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impy ([personal profile] impy) wrote2017-09-09 07:11 pm

Note to self, update icons

Also, probably look into an icon package because yeah. Anyway, let's begin with the Irma update. Weather today, for what little I've been awake, has been quite nice. Sunny, breezy (a-duh) and other than the freakin' lovebugs being out in full force, it's been nice anytime I went outside. And I was out quite a bit right after I got up this afternoon/evening. Had to check on the various things outside our townhouse to see if anything needed to be put away. It doesn't really sound like that's much of a concern at this point however I like to be sure, y'know? Other than dragging the welcome mat inside or out on the back porch we seem to be good.

Work called this morning as I was trying to get Widget to take his damn pill and let me know that they'd changed their minds about closing indefinitely for the storm. We'll still be closed tonight (huzzah!) but open back up in the morning and work as usual come Tuesday for me. I don't think he heard me, but G ain't gonna be happy. The one employee I know is most likely to be affected by whatever we'll get is the one they're screwing. Guys, she lives downtown. It floods on normal high tide. Throw in the higher than average moon related tides and storm surge and yeah, no. Sigh.

Now I don't remember where else I was going with this. I have run myself off a tangent cliff. Oh no.

On the plus side, I'm awake for my night off. How often does that happen? And the freezer has a decent stock of strawberry daiquiris.

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