!" thing would at least alert us to when someone came in, but it also says "welcome!" when they leave and it doesn't trigger for everyone, so you can't rely on that.

Basically, the old way of doing things will not work at the new store and I'm going to burn myself out until people realize it and shift expectations accordingly. It doesn't help that we have a new overnight lead and she's working on the how things worked at the other store playbook, along with S who doesn't seem to comprehend that if she's outside doing the parking lot, I have to be standing up front and not doing my job and the longer she's out there, the less time I have to run through the hardest fucking aisles and ohholyfuck, woman, you still haven't touched the last three of your aisles and I... I'm going to just lose my damn mind, honestly.

tl;dr version: the store is set up like a maze which makes my job infinitely harder than it should be. The floor is made of evil and this sucks because my store manager has a thing about the floors. Half the stuff we moved over isn't even being sold at our store and I'm losing my mind.

It doesn't help that half the stuff we are still carrying isn't in the system. On the plus side, no liquor license yet.

In happier news, my B&BW order shipped already. I'm not sure I believe it when they say it should be here today but I'm happy to be wrong!
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Oh, look. It's January which means we're inching ever closer to the premiere of Riverdale. You'd think in the however many months it's been since we got our first trailers/peeks at the project I'd have figured out whether I'm interested in watching or not but nope, I am still very firmly on the fence here.

On the one hand, I love me a good cheesy teen show. Clearly. Make it darkity dark for no reason and I'm usually twice as interested. I also happen to be a fan of the Archie characters and when I first heard they were getting a show I was intrigued. However I've never been a big fan of Archie the character. He's easily my least favorite of the group and for the most part I don't get why any girl is interested in him, let alone pretty much the entire town excluding Ethel. Betty and Veronica, even at their absolute worst (and they have their moments) are too good for him 99.9% of the time. Every so often a comic will appear that makes me realize this is probably how I'm supposed to see him all of the time which would explain the appeal but mostly he's just a big slice of no thank you, ma'am and this is from someone with a weakness for freckles and redheads. :P

On the other hand, the world did not need a Grundy/Archie hookup. Like ever. EVER. I don't know if that happened in any of the weirder Archie comics and I don't need to know because that's actually my big hangup here. I know that teen shows tend to go for the teacher/student sex angle but I kind of thought we were beyond that now. Then again, with me being pretty sure Aria/Fitz are decidedly endgame over on PLL, I suppose not. But we should be beyond that because Grundy deserves better. Seriously.
I dunno, man. I just don't know. I've heard too many things that make me think "ugh, really?" to be super excited for this but at the same time... I want to see this trainwreck. Three (well, four since I won't get to see it on Thursday) more days.

Let's see, what else. Spent Friday and Saturday working alone because K is out on walkabout again. I shouldn't complain since her father is sick but she also waited two weeks to go visit and as far as I can tell she only went because her sister in law was going for a mix of vacation and setting up legal stuff. Also, I hate working by myself on the weekends. D: Saturday wasn't so bad because it was pretty dead. I think I had maybe 15 customers after midnight and two of them were employees. All hail the rain keeping people away.

I'm down to maybe three of the history mysteries left from their freebie blowout in November (I think?). I think I'll have to hunt down the ones that weren't included because they scratch the AG itch for the most part.

Hrmm. Was that thunder or just a random thump?
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I suppose how I feel about Tuesdays is how most people feel about Mondays. Sigh. Work looms overhead and I think of how I squandered my days off. Squandered! Only I actually rather enjoyed a good chunk of yesterday (not the start really, but we'll go into that one day, maybe) so it's not really squandered, just gone. Sigh.

If I'm less than lazy, I'll get around to photographing the AG army in their holiday finery. Sometime this year I'm going to have to acquire more actual holiday dresses because by the end I was seriously fudging with the whole "holiday" thing. On the plus side, I think Felicity looks gorgeous so it's not a total wash, it's just I wouldn't really consider the peach dress a holiday dress. But there we are. Also, future!me, more Halloween costumes that require no thought in October about how to assemble them. I want actual, legit costumes, dammit.

While finishing dressing the army, I listened to a fair amount of youtube best of 2016/new for 2017 vids, so we'll report on the new stuff I tried out recently because why not.
Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream is first up because when I got out of the shower, I saw this on my vanity. I don't know how I feel about this one, honestly. At 4.99, it's pretty damn pricey when you consider the fact that there's a cushion sponge that eats more than half the product. Seriously, the first time you use it, you will maybe, maybe, MAYBE get a quarter of the actual product onto your lips and that's not cute. The first review I saw on this had a comment (and that's not the review I linked to, btw) that said it was meant to be more of a Korean beauty thing where you dab the color on and it's a faded/muted/whatever look instead of actually relying on the sponge/cushion to apply the product. Which makes sense, except the cushion is hard as a freakin' tennis ball and doesn't really work in that way. I tried to work it that way later after my first "um, I am not smart enough for this, clearly" try.
You might be wondering why I'd be conflicted considering nothing I've said thus far is at all complimentary. Well, that's where the actual product comes in. I kinda love it. The colors leave a little to be desired, but if you're going for the sheered out pink (which is all I managed to work my way up to because the full dose of that pink on me would be a bad thing) it's really, stupidly pretty. Also, it feels amazing when it's on and it lasts a decent amount of time when you don't glop it on. Like rub your lips together happily just to feel it over and over again kind of good.
So I cannot recommend buying this at full price but it's something I wouldn't say is awful at the end of the day. Just...strange?

