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My short day is even shorter because Mums overslept. Of course, it's possible that today's meeting with the various store managers/DM/corporate/whoever will wind up with the store closing since the weather people are adamantly pointing out that while we've moved out of the cone of dooooooooom, we're still pretty likely to get tropical storm levels of crap and uh, the city floods at the drop of a hat. To say nothing of the fact that I work on an island.

Won't lie, I want them to close tonight because I would very much like time to try and run around and do what I need to do around the house without having to worry about getting sleep before work. Guess we'll see.

This morning I rang up a fair number of people and it seemed split half and half on those who were staying and those who were going. A lot of the ones leaving were upset because they didn't feel they really needed to now OR the places they're running to are most decidedly in the cone of doom now. That's gotta suck.

4:50 edit: Work tonight, closed tomorrow and they're not sure when we'll re-open. Which makes sense- they got a lot of flack last year for people not being able to get their prescriptions before the storm so this year they're cutting it as close as they can. And they won't know about re-opening until they see what happens.