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impy ([personal profile] impy) wrote2017-09-04 12:02 am

In which I am an idiot

Sooooooo... Saturday the power flickered just enough to make everything turn off and then on again. And this somehow triggered the computer into freaking out with the internet and I spent my day off dozing (I was tired, k?) and when I woke up I had to do battle with the computer. For hours I toiled, getting more and more frustrated. I even had to break out the ethernet cable that I'd finally, finally managed to coil up so it wouldn't kill anyone...

Yeah. I figured out the problem, eventually. I'm just not sure how it only became a problem Saturday. (Wrong password saved. Then why were you working the last however long?!)

I now have a headache that feels like it's just going to set up shop and live here forever. ;_; It's not being helped by the light overhead that is clearly in the process of dying as it's flickering like mad.

Onto more pleasant topics:

I braved Widget's room Sunday to check on the kittens. They shall forever be kittens to me, even though I would bet good money that Loki is bigger than Ozma. He definitely outweighs her. I still see them as kittens, even though I've seen them since then. DD was the first one to say hello and Loki didn't show up until I was pretty much ready to go. They swarm Widget, though, and that's kind of adorable. He's still being a butt, but he's not quite as much of one? I don't know how to describe it, but he's still very much in the "I has a pet and it needs me" phase. The fact that they actively like him probably helps a lot. (I went in again this evening to check on something and he had both of them draped across him and it was kinda adorable.)

Apparently Molly's books are being BeForever-ized next February. This likely means she'll be back like Felicity was/is and Addy and Sam are transitioning to now. Flagship stores get them actually in their cube case and anyone else needs to go online to get the doll/accessories/one outfit.

I'll admit, I'm curious as to how they'll change Molly. The general consensus seems to be that she'll get the non-pie bangs like Sam, but will she also get new eyebrows? Will she get lipstick ala Felicity? Will they tweak her glasses again? What about the outfit? Inquiring minds and all that.

That said, it'll be weird (not bad, just weird) having Molly and Nanea around at the same time. It also begs the question of what about Kirsten? Or the NOLA girls? Give me the option of cubed Marie Grace, AG! ... and that sounds disgusting but there you go. Oh, and I don't get people upset that Molly's Journey book is taking place at camp. I feel like Molly's regular books pretty much give you a really solid baseline for at home adventures and that the camp setting is probably the one with more choose your own adventure possibilities.

Oh, new mysteries for next year:
Nanea: The Legend of the Shark Goddess is killing me with the title. Killing me.

Kit: Menace at Mammoth Cave is another Kit mystery. This is what, lucky #7? I mean, Kit's probably the best fit for mysteries but her last couple have been kinda... meh? Plus poor Addy has been stalled out at 1 for years now. Of course, there's Charlie in this one soooo... I mean, I'll buy it.

Rebecca: The Showstopper is Rebecca's fifth mystery. I have been pretty meh at most (all?) of her previous mysteries so this is the one I'm least excited about. Everyone else is all "Why does Kit get another?" while I'm going, "Ugh. Rebecca." I wish Melody was getting another one or Kirsten or... I dunno. Sorry, Beckers. You're lovely but your mysteries do very little for me. But we do get Ana, so that's nice.

Huh. The room is spinning so maybe I was less regular tired and more coming down with something. Kay, back to bed, I think.

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