Sally Hansen Color Therapy has been at the store for awhile and when I got around to looking at the reviews and found that link. And I promptly fell in love with the combo of Indiglow and Soothing Sapphire that as soon as we had a sale at work.
The polishes smell kinda weird but not bad. Just weird, so I assume that's the argan oil but who knows? Neither shade stained but I did use a basecoat because I don't trust blues to not stain like a mofo so there's that. Also, used a top coat even though this is supposed to be a one and done line, I think. Mixed results were had.
On my left hand where I painted two nails (the other three still sported my NYE WnW Rising Star polish which is still one of the most commented on colors, even all these years later) and remembered to cap the nail, they probably would have lasted another three/four days and had yet to chip at all. (My top coat of choice kind of shatters polish which I don't mind because I get a week out of it and then it just kinda pops off all at once. No remover required!) My right hand wasn't as pretty because, y'know, not left handed, and I didn't remember to cap the nails. Tip wear within 12 hours, chipping in 24, and basically nothing special aside from the color. I recreated the Indiglow/Soothing Sapphire combo and I've gotta say that while it didn't get as many compliments as Rising Star did, it did garner its fair share and was just stupidly pretty anytime I saw my nails at work. I was going to say in sunlight, but it rained and was overcast for most of last week so... enh.
I wouldn't spend 8.99 on these (work's price), but the 6.99 price tag I've seen elsewhere (and the sale price at work) isn't awful and the colors are prettifuls.

In case you wondered, the winter storm didn't do much to us this weekend other than bring some cold rain and then make puddles ice over in pretty star patterns. So not completely frozen, just enough to crunch satisfyingly when walking the dog. I'd complain about not getting snow but work's having an issue with people showing up as it is and I don't really want to have to call out anytime soon. *knocks on wood*
Also, tonight I have to leave a note about something I noticed last week. Work switched to PTO a few years ago so that they could screw their employees prevent people from getting their vacation in January, taking all their days, and then quit. So we accrue time off very, very slowly. Anyway, because I'd asked for last Tuesday off, been approved only to not actually have that appear on the schedule, I kept an eye on my time off hours. I should have printed it when I checked last Sunday or Monday but didn't because I'm lazy. Anyway, when I checked, I was at 24 hours and some minutes, I dunno how many. When I checked Tuesday night, I was down to 20 hours and five minutes. Ummmm... no? I mentioned it to my immediate supervisor and she'd never heard of anything happening like that but she also admitted that it's not like that means a whole lot for this particular issue and suggested I wait to see if it was possibly tied to the checks or just a system hiccup, and if it was still screwy, I could talk to them Thursday morning since I'd still be here when the people I'd have to talk to about it would be there. Makes sense. Only Thursday morning came and the morning minion level employees didn't bother to show up, either at all or on time. It didn't seem the time to ask anyone about anything and instead seemed smarter to run as soon as they said I could.
And the rest of the week basically progressed in the same way. This week my hours went up to 23, almost 24, but that's just the accrual from last week's work week so... I'm gonna have to leave a note asking if they can do anything or if I need to go ahead and email corporate. I guess this works out better because if something can be done on a store level, tomorrow is the day to do it since it's payroll or at least the day before and thus it'll be fresh in their minds. I have no idea what happened though, or what could have happened. I'd say maybe I imagined it but the week before I was at 21 hours and if you look back you can figure out my average accrual rate... so I don't remember where I was going with this other than I should've been at 24ish last week and I'd like my time and blergh.

I think the lack of noise from the upstairs means my laundry needs me and that means it's nap time. Maybe I'll finish the dream I was so rudely awakened from earlier.
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  Final T&S day... til we cross streams again and get Mae Whitman in their I Was A Fool video. (If you have been enjoying my random flailing, I Was A Fool has a lyric video to tide you over til then. *cough*

   Our last song is also the last song on the album. Shock To Your System is the oddball on the record (yes. I am old) in that it sounds very little like any of the other songs. It also sounds like a record closer. I like my last song on any given album to go big. So big you feel the need to crank the volume way up and have your own mini concert right there, wherever you happen to be. Go big or go home, kids. And they do. Oh, do they.

  The other reason I love Shock to Your System (and consider it to be one of the three best songs to sing along to) is the lyrical content. It's sung as if someone is both sympathizing with the fact that hey, life just kicked you in the kneecaps again but it's time to drag yourself back up to your feet and start moving forward. It won't be easy, it won't be fun at first, but you've got to do it. So you need to climb out of your funk and get on with your life.
   And if you should need someone there to keep you going, well... you've got someone. Even if that someone is simply the part of you that wants to move past this. The great part of this is that's actually what was intended. Woo!

You got a shock to your system
knocked your heart right out of sync

you're only meant to hurt once in awhile
who gave you reason?
you're only meant to cry once in awhile
who gave you reason?

you got a shock to your system
pull yourself out of it
I know that shock to your system
knocked your heart right out of sync

what you are
what you are
what you are
what you are is
l o n e l y

you must rely on love once in awhile
to give you reason
you must rely on me once in awhile
to give you reason

I wrote the song as if it's from the perspective of someone singing the song to me.
So maybe it's like me now giving advice to myself back then.


  It's rarely fun to realize you've been living a bit of a cliché and that you were only partially aware of it at the time. I suppose that since I've become aware of it I'll better be able to actually deal with it instead of pretending. Though lord knows I'm good at pretending...

