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impy ([personal profile] impy) wrote2017-09-05 11:40 am

Stress in advance, it's what I do

*eyes tropics* *eyes idiots in comment sections on weather reports* The next idiot who screams, "This is moving just like Hugo!" is gonna get smacked so damn hard their great-great-great grandkids will feel it.

No. No it isn't. Like... at all. Short of this thing making a massive shift super fast, it is nothing like that. NOTHING.

I'm kind of impressed with how a good chunk of the local weather guys aren't doing their usual We're all dooooooooomed, stay tuned! routine, though maybe that has more to do with the fact that parts of the country just went through hell and they've learned not to be complete asshats. Or maybe they're saving it for a couple of days from now.

But it's about a week out and every update is basically "dunno yet."

In other news, I need to get the address for the PBS book I need to send out on my way home from work tomorrow. Also, I'd like to feel better cuz I feel kinda off still and I don't know why.
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Yeah, I kiiiiiind of wish they'd figure out which way it was going, since, you know, that's important! I have no idea if it's going to hit here or not and we may not know for several days, I guess.
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Ugh, I know. I just want to know which way it's going. I already can't shut off my brain, which is planning which dolls and plush get to go along if we have to flee. Argh.
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It's pretty crazy to have 3 named hurricanes right in a row, at least two of which are promising utter devastation. I dunno of Jose poses a threat to land yet, but Irma is definitely very scary. That dreaded "cone of uncertainty" is there for a reason, though - I don't think anybody knows what's going to happen until it passes over a land mass. They should have a better idea at that point. You may get it, I may get it, or it might miss us all completely. I'm not too worried. I'm just glad its not moving fast...yet.