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I liiiiiiiiive

Remind me the next time a storm comes along and SCE&G is singing their praises about just how prepared they are for everything to laugh and laugh. Also, Comcast.

To be fair, the power here was back on relatively quickly. Not sure my brother isn't still without power though. But that's skipping ahead.

Where did I leave you yesterday? I believe it was mid-morning and the dog seemed to believe she needed to go outside every five seconds, even if it was just to stand in the rain while I shivered. Around eleven the power started to seriously flicker, so I turned the computer off and then naturally things stabilized. I turned on the tv and wound up falling down the Criminal Minds rabbit hole for an hour and was just about to start another when we got one of those annoyingly loud emergency weather bulletins. This one was for a tornado warning and guys, if I've never mentioned it before, let me say it now: tornadoes are on my short list of things that make me panicky. So I switched to the weather channel and it was doing... I dunno. I switched to Live5 because I guess I keep expecting the ghost of Charlie Hall to make them less weather porn and more reliable. Also, anyone else live in an area where one channel has basically had the same news anchors since their childhood? Just me? Okay then.

Anyway, for a good two minutes you couldn't hear or read anything because the freakin' warnings were drowning each other out. Helpful. Not. I woke Mums up because I'd rather she was awake already if things went to shit really quickly. And then I watched and wondered at the stupidity on display. This is a tangent so we'll put it here on its own:

They had a camera downtown on the Battery and Bill Walsh was making a huge deal about how unsafe the area was. Honestly, it kind of went without saying since you could see the waves coming up over the wall and splashing over into the street where a car was quickly being submerged. Naturally there were idiots out walking in the street or along the wall as the water raged. Our weatherman kept predicting the person walking along the Battery itself would be washed away and of course the guy was fine because of course he was. None of this is really worth mentioning except that BW kept getting upset because they'd had a crew out there but pulled them back because it was "too dangerous." He repeated this at least three times and so I assumed that the footage we were seeing was because someone had left a camera sort of like the ones they use for traffic or the Folly Pier or something.
Yeah, no. Eventually the crew they had out there comes on camera and starts 'reporting' when a rescue worker has to wade out into the street to rescue a couple of people who might or might not have been the dumbasses we'd just seen wading down the street. The only person who fell on their ass? The rescue worker. I turned the station when they started interviewing the dumbasses on the street while still trying to pretend that they cared about anyone's safety. Send. Those. Asses. Home. Or to a shelter if they're the ones who live in the homes shown (doubtful as uh, those places are pricey).

Tornado warning went away and I calmed down a bit and Mums and I watched for a bit longer and then the power started to flicker again. And went out. This was around 1:30, btw. I don't remember why I noticed this, but I did. I think it's because I went up to get my flashlight and my phone to call SCE&G and noticed the time then. *shrug*

The rain was coming down like crazy at this point. I peeked out the front door occasionally and you could see it coming down in sheets. The patio nextdoor was flooded and the parking lot was pretty much under an inch or so of water everywhere, though obviously more in the middle (where it dips) and at the end where the storm drains and things are. The street was underwater by this point due to the tides and rain. Mums and I looked at one of my magazines and then she fell asleep while I read Nanea's second book. (We'll talk about that at another time.) When I was done with that, I was really tired so when Mums stirred, I asked if she wanted me to leave my flashlight or take it with me. The inside of our place is pretty dark, especially on days when it's already really dark outside, so even with the backdoor shutters open, it was still really dark.

Took my flashlight and went upstairs, hopeful that maybe the power would be back soon. I dozed for about ten minutes when the dog let out her song of I must go out and I must go out NOWWWWWWWWWW. So I suited up and Mom hooked her up and out we went and immediately we were drenched. Like the dog was outside while I was still inside and she was immediately soaking wet. She actually seemed to be considering saying fuckit, I'm going back in but I guess the call of nature was too great for her. So out we went.