  I noticed that right after my father died I was unable to really concentrate on reading much of anything at all. This was somehow not a big surprise and also a huge shock all at the same time. On the one hand, of course I couldn't just sit here and read through someone else's fictional problems or concentrate on anything all that long because my mind was otherwise preoccupied with not falling apart. One foot in front of the other, keep the momentum going because someone had to keep it together and with the boy drinking and Mom having lost her husband and Widget being a child, I elected myself. It's not like I didn't realize there was no law that said someone had to be holding it together, or even that if I did come apart at the seams that someone else wouldn't step up to the challenge.
   It just didn't seem likely nor did it seem right.

So the trade-off was that I couldn't really read much beyond a whole shitton of BSC and SVH books. It was unusual because I barely remember a time when I didn't read to feel better or just because I enjoy it. I really don't think I need to remind anyone here but just in case: I am a big ol' book nerd. I love them. The feel, the smell, the crisp pages of a new book and the softer pages of a well loved books. I don't mind margin writing though I don't really suggest it for library books nor do I engage in it, but I do like the peek behind the curtain of whomever last owned the book. Books. I sort them for fun.

Having them not bring me much of any solace was not something I would have expected prior to going through the past two years, but as it was happening it made sense. Fiction has a way of killing people without necessarily dealing with the fallout in ways that should be read by someone who can't afford to just randomly start sobbing at work. No big deal.

While I didn't disappear into the books of my childhood, I did keep them around and I read through quite a few, skipping some of the really obvious ones that I figured would trigger a crying jag that might not end.

I was aware of cutting this bit of my normal happiness out of my life as it happened, though it wasn't really a conscious decision.

What I didn't realize until yesterday (though it had been bubbling up for awhile) was that I'd also cut out music. I can't claim to be a huge music person in that I know anything beyond "I like this" and I'm not a die hard "music is life!" person, but I will admit that it adds something to life.
And I cut it right out without much of a thought. I mourned the inability to read through the pain but I didn't even notice that while my brother would crank up his music to room shaking levels, my own music collection was literally collecting dust and not much more. Maybe at first I was afraid to connect any other songs to a time in my life I didn't really need any further reminders of, but it soon spiraled into not listening to much of anything at all.
  At the risk of sounding incredibly dippy, the right song adds some color into your world. Sometimes in a more literal sense (some songs/voices have colors) and sometimes it's just something people say that makes sense even if I can't really articulate why. Without it, life becomes a blur of grey.

So. Yeah. I'd walked right into the cliché of someone's death sucking the color out of my life. And I let it happen so thoroughly that it didn't even really ping on my radar until something eventually rushed in to fill the void.

The last two years have been filled with other people's music more often than not. Mums would pick the radio station more often than not, especially at home, Widget raided his father's music collection in a sense, and the boy leaned on Billy Joel for damn near a year, probably because the ride home from the hospital featured one of his songs and the ride there had as well, I believe. But aside from a few Tori songs played in the shower, my side of the musical conversation has been pretty quiet.

Until now.

And that's why I've been so enthusiastically sharing Heartthrob. Not just to annoy you, though that might be an added bonus.

And unrelated but.. )
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I haven't much time, but I do have to wonder if it's the PMS or the fact that I'm kind of touchy or if this really is as WTF-worthy as I thought.

Phone rings at work. I answer as quickly as I can without being rude to the person I was helping. Is Store Manager. He asks how I am. I'm... fine. I realize in the three seconds it takes for my mouth to catch up with my brain that he seems to think I didn't go to work on Thursday because I was sick. Or "sick." Uh, no. I told both managers that it was because it was my parents' 38th anniversary, or it would have been, and I was worried about Mums. She was not all that together on Wednesday, but Kathleen needed the night off because she had a family emergency.

So then he says that's good, but that I'm down to what, two sick days, and I'm really cutting it close and I need to watch that.

Take a moment.



I scrambled like mad to get to work as often as possible when our truck died, repeatedly. I have called out sick exactly ONCE this year. Once. And it was because my father was in the hospital and the stress of that and the stress of dealing with other things as well as people who cough all over their money and then hand it to you, well... I was sick. One day. The rest of those days were because someone decided that the days I called out while Dad was merely in the hospital at the start of his stay? They should be used as sick days. Which is fine. I can see not using them as vacation days, although I would have thought that they'd have been "special" days first. Doesn't matter.

Aside from one sick day, every day of work I've missed this year has been due to my father being in the hospital or, I dunno, when he DIED. I took less than a week off when he originally went in. Sometimes I seriously kick myself for that one, but hey. Not clairvoyant, no matter how I joke.

So. No. I cannot believe you just verbally chewed me out over the days I've missed thus far this year. Any other year and I'd just be ticked because he was right. But this year?


If his immediate superior weren't an ethically challenged excuse for a man (there were frequently notes on his notes that his "suggestions" were dishonest at best, and a lawsuit waiting to happen at worst) I'd go over his head for that.

As it is, I'm trying to figure out how to politely say "the line. You crossed it."
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I have a million things I want to do, and probably should do, but sadly I am exhausted so they will have to wait. I'm hoping that I'll wake up sometime mid-afternoon and have time to work on my to-do list, but until then, have a mini-rant and some useless trivia. Huzzah!

  Work would have been pretty much perfect except that around 5:30 this morning, the guy who used to deliver our newspapers came by for the third time and he went off because the store was still closed. Dude, they were doing the floor. It takes time to dry. The first time we were outside because we couldn't get back in until one of the aisles dried. The second time the floor was still wet and the registers were down because hello, thunderstorm. Third time he just starts screaming what bullshit this is and he's directing his anger my way. And no one fucking said anything. Fuck you, floor cleaning dudes. But majorly fuck you, Syd Wilson, paper-douche. Really, you seemed to be under the impression that bitching at me with the fun words would somehow magically make it so that I would risk fucking up the floors just to sell you your cigarettes. Uh, no.

