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The last part of the June release and ramblings

 photo FCP23_Travel_in_Style_Dress_1_zpshootof7n.jpg
Travel in Style Dress // $28
Item #FCP23
 photo FCP23_Travel_in_Style_Dress_2_zpszckrjdn8.jpg photo FCP23_Travel_in_Style_Dress_3_zpsovg4guz6.jpg
This adorable travel outfit is just right for exploring the city and seeing the sights! The trench-style belted dress features a functioning placket and shoulder-tab details. Her ballet shoes feature contrast toe caps and bows, and a printed headband completes her look.

  AG's theme for this release is travel, btw. That'll come more into play with the accessories/playsets, but this outfit is part of it. But when I look at it, all I hear is, "Did you like Grace's coat but thought that it would make an awesome dress if you chopped off the sleeves? Well have we got an outfit for you!" This isn't a new critique as it's been mentioned each time some variation of the dress appeared on the grey market. I'm glad the final color was purple and not the weird pink that kept popping up and should I ever buy it, it'll be because purple... and I did like Grace's coat.

 photo FCP37_Travel_Style_Accessories_1_zpsdhfiyn6f.jpg
Travel in Style Accessories // $28
Item #FCP37
 photo FCP37_Travel_Style_Accessories_2_zpskjfm8aas.jpg
When adventure calls, she'll be ready! This set includes basic necessities that every traveler needs before embarking for their next exciting destination:
A plush travel pillow to support her neck for a nap
A mini American Girl magazine
A pretend camera with a reversible neckstrap
A pretend passport, plane ticket, and train ticket
A pretend banana
Doll-sized sunglasses
A travel case with a zip closure

  Pardon me while I take a moment to adore the picture of not!Emily showing all the stuff off. Really, it's one of AG's better non-catalog shots.
Anyway, I'm cackling over here because one of the things Mums brought back from her trip to VA was a banana. Just random and amusing me, really. This isn't a bad set, and it's got enough stuff that isn't something you could just print and make yourself (ahem, AG magazine/tickets) to make it seem like you're getting more than you really are. It's cute and who doesn't love a doll camera?

 photo FCP21_Travel_Style_Luggage_1_zpsgqpaxdjg.jpg
Travel in Style Luggage // $36
 photo FCP21_Travel_Style_Luggage_2_zpscn5h13ei.jpg
After packing her favorite outfits, she's ready to roll! Her suitcase features easy-rolling wheels, clasp closures, and an extendable handle. A luggage tag allows her to make it personal with a pretty gold-foil sticker. Her two-strap tote bag can carry more travel essentials.

  Did I ever buy Grace's luggage? Eh, I don't remember. If I did, I have no need for this, and if I didn't, I probably still have no need for this. The colors clash (red and that shade of blue have no business mixing, even with gold trying to keep them apart) and honestly, I'm good. I don't begrudge the idea of the set, even if it's just Grace's suitcase in a different color but it's not for me.

 photo FKM88_American_Girl_Grand_Hotel_1_zps39cq62sb.jpg
Grand Hotel // $275
Item# FKM88
 photo FKM88_American_Girl_Grand_Hotel_2_zpstowmzkfa.jpg photo FKM88_American_Girl_Grand_Hotel_3_zpswf3qsb2x.jpg photo FKM88_American_Girl_Grand_Hotel_5_zps5lzvhfzn.jpg
This doll-sized hotel offers two-sided play, and it folds up for easy storage. Comes with all the things you'd find in a real hotel room: ice bucket, mini fridge, hair dryer, and lots more! Featuring more than 50 pieces, this set includes:

A wooden hotel-room scene with windows, a vanity, and a working lamp on one side, and a luxurious hotel-lobby scene on the other
A bed with a mattress, comforter, bolster pillow, two ruffled pillows, and a throw pillow with the American Girl logo
A table and pretend phone
A pretend crystal vase that holds a bouquet of pretend daisies
A movable dresser that transforms into a lobby check-in desk
A "do not disturb" sign
Two pink towels with star embroidery
A pretend hairdryer that fits into a holder on the vanity
Reversible posters and window inserts
A cushioned bench
A welcome basket with pretend chocolates
A toiletry box with faux soap, shampoo, cotton swabs, and a nail file
An ice bucket and tongs, a water glass, and two pretend bottles of water
A guest directory folder, a note pad and pen, and a service bell

