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impy ([personal profile] impy) wrote2017-09-06 10:24 am

Rain rain...

So the rain they kept forecasting for the last three days finally showed up. It brought a little storm with it. And by little, I mean the sky was pretty dark even when I got off work this morning and I worked til 8am. While waiting at the light, we saw lightning tell something to go to hell. If you told me that wasn't lightning so much as a staff held by a god/goddess, I'd believe it-it was that big.

Also the rain was so heavy that I couldn't see the truck in front of us and at first I just assumed he'd zoomed away. Nope, the first time we hit a light I realized he was still in front of us and not that far, either. The rain was just so heavy that we couldn't see his lights. o_O Good times.

Peeked at the Irma track when I got home and just peeked again and wow, that's a massive shift in just a few hours. Before it seemed to be going right up through Florida and now it's looking like it's shifting East enough to possibly ride the coast. No, storm. Keep going East. Do not come a gunnin' for me. But who the hell knows. It's interesting how little things changed for the first couple of days and now in a matter of three hours things have shifted dramatically. Not waking up for the midday update so we'll see where we are at dinner, I guess.

Did my quick Halloween flyby and saw this year's BBW house went up. I knew it was going to be expensive (I think it showed up in Canada first?) but oh, oh that price is insane.

7pm edit: I do not like this current track, so I'm gonna go sleep and see if it's any better when I wake up.