And had I thought about the fact that I could have probably reached them without needing to go behind the counter, I still wouldn't have because by this point I was ready to tell you to fuck off and never come back to the store when I was around.

Had you been nice and understanding, I would have called you back when I realized I could probably reach the cigs, or get someone who could, and then rung you up on a different register. But your screaming? Yeah. It rattled me. So the next time I see you, you'd better apologize. Or else I'm not ringing you up then, either.

Self: the next time you go looking for books Susan Wittig Albert wrote for Sweet Valley, just look here:
* Standing Out, Sweet Valley Twins #25, Bantam, 1989
* April Fool, Sweet Valley Twins #28, Bantam, 1989
* Princess Elizabeth, Sweet Valley Twins #30, Bantam, 1989
* Jessica On Stage, Sweet Valley Twins #32, Bantam, 1990
* Mary is Missing, Sweet Valley Twins #36, Bantam, 1990
* War Between the Twins, Sweet Valley Twins #37, Bantam, 1990
* The Twins Get Caught, Sweet Valley Twins #41, Bantam, 1990
* Elizabeth's First Kiss, Sweet Valley Twins #43, Bantam, 1990
* Mademoiselle Jessica, Sweet Valley Twins #46, Bantam, 1990
* Mandy Miller Fights Back, Sweet Valley Twins #48, Bantam, 1990
* The Twins' Little Sister, Sweet Valley Twins #49, Bantam, 1991
* Elizabeth the Impossible, Sweet Valley Twins #51, Bantam, 1991
* The Slime that Ate Sweet Valley, Sweet Valley Twins #53, Bantam, 1991
* Coco Crazy, Sweet Valley Twins #55, Bantam, 1991 (Actually: Brooke and her Rock Star Mom)
* Giovanna's Secret, Sweet Valley Twins #60, Bantam, 1991 (Ciao, Sweet Valley)

Some of those are pretty awesome. (Why yes. I am looking at you, Mary is Missing and Mandy Miller Fights Back) Now. If you'll excuse me, I have to go pass out as I attempt to finish Mourning Gloria.


Dec. 4th, 2010 02:46 pm
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Well, that was annoying. I decided to stop by the new Walgreens that's technically closer to my house than the one where I work. I was mostly there to see how different it is and to see if it was one of the Chosen Few to have Monster High dolls. (No.) Mom wanted the m&m's that were on sale, but I didn't have my little proof of employment card. I did, however, have my freakin' uniform shirt and I had to listen to people wax poetic about my store manager. I'm told to go to Cos, no mention of the dreaded ID coming up. I do, I wait. I wait. I wait some more because the Cos lady is helping someone else. I could make some catty remarks, but I don't think she was intentionally trying to screw my day up so I'll refrain. She pages the manager, he appears and walks right on by. He comes back and in the rudest voice I've EVER freakin' heard used towards me outside of family and exes, informs me that I have to have the little paycheck stub ID thing. He shows me his and then says without it I can't get my discount.

I was prepared for this because I've heard stories. Stories, man. Anyway, those stories end with you using the store in question's computer to log in (thus proving you're in the system and an employee!) and printing out the card right there in the store.

No. He walks off, does not offer this, and I'm just twitching. You're that fucking rude and then you leave your employee to pick up the pieces? REALLY? I briefly debate buying the stuff, full price, and just swapping it out at my store later. But I'm pissed at his attitude. It's not like the store was packed with people. And he didn't have to be an asshole. He could have said all this politely. He could have offered to call, or let me call, the store that I claimed to work at, and talk to my boss. You know, the one everyone is all, "We love him!" about?

But no.

So I put my stuff away after debating, for half a second, just leaving it and huffing off because of the rudeness, but then that would be rude. I put the stuff back where I found it (neatly, far moreso than it was to begin with, I might add) and I leave never to return willingly.

I debated putting in a complaint. On the one hand, rude. On the other, I really didn't feel like throwing that into the universe. Ultimately I decided that if I was mad enough to complain all the way up to the point where I had to put my name, I might as well go through with it. I wasn't nasty (since he should be reading it) but I made it clear that seriously, you do not treat people that way. Seriously. :P

To make my day suck less, the mailman brought me my Cyber Monday haul from AG.com No pictures because I'm lazy, but I have the Fashion Studio for Sam, the berry hoodie (which didn't even come in a bag. They just shoved that in the main box), the bag/shirt combo (they both say American Girl Place), and Ruthie's shoes. Yeah, I didn't go crazy. I did snag Molly's Skates and ear muffs yesterday, though, and a little something else from another store... which I'll share when they come in. (Though at least one of those things is a gift for someone else.)