   Warning, video on autoplay if you click the link. This is one of those pieces where I'm torn between thinking it's pretty awesome, if one ignores the price, and feeling a disconnect between the AG I remember as both a kid and not all that long ago (well, ten years) and the AG of today. I'm not normally the type to be all "Mattel, why you ruin everything?!" when it comes to AG because I don't think it's true and also it's obnoxious. However, I do vividly remember when you'd look at AG stuff and it wasn't primarily plastic. And everything about this is not only plastic, but the kind that screams, "Look at me, I'm plastic!"
  Which makes sense, given that you're basically transforming the playset back and forth and I don't think they could do that trick as easily with non-plastic. Soooooo... I get it and I get that if they could and they did use other materials the price tag that's already pretty pricey would be doubled but still.
Huh. I went back to look at a thread on PT and apparently there's more wood going on here than it appears... and also the blasted thing has broken on at least one person, if not more. That's... sigh. More than one person, who isn't one of the "Mattel ruined everything!" types, has expressed concern for the construction of this thing.
Mostly, this is making me wish I'd known I could've gotten Caroline's Parlor when it went on super clearance. But it's also giving me hope that one day AG will make something similar.

 photo FCP22_AG_Grand_Hotel_Luggage_Cart_2_zpsvfxwtydx.jpg
Grand Hotel Luggage Cart // $50
Item# FCP22
 photo FCP22_AG_Grand_Hotel_Luggage_Cart_1_zpss6u8qvef.jpg
Upon arrival at the hotel, an adorable furry bellhop with a fancy cart is ready to assist guests to their room. The cart features easy-rolling wheels, a hanging bar that swivels, an American Girl shopping bag, a garment bag, and helpful Coconut wearing a charming red hat and jacket.

  Lest you think AG has stopped pricing things with complete disregard for reality, let me show you the Luggage cart. This thing is pictured in the shots of the actual hotel but it's a separate entity. That's kinda messed up, AG. Also, Coconut there looks a little deranged which means I have a mighty need but I will not be spending $50 on a little dog in a bellhop costume.

 photo FCP36_AG_Grand_Hotel_Room_Service_1_zpsjjdreewn.jpg
Grand Hotel Room Service Set // $34
Item# FCP36
One of the best things about staying at a hotel is ordering room service, and this set has everything a hungry hotel guest will need for breakfast! It includes:
A golden tray with hinged legs that fold up and a cloth to line the tray
Mini pretend salt-and-pepper shakers
A two-sided room service menu card
A vase with two fabric flowers
A chrome platter and lid to hold the pretend food: a cinnamon roll, a clump of mixed berries and fruit, and bacon
A pretend glass of orange juice
A plate, a metal fork and knife, and a napkin

  And now a moment for me to just be completely nitpicky. There are three shades of gold that tend to get used in Mattel's plastic world and I have a very serious preference. There's the gold that's really just flippin' yellow and not even trying. I loathe that one the most. There's this gold where it just looks old and dirty. I'm not a fan. And then there's the gold metallic stuff that's probably brittle as hell but at least looks flippin' gold and leaves no doubt as to what color they were shooting for. That's my favorite.
   So right off the bat, the Grand Hotel's theme of dirty gold isn't thrilling me. But I like everything else about this set. Literally, everything else. And you'll notice they did the chrome silver so it's a thing they can do, dammit. I will keep an eye on this and should it go on sale or I have a rewards cert. to use, this is likely to come home unless reviews are awful. Mmm. Bacon.

