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Book ramble

Let's talk books, shall we? We shall. We'll start in the land o' kiddos, I guess. I re-read Tenney's books because they were on my Kindle and why the heck not. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned/mini-reviewed them here, so we'll do that now.
I liked Tenney's stories way more than I expected to. Truly, a country singer/songwriter at the ripe ol' age of like, 12 who gets a record deal is not really something that I would think appealing. But I was curious and since I knew I wasn't likely going to buy Tenney (ever) I'd have to read the books. They're definitely fluffy but they're fun. I thought they'd veer more into total wish fulfillment and they're remarkably grounded, all things considered. It's sort of like how all the Historical stories require you to accept that Kirsten's house burns down but there's a house right nearby they can buy so it' s not a problem, or that Rebecca wound up in a movie and got a rock thrown at her when speechifying... like, these aren't your every day things to happen, but they could. In theory.

While I'm not jumping at the idea of buying Tenney, I'm glad we're getting more books.

Onward. I found and read Addy's Journey book and that is essentially a love letter to one Addy Walker. Seriously. It was fun so I'm not complaining.

I finally accepted that I'm not going to get Gabby in the next... month or so (ha...likely longer. Woe) so I caved and bought her books for my Kindle. I enjoyed them but they (and Tenney) both played out one of my least favorite tropes: the bully who suddenly becomes your friend because you're nice to her. Ummmm... no? No, your average bully will not stop making your life hell, kids, if you are nice to them. Especially if you are nice to them when other people (their bullies?) have just kicked them when they are down. They will be out for blood and the moment you cross them, you will light up like the bullseye you are. I'm not saying that you should never be nice to people, even those who are awful to you but... I wouldn't be holding out on them being your bestest best friend in a matter of days, either.

I will say that Gabby's stories did seem to try and subvert this a little in that Gabby's bully obviously thought Gabby had been mean first. Like... it was painfully obvious this was where that storyline was going once we moved beyond "oh no, it's HER!" So her conversion I'll buy. Tenney's started out a little more believable than it progressed to by the end of book 3. I'd buy that Holliday (is that her name?) made friends with Jaya and that she made more of an effort to be nice to Tenney when Jaya asked her to and when she realized Tenney wasn't completely awful. I don't buy that she'd be ride or die for Tenners quite so quickly.

Annnnnnnnd then I caved and bought Z's first book. It was weird reading about someone 'playing' with AG dolls in an AG book. So very weird. Once the story veered off from that, I enjoyed it more but it was still very, very strange reading a book that had a character who made AG stop motion vids as her thing. o_O

Finally, I read Shadowed Souls which is a short story collection that defied all the odds and had every single story be good. Some were excellent, some were simply good, but not a one did I think, "Well, there's twenty minutes I'll never get back," or anything similar. In fact, I think the one story I had the most issues with was the Dresden story and that's because it's been so fucking long since I read a Dresden book that I'd forgotten what Molly was up to and also it read less like Molly and more like Dresden himself. Which isn't a bad thing when you're in need of a Harry Dresden fix but not so great when you know that Molly should have her own distinct voice.
Then again, Mums is less enamored of the other story (stories?) she's read in it so take my love with a grain of salt. That said, the paranormal books we enjoy don't always have major crossover with one another. We both thoroughly enjoyed Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series but I suffered through LKH's Anita and Merry books and she never did. Smart woman, though I maintain that Merry's first few books were worth the pain.

Annnnnnd now I think I'm going to go check on the cat and open my box. Nanea!

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