The Fashion Studio comes with 40 or so pages of paper that's fairly thick. Most of it's patterned, especially in the same print as Samantha's clothing. You get a little stamper but no ink (Sam's little leaf symbol thing), a paper doll (photo, not a drawing, which makes the outfits look...strange in the photos), stencils to trace onto the patterned paper, and a little book that tells you a bit about fashion in Sam's time as well as advice on colors and design. Mom seems exceptionally taken with it. Me? I bought it because it was Sam and I was curious. The little book looks most interesting to me, but that doesn't mean I won't go for an outfit. Maybe. *shrug*

It also came with a catalog that had Kit & Ruthie on the cover, so Mums and I discussed the similarities between Molly/Ruthie/Samantha. I think that Molly and Ruthie would look awfully similar side by side, Mums thinks Sam and Ruthie would. My Sam and Ruthie don't because my Sam is old as dirt (comparatively speaking) but yeah. Then Mums shrieked in horror over many of Julie's things. She finds the Calico dress an eyesore and I find the jumpsuit to be too painful to look at. I shared the knowledge that the crazy calico dress looks infinitely better on Ivy who calms the crazy down. She did not seem thrilled at this, and I assured her that it wasn't likely to come visit my Ivy any time soon. She's got eyes on J's birthday dress and her roller skate outfit. Ivy will not be denied! Just... delayed a bit.

Oh, and my Target trip yielded partial presents for people, one of which was only a dollar. :D I wish I'd known sooner as I'd have picked up a couple more. I was too bored with the store at that point to willingly go back in again, especially once the toy section filled with people. They did have W1 Frankie and Draculaura though. I seriously considered buying Frankie, but decided that if hell froze and people took me literally when I said "ANY MH doll except Plush Clawdeen!" they might not appreciate me having bought myself the same thing they just did. :P (Technically I don't need or even really, truly want a third W1 Draculaura, but it's easier to have one exception to the rule. Which is why I have LAGOONA-ANY at the top of my official list. Yes. Lagoona.)

I'm sleepy now and my CD has burned so I'll toddle off to bed. Be good or good at being bad?
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Explain to me again why I never turned this into an icon before? Cuz... yeah.

Today brought two special people to the store. One was obviously out of her mind moreso than usual. This woman does not understand that she's not allowed to pick out her own cigarettes and frankly, I stopped trying to explain this to her. Last night she comes around and I'm in the way and she just keeps coming and then she starts... babbling. And it takes me a full minute to realize she's attempting to cheer me up. o_O Dude, I'm trying to drink my soda. I'm good, not ready to cry or anything. Coworker fusses at the lady when it becomes beyond weird and the lady doesn't get that a) not allowed behind counter, b) I'm good, no crying or sadness. Not even tired at this point. So she blows me kisses.


Then, right before she walks through the door, she turns around and shoots my coworker the Stink Eye, only coworker wasn't paying attention, so it nailed me instead. :P

Later, this guy comes in and I ask if he needs help. He wants a gift card for a wedding present to a relative of his and what might be a good idea? He has no idea what they'd like, so I suggest one of the pre-paid visa/am ex cards. These things aren't new, right? So I didn't think I had to remind him that those have activation fees.

Only he notices AFTER he pays. Then, when he fills out the wedding card, he gets to figuring that the fee percentage is crazy. It is, I agree. But it's the price you pay for not giving cash or a different card or something. You'd pay tax on that $25 gift, right? So... essentially you're paying tax on the card. Should have put it to him that way. Whatever. He asks if he can return the card.

No, sir, the signs clearly state you can't. He's all, "What signs? There should be signs telling you about the fees. You, young lady, should mention this to people the next time someone buys one of these cards."

I get a mini freakin' riot act at 3am because this guy waited until the last minute and then ignored the numerous signs that told him "fees apply" and "no refunds/exchanges on gift cards."

Damn near stabbed him with a pen.
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I am annoyed. And hungry. But annoyed mostly. Apparently the dress code at work is changing. Effective Monday. I heard about it? Today. Um, no. You don't get to make changes like that and give less than a week's notice. So, so sorry. I'll continue to wear my brown pants until I find a pair of black ones that I like and that fit. I like these, so the moment I find them in black? We're good. Until then?

Screw you, corporate.
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Banned and banished or something )

In Pullip Fab news, I managed to get 21/29 correct. I'm particularly sad about the ones I got wrong [in that I said yes, and they said no], so I demand that they do tell alls of the bitchiness backstage. You can't have that many Pullips around without a little drama. ;)

Work was rude. I went to take my break with a bag of drinks I thought I'd try over the rest of the week. [bad, bad idea. BAD.] I get to the breakroom and go to reach for my boxes of cereal and they aren't there. In fact, a lot of stuff isn't there. There's a huge note on the fridge that says anything that doesn't have a receipt or management approval will be thrown out, clean up after yourselves, blah, blah, blah. Will be thrown out, not... was. You're supposed to give me warning, damn it. So I had to go back out, slice into my break time, and spend another $6 buying stuff I'd already bought before, because someone didn't look hard enough for the receipt in my bag, damn it! I was so not happy, I could have killed someone. I'm mostly over it now, as they've always said must have receipt or sticker or it could die a horrible death, but still... No fun. :( And I just bought them the other day.

If you're local and want a job, Cass got herself hired as manager at the Calender Club in Northwoods. Her only requirement is that you not be this crazy girl she knows and doesn't like. I figure this means it's fair game.

