impy: Pretty Little Liars Emily holding a coffee mug, looking super sweet. (PLL: Emily Sweet)
impy ([personal profile] impy) wrote2017-09-01 09:31 am


I thought I'd post one of those hello, September things only I fell down the rabbit hole and eventually September lost all meaning as a word. It stopped looking remotely correct and now I've got a headache. o_O

On the flipside, I was dreading work last night and it was actually really good. I didn't have to count all the cigs by myself, though I did have to start as soon as I got to work. It didn't take too long (there was a break when the system went down, which is why I normally don't start when I first get in) and McLane was a little later than usual which meant I got to sit for a few minutes while G did the parking lot. And by the time I got home, my ankle hurt less than it did when I went in to work. Go figure.

Today the plumber is supposed to come and fix my shower. It started dripping/running Tuesday out of the blue and while I let our landlords know, they missed that part of the email and yesterday it went from dripping to full on running. I'm hoping to just sleep through the fixing.

Also, my brother is allegedly bringing the kittens (who are now totally cats) by this evening. We'll see a) if that happens and b) how that goes. They're supposed to stay in Widget's room though unless they're really, really chill I'm betting they'll find their way out into the house at large. I'm a bit worried as to what this will mean for my Halloween decorating but I'm more worried about how Angel will react. I'm hoping she treats them like she does the ducks, which is to say she ignores them completely. It's funny watching the one duck who has realized Angel just doesn't care try and convince the other ducks that so long as they stop freaking out she won't even notice them. The duck version of "be cool, man, be cool!" amuses me.

Bought a new bra last week and it arrived yesterday but I haven't tried it on yet. Not sure if I'm brave enough just yet.

I had something else to say that was less fluffy but I can't think of it now. Maybe I'll remember later?