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Huh. Can't tell if my headache was a lack of caffeine one or if the meds kicked in. On the one hand, I should probably cut my soda intake. On the other, I have. I'm just not ready to cut it completely. :p

I don't really have anything to say so this is mostly just I'm not dead. I should probably hit the hay soon because they're doing work on the place next door and as near as I can tell, all the work seems to involve finding the place on the wall where my head is and then hammering there for four hours straight.

I think I promised to blather a bit about Nanea's books, didn't I? Well, I've read the non-Journey books for her now and I have a few thoughts.

I don't think I can handle the fandom if they're going to spend the entirety of forever comparing Molly and Nanea and finding Molly lacking because Nanea's story is more 'powerful.' I just... I will get my ass thrown out because I'm going to snap and say something incredibly offensive about anyone who dares to complain about anything while:
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Or I'll get kicked out for using that gif for EVERYTHING.

Molly is probably the most every girl of all AG's characters. She's not in a warzone, she's not perfect, she's not the nicest, kindest, sweetest, prettiest... hell, the one time she manages to get the big starring role, she gets sick and can't perform. She's not completely untouched by the war, but it is pretty far removed from her so she complains about turnips and things like that. Sort of like people complaining about Molly while... *points to gif*

So the next person who is remotely close to, "We could've had a story like Nanea's all this time and instead we got Molly? WTF?!" is going to find themselves in a sea of Legos without a shoe to be found.

None of that's spoilery. Just my rant that I wanted to get out of the way.

It's funny, though, because Nanea and Molly would probably get along fabulously. Nanea's got a petty, jealous streak in her that she works to overcome and so does Molly. It's just that she's going to get a free pass on it because y'know, she had the war come knocking in her backyard.

Of the two books, I think I preferred her first one but the second one isn't bad. As someone who will worry themselves sick over a thing that isn't even an issue, I get Nanea worrying about losing Mele (her dog) again. I like that Nanea also worries about her brother and that her books are kind of the inverse of Molly's. Molly's books and Dad is home, mostly safe and sound and her world is set to right once more. A little less so in the mysteries where we're reminded that war is heck, kiddos, but you get the idea. Nanea's books end with her brother enlisting and the knowledge that Nanea's world is now radically different for so, so many reasons. It's a nifty spot to leave off with the promise of more books, but a little less satisfying as an end to her core series proper. You could spin that as a realistic thing or you could just accept it for what it is. *shrug*

I am pretty surprised that the solution to Dixie's problem was not suggested by Nanea, as I cannot think of any other AG book that so loudly broadcast the fix and then didn't have our heroine figure it out. Can't figure out if this is a good thing or not because I legit thought that we'd get Nanea suggesting, "Hey, Dixie, I know what you could do!"

In sad news for my wallet, I will definitely have to buy Mele for Nanea simply because of what a big plot point Mele is for Nanea. It'd be like Felicity not having Penny... but worse, because Penny doesn't follow Felicity around everywhere.

I like Nanea. I think she's mostly a sweetheart. I like her family, though my favorite part was probably when Nanea and her siblings were by themselves during one of the drills. I like the family friendship between Lily's family and Nanea's, and even Donna's. It's nice to see a larger, non-blood related kind of family bond.
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I haven't gotten very far, as she just arrived yesterday, but I love the talking story aspect. That's amazing. What I haven't liked so far is how she ran off after messing up Auntie Rose's floor. Like, what is she, six? That just seemed a stupidly childish reaction that was so OOC.

I don't think Nanea should be used to hate on poor Molly, but what irked me when we first learned about her were the people that thought since Molly existed, we didn't need "another WWII girl," as if Molly represented everyone. Um, no. Nanea's stories are very important, but I can see why AG eased into things with the three girls they chose and then Felicity. They're easier. They don't require an advisory board and almost 2 years of work like Nanea. They're fairly well-known American time periods involving mostly white people, so it didn't take years of work to come up with something that wasn't glaringly racist. Start easy, get enough success to earn the time to tackle the harder ones. Logical!