Kay, I'm off to dork out elsewhere.
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Almost 5am, I'm waiting around at the front of the store for the pharmacist to come by so I can ring his stuff up. Kathleen's walking out the door and someone else walks in. The next thing I know, there's this guy standing right next to me, mumbling something I still can't figure out. I turn to ask what he said and then the world freezes. Complete silence in my head other than the cartoon me [people are cartoons in my head, myself included] screaming bloody blue murder. Dude is twitchier than twitchy has a right to be, and in his left pocket, he has a gun of some sort. He makes with the, "move, or I'll shoot you" type threats. It doesn't take a genius to figure out he wants zee money. Only problem is, you can't just ask, "oi, you want the safe or just the register?" Luckily, no such translation needed. We're headed to the office. Ten steps later, we cross paths with the pharmacist. I should point out that GWG [guy with gun] is thoughtfully letting me walk just enough ahead that I'm not sure where exactly he is. GWG says to pharmacist, "Alright, you too. Come on." To which pharmacist doesn't seem to hear him because GWG really needs to work on enunciating, okay? Seriously, if you're going to rob someone or a store, however you want to look at it, you should speak clearly so they don't waste precious seconds wondering what the fuck you just said. However, it's not like they give you a comment sheet after the robbery so they can work on their skills. Pity.

We were at the pharmacy crossing. GWG gets a little agitated and I can't help but say, "James," in this very un-me sort of voice. If you subscribe to the theory that with one word you can actually say so much more, that would be, "Please don't annoy the guy with a gun and get us all killed, please?" If not, well, that's all I could say because if I left my mouth open any longer, I started swearing. This became obvious a minute later when we got to the door to the various employee only rooms. I punch in the code, mind still screaming "ohshitohshitohshit!" and go to open it. The damn thing won't open. This pisses GWG off who begins to pick up the threats of violence. In fact, this is the ONLY time I can fully understand what he's saying. Basically, open the fucking door before I fucking shoot you all and kick the door down myself. Right, cuz you're so big and bad, my shorter than me little wimp. I mean, really. Anyway, I get the door to open and we all push through and he's back to mumbling and it's like he's sure that either James or I could open the safe, which we totally can't. Fortunately [?] management saw the whole effing thing through the office window. So he got to say the phrase I've always wanted to say on the phone. "Gotta go, we're being robbed." Not that I was there for that, but whatever. He'd opened the safe and GWG pretty much kneels next to him and starts grabbing for the money. He declines the offer of a bag [so rude] and when he's disappointed by his loot, management asks, "Do you want quarters?" Totally not being a smart ass for once, but about that time my brain stopped screaming. GWG scoops up the money he's carelessly let slip to the floor and then runs like hell. Which is still STUPID because the next door is like, half a second away and CLOSED. It's not like it opens outward either, so you've pretty much run into a wall. Or a door, I suppose. I gather he wasn't thinking that far, as after he opened the door he sent the chip display crashing to the ground. Not that I knew this at the time, I just heard a crash. So I'm freaking out still, as the panic button is being pressed and then Management goes to peek out the door to see if GWG is gone and if they can see Kathleen. While he's doing that, James and I both call 911. [dead cells are good for that, at least.]

Now here's the problem. Given how long it took for the cops to show up, it boggles the mind. Seriously. Watch, you'll see.

After enough time has passed for James to give an extremely detailed description of GWG as well as the night's events, we're told the cops are at the door. We all file out of the office, which is when I notice the chip display. Why? Because one has to climb over it to get out. I also notice the salsa on the floor and for a fraction of a second my brain didn't understand that it was salsa. Everyone goes outside, touching nothing, and each of us is looking for Kathleen. She's nowhere to be found. We're outside and the bathroom and breakroom have been checked. No sign. Not in her car. Where is she? It's really dark outside still, and I'm starting to panic, but it's not like I can be obvious in the panic. That'd ruin the cool. *snort* Anyway, I point out that sometimes she goes to the gas station across the street. So a cop runs over and when she comes out of the store, I think, "Thank you, God." Or whichever deity was passing through at that moment.

Now, here's the part where I cannot understand WTF. Kathleen realized what was happening and ran across the street to the gas station and had them call 911. So, considering that would have been DURING the robbery, why the HELL did it take so long for them to get there?

Perhaps I'm cranky because we spent the next three hours outside. I was fingerprinted shortly before 8am, and I was supposed to have gotten off work at 6am.

Oh, and upon reaching the office, I couldn't help but repeatedly say, "Shitshitshitshitshit!" Um, in case he missed the part where we were being robbed by a twitchy sort, or possibly because you try being followed by someone who keeps threatening to shoot you. It's just not something that sits well with me.

Need a new job. Don't know what I want other than to not be held up. Which is helpful as it rules out more time spent in gas stations, banks, and chech cashing sorts of places. As a matter of not going there, we'll also rule out grocery stores, anywhere in the godforsaken mall, and yeah, that's about when my head explodes. Honestly, if I could wrap my head around the cult of Verizon, I'd totally give it a shot. But anywhere that requires you to schedule your sick days in advance? No. Just... no.

That was my Friday. We had a moment Saturday where this guy kept trying to get me to stand near him and I just wouldn't. It's possible he didn't believe I could read what he was pointing out, but he was crowding my personal space and was just off, if only in my head. Later that morning, this cute, but unconventionally so, but I'm pretty sure other people would back me up on the cuteness factor and possibly up it to hot, asked for my phone number after flirting with me. [I didn't recognize it as flirting as such until the number bit] Total ego boost, although for some reason, he found it funny that I politely declined [gimme a reason here, Ryan] and ended with, "Thank you though." Dude, it should be obvious, big dork am I.

But I'm still twitchier than I would like to be. Could it be my days off yet? Please? I'm in need of fluff. And milkshakes. That's the cure, right there.

To round this out, a little bit of trivia: When grabbing your hoodie from the box it's been lying in for the last month, the moment you realize there shouldn't be a scratchy place because it doesn't have a tag? Disgusting! Scratchy surface was *twitches* a palmetto bug. It's bad enough to see them, let alone touch them. With your hand. EW.