I'm not sure which is scarier- not being able to see what the wind and rain are doing but hearing things and fearing the worst, or being able to see the trees sway back and forth and actually see the gusts of wind as they try to knock you off your ass. Luckily I didn't really have time to dwell on this as the dog had other issues to deal with. Which we did. This is how I learned that the street was definitely completely under water, btw. As was the parking lot. She didn't seem to mind when I dragged her home, though if the wind hadn't been scaring me, I might've seriously considered grabbing the Dawn, sudsing her up, and letting the storm wash her. We were that soaked at that point and neither of us was thrilled.

Mums found me a towel and I found the dog one and we dried off. I tried to sleep but my room doesn't have a window: it has sliding glass doors. That show me the trees dancing. I... was not soothed by this sight. But I didn't want to close the drapes because it was my light source. Eventually I decided the cat would let me know if anything happened. This was around 4:30, I think. Tried to call SCE&G again but their line was busy. I snickered to myself and eventually I dozed only to wake up to cramps from hell. Yay. Went back to sleep and woke up again, but not sure what woke me. Then I realized it was the fact that we'd obviously had and lost power again. Also, it was quiet. No wind, no rain. Huh. So I got up and checked my phone which told me that hey, I'd missed a call. SCE&G had called to say hey, you have power. Guys, we had power for less than five minutes. I really don't even think it was that long.

Also, it was strange to realize in the two minutes it took me to check my phone, we went from minimal but still there light to pitch black. Creepy. This was around 8pm, for those playing along at home. Mums and I had dinner and I took the dog out and that's when I realized the universe was fucking with me. See, Mums had taken the dog out a few times during the day but every time she did, it was during a lull and either not raining at all or just drizzling. When I took the dog out, the wind and rain kicked back into gear. To be fair, it was just drizzling this time. But the dog was not interested in doing anything but standing and trying to get me to swim across the street so she could go to the pond. Uh, no. The power clicked back on while we were out and you could hear everyone celebrate, but when I looked back down at the dog I realized that things had gotten darker. It was a literal blink and it went out moment.

Dragged the dog back because the storm seemed to be kicking back up a notch. I think the power came back for good *knock on wood* around 9:30, so it wasn't out too long. Alas, my internet is still very much out. As is the tv.

Before going to sleep, Mums and I checked on the kittens and I called work to see if they were open. Turns out they don't just give the "sorry, we are closed" speech until you try and reach a department. Huh. Wonder if they were closed Sunday as well. Checked in with my brother who was without power and whose car apparently got hit by a tree limb. Fell asleep.

This morning, my walk showed me that the pond apparently rose til it was halfway to the street (so well over the usual banks) and a few smaller trees had fallen over. I'm about to go see if I can get a better look at whatever fell down to our left. Wish me luck.

Annnd we're back. Turns out that it was just a bunch of small and medium limbs and a slightly flattened (due to all the water, I presume) bush. So that's good. Wandered around back and was once more reminded why I hate going back there after it rains. The mud looks disgusting. Ick. Also, even if it doesn't rain for a week, it'll be wet back there for at least six more days.

Work is still playing the 'we're closed' message. Wonder if they actually are or if it's just the phone system is shot. Mums isn't being helpful with the voicemail password so no idea if work has left a message on the home phone. I hate that when I get an idea in my head, it'll bother me until I see it through. Now I'm all MUST CHECK MESSAGES NOW. I guess the dog and I have that in common. :P

Comcast is back, checked messages and not a peep from work who, at last check, is still playing the closed message. Peeked at FB and the news and it appears they 'closed' the bridges yesterday, shortly after we lost power. By closed I mean put them at threat level red or some such nonsense. Just... close the damn bridges like you used to. Without that, stores and shit stay open because, and I quote, "It's not like the bridges are closed." No one from work on my FB list has said anything one way or the other so I dunno what's going on.

Let's see. What else have I learned through my skip through the news? The Folly Boat (I'm sure I've shared the wonder that is the Folly Boat) was thought lost and then saved. There are a few reports of the 'rescue' I mentioned above. Yes, it was the same two jackasses on film earlier who had to be rescued. Asshats.