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...I'm going to say this and know already that the answer is no, but Christ on a stick, I feel the need to say it anyway.

Dude, am I the only person who, before dropping more than $60 on something, researches it to make sure I know what the hell I'm getting? I will never understand the beyond-newbie questions/thoughts/comments from people who seem to just randomly throw their money to the wind, get a Pullip and are then super shocked when it's exactly what they'd been told it would be...if they'd friggin' bothered to read anything about their newest dolly desire. Sure, there are some questions I might roll my eyes a bit over, but realize that hearing about something is totally different from seeing/feeling. On the other hand, ohmysweetbabyboywholived. Research, people! It's not that hard to find out what kind of body your baby-love will have. The problems with Venus are well documented. [As are staining issues with most of the dolls in black, the first neck-snappers, and some other issues I'm sure exist that my brain is glossing over right now].

It's enough to hurt my cute little head.

Honestly, I want to have enough money that I can buy a new shiny without looking up a damn thing on it.

Speaking of which, I got my next two pinkys yesterday. :D pictures may follow.

[work] With Mr. Bitches gone, we had our first substitute manager begin his week of torment. Fabulous night, actually. I was done with my work by break time. Well before break, actually, so I finished other people's work and then sliced into the boxes of batteries. But somehow no one told the newish guy that one of us leaves at 6. So when exactly he thought I'd be able to take back all the crap he told me to, I dunno. He was ever so confused when I had him paged to the front so I could leave with my bag of stuff. He asked where I was going, and I thought he was kidding. Then I told him home. You know... home. Night shift works 8 hours, man. I was damn near half an hour late leaving because of his request of doom. They don't pay me enough to work 10 hour days. No way.

My ankles hurt and I think a spider bit my left arm while I was sleeping.

Woe is me.

Oh, but I think hell officially froze over. At work we normally get sad love songs or somebody-done-me-wrong songs mixed in with "baby, i'm gonna love you til you can't be loved no more" songs that make me cringe. Usually from the 70's and 80's. Last night? Most of it was semi recent. They played Everclear! I nearly died of joy right then.
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  Chore boy, tire gauges, and death threats. Why wouldn't I want to work at Walgreens?

See, Mr. Crackhead came back into the store and apparently this is what happened. Kathleen was upfront, Mad Madam H was in pharmacy with a customer, and Felicity & I were on the Christmas aisle. Seems he stood there and Kathleen came to ask us where H was. We told her and she went up front to page her. I wandered to see why and saw Crackhead. I motioned for Felicity to come see and when a couple of minutes passed with no H, I went back to pharmacy to get her [he's not supposed to be in the store since Kathleen friggin' grabbed him and he spent a month in jail for cig stealing and other fun things] and she hurried upfront. Where he was still just standing there. He sees H and turns to Kathleen and barks, "Why'd you have to go and call her?" Over and over as H tells him to get out or she's calling the cops. He's pissed by now and he walks out the door and H tells Kathleen to call the cops. Kathleen stands there and then turns away from the phone and seems to start going back to what she was doing despite the fact that Crackhead is seething mad and outside and yelling at her. H realizes this and goes around to call them herself. As she's doing this and I'm thinking, "Great, give him a bigger headstart" he knocks the display outside over. It hits a customer who was going outside at the time and she yells at him and he's still yelling.

The police eventually appear, but by the time they do, the gas station across the street [for those paying attention in near stalker-levels, it was the one to the left, not across the highway] was swarming with cars and it was chaos. So the cop walks across the street and people flee like the place is on fire. Fab. He comes back over and another cop pulls up and they ask what happened. The story is told. A third cop arrives and again the story is told.

They go off to the woods to see if Crackhead is there. While we wait outside, I'm told how exactly to fashion a crackpipe from ordinary store items. ...From the customer who once spent thirty minutes shrieking "Cunt!" about one of the pharmacy managers.

Go on. Be jealous.

Yes, they caught him. Wheeee, fun.
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... The boss who makes the schedule is an idiot. Idiot! Insert the various other ways I know to say this -here-. We had the "sign up for your holiday of choice" sheets for a couple of weeks. There were two days up there. Just two. I immediately caved for Christmas and Kathleen took Thanksgiving. Guess who is definitely working Thanksgiving? Me? You are so smart. Cookie for you. This wouldn't bug me so much if it weren't so freakin' obvious he just copied every other third shift schedule. How do I figure? Cuz Kathleen is off on thanksgiving as it's one of her normal days off. Fab. This better mean I get the same goodness passed along when Christmas and New Years roll around, otherwise I swear to God, I'm going to snap something fierce. It's not so much that I mind working Thanksgiving, although of the three big holidays, it's the one I actually made plans for. I do mind the sinking suspicion that I will end up getting screwed over next month when everyone forgets who worked what holiday and want their precious day of choice off.


My ankle hurts. I should probably stop cracking various joints, eh?

Almost done with Anansi Boys. This is both good and bad. Good because it means I'm speeding right through, a sure sign that a book does not suck massively. Bad because it means I'm almost out of book, and I don't think I have another book to read after this. ;_; The really vexing part is that there's a book I really, really want to read at work but I can't afford it til Friday. Uncool as there's no possible way for me to not finish AB before Friday morning.

Hrmm. Library account still owing money though no clue as to why they told Mumsy I had to pay at least 4.50 and then she did and then they said, "well, now she needs to pay..." I swear, when I take over the world there will be plenty of changes.

Speaking of changes and things that will probably not happen for quite some time:
- If I ever decide to switch any of the Pullips' bodies for another type/or a non funky one, please remind me to use Isa [ChinaChina] as her broken leg is vexing. Then she could share the non broken parts. It'd be great.

I had another reminder, but I went and forgot it. Woe.

I found the recipes for the various pies I'm thinking of making this year. I also bought the pie crusts for them, although upon closer inspection I realize why I only made the mile high pie once. I'm too lazy to make the brownie shell.

So very tired.
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Mr. Bitches is quitting. So is Henry. Both have their last days next week. This kinda sucks. I figured they'd both be gone before the end of the year, Henry first since he put in his two weeks notice two months ago. But with Mr. Bitches going away, that means they'll either hire another night manager or they'll go back to rotating mad madam h's off days between the day managers. Which might not be so bad except at least one of those managers has proven time and time again he sucks as a manager. Sucks.


My mouth feels funny.

Been watching a ton of Gilmore Girls lately. I think I've got two, maybe three episodes left until I'm all caught up with the current season. And I can safely say that I'm fabulous? )

I need to do something with my hair. It's shiny and pretty, but the bangs have grown out too much to consider them bangs. So do I cut them or let them grow out further? *muse*
Is it wrong that when asked how many books I read a week, my answer disappointed me? [the answer is 4]
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In case you'd been neglecting me lately, you might not have noticed the almost nightly update on the Pharmacy Bandit [hee!] ... Yeah, well, today you should pay attention. Because I didn't, and guess who paid for that with her break? Yeaaaaah.

So, a little after 2am, the asshole hit. Thing is, no one fucking saw him enter the store. I wish I'd told our pharmacist that I'd be a couple of aisles away so she'd have known if she yelped or said something loudly, I'd hear. I'm not sure it would have done any good, but since she knew it was him before he slid her the note of DOOM... it might have. Sigh. Anyway. Pharmacy got robbed, but the tech followed him in her car a little bit, enough to get the kind of car and the license plate number.

Only I didn't know any of this crap was happening until one of the cops walked by and called out very softly and had me leave the store. At which point I was kind of "ohmygod,whatthehellisgoingon"-ish. And then I grabbed the first employee I saw and asked, because on Fridays, it could have been anything. Nope. He hit.

For today's serving of "Fuuuuuuucccccckity fuck!" He was the same guy as the night before, who was pulled over the night before after Mad Madam H shared the plate number, only they couldn't keep him for anything. But don't you worry, his sorry ass came back and sneaky like a ninja and all that, robbed the place. Argh.

Today's side order of irony is as follows: I spent the first hour or so at work on the computer, watching a stupid little video and taking a test on... What To Do If Your Store Is Robbed. ... D'oh! Oddly enough, they never did mention what to do if the pharmacy is robbed.

What they don't tell you is that it'll take 5 hours for the cops to do whatever they do, and you won't get your break, but the person who came in at 10 will get to leave early and you STILL won't get your break, and then you'll listen as this person tells you that even though one boss mistakenly gave them an extra day off and the second boss said that they'd need you on that day off, tee hee, they won't come in. So you'll be working alone, again! And you will resist the urge to beat up a 53 year old woman for managing to screw you six ways to Sunday every other week.

That was the night. Wow, bet you wish you were me, huh?


Jul. 6th, 2005 07:44 am
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Work. Drama! Only... not really. I get there and the three managers on duty are all crowded into the tiny hallway where the timeclock is. Thus making it a bitch to clock in. As I'm attempting to duck out, I'm given the lecture on the code to call if we're robbed and a reminder that you can, in theory, call 911 from any of our phones. o_O So I head out, take over for Jeffrey, and find out that a second Walgreens [I think] was robbed. Some dude actually robbed the one pharmacist I'd bet money could kick his crackhead ass. Balls of steel, man.

So, I spent the first few hours trying to get a description of the dude they were expecting to come back and rob us. You see, they think he was casing the joint [hee!] earlier. Hence the reminder about what to do when the store gets robbed.

Dude never came back. Woe.

I then marveled at Kathleen's ability to take more than an hour and a half to do nothing but sweep the floor. And I mean nothing. She didn't stop to chat, or pick things up, or anything. Just... swept the floor. I haven't the words...

I need to brush my hair.

Oh. Dido thoughts, but no pictures just yet. She's adorable. I'm leaning towards calling her Kate [mom said Katie and the immediate thought was, "fuck no." Luckily I didn't say that.] but I'm not sure. Anyway, the thing people don't tell you about her is that in that pretty shock of purple hair, there are blue strands. Tis most awesome. Also, if you look at her from one side, she seems to look at you out of the corner of her glittery eye. The other side, not so much. Love the soles of her boots. I could pet them all day long...

*yawn* Not so random craving for the Rob Thomas CD. Must. Resist.

edit new icon. Woo!


Apr. 30th, 2005 10:16 am
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Who told Kmart it could open at 9 instead of 8? Who gave this store permission to keep me from spending money on cat treats? I want their name and their job! Well. Not really. I would like for my feet to not hurt, if that could be arranged.

*yawn* Yesterday, in various parts of the world, four dolls were shipped out to me. Mini Anne, Mini Witch, Mercu and Jupi. Any bets on which duo gets here first? [anne & witch are skipping over from hong kong annnnd the cosmic cuties are beaming down from canaaaaadia]

Sigh. I have to work tonight, tomorrow, and Monday. This does not scream fun. No, no it does not.

Annnd before I go... Pullip of the day #3

there she goes )

I love magazines. [/random]


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