Let's see, that takes us to the new Mix n Match collection.

 photo FDW96_Print_Corduroy_Dress_Dolls_1_zpsxycwmdla.jpg
Print Corduroy Dress // $14
 photo FDW96_Print_Corduroy_Dress_Dolls_2_zpsbn5b5von.jpg photo FDW96_Print_Corduroy_Dress_Dolls_3_zps6snanhvn.jpg photo FDW96_Print_Corduroy_Dress_Dolls_4_zpscrbf5pnz.jpg
Her doll will be pretty as a picture in this cheery corduroy dress, which has a bold pattern, full skirt, and coral piping on the neckline and pockets. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  You ever see something that bores you so completely that you actually start to fall asleep? That is what this dress does to me. Every single time I've gotten to this part of the review process, my eyelids start to droop and I have to walk away. It's what's taken me so long. Well, that and my ankle, but still. This thing is just... meh. I do like that the pockets are at least partially functional. (Not sure how deep they are but pockets that work at all are something to be celebrated!)

They're shown with:
 photo FDX01_Ankle_Boots_1_zpsemswjbql.jpg
Ankle Boots // $14
Item# FDX01
Add a touch of boho style to her doll's look with these slouchy boots—they go with just about anything!

  AKA: Totally Not Grace's Meet Boots! I've got two pairs of those. I'm good, AG.

 photo FDW98_Mixed_Knit_Sweater_1_zpsaogelveu.jpg
Mixed Knit Sweater // $14
Item# FDW98
 photo FDW95_Tights_and_Leggings_Set_3_zpsuxlvjggj.jpg photo FDW98_Mixed_Knit_Sweater_3_zpsyipc4xao.jpg
Her doll can be chic and comfy—this scoop-neck sweater is knit with multicolored yarn and has a high-low hem. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  You keep saying mix and match, AG, but I'm not really sure you get what that means. Anyway, how much I'll like this one depends entirely on how soft it is. The mix and match line should be free shipping. Why, AG, Why. (Also, I don't really like how they have this paired with those leggings. Ick.

 photo FDW95_Tights_and_Leggings_Set_1_zpshc4cl7bd.jpg
Tights and Leggings Set // $12
Item# FDW95
These essentials are perfect for layering. Includes lavender ribbed-knit tights, and denim-look jersey leggings. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  I like the tights, I think the leggings are bleh at best. I feel like this is how my critique of these sets usually goes. I am not a leggings fan, at least not the jeggings that will not die.

 photo FDX00_Teal_Moccasins_1_zps75eqts7k.jpg
Teal Moccasins // $14
Item# FDX00
They're the perfect shoes to add style to any outfit. These teal moccasins, trimmed with contrasting satin bows, are comfy and cute.

  Sooooooo... Tenney's bedslippers? I shouldn't mock, AG's frequently got moccasins as one of their extra shoe choices. Still, when both your additional shoe choices are from pretty recent dolls, there's room for mockery. :p

 photo FDW93_Print_Tank_Top_Doll_1_zpsa4jiw4co.jpg
Print Tank Top // $10
 photo FDW99_Tweed_Shorts_2_zpsozfd6yss.jpg photo 06BUN104_Print_Tank_Purple_Skirt_Tights_Leggings_Ankle_Boots_Dolls_FDW93_FDW92_FDW95_FDX01_2_zpspatjfkcy.jpg
This tank top has an allover floral print and pretty detailing on the neckline and hem. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  This is something I'll likely throw in to reach a free shipping tier or if I need to use a rewards cert and won't want to spend anything more than said certificate. It's cute enough and I think I have things to work with it now.

 photo FDW92_Purple_Skirt_Dolls_1_zpsojkgqxq2.jpg
Purple Skirt // $10
 photo 06BUN104_Print_Tank_Purple_Skirt_Tights_Leggings_Ankle_Boots_Dolls_FDW93_FDW92_FDW95_FDX01_1_zps3ziy1mpa.jpg
This sporty skirt has an elastic waistband and dimensional diamond print at the hem. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  See above, though slightly less versatile than the shirt. It's still interesting and I'm going to go hunt for reviews after this.

 photo FDW90_Classic_Knit_Sweater_Dolls_1_zps6m5yhctt.jpg
Classic Knit Sweater // $12
Item# FDW90
 photo 06BUN105_Classic_Sweater_Corduroy_Pants_Moccasins_Dolls_FDW90_FDW91_FDX00_1_zps4goxxm29.jpg photo FDW90_Classic_Knit_Sweater_Dolls_3_zpsqmivvcfa.jpg photo FDW90_Classic_Knit_Sweater_Dolls_4_zpsyyqr1wgt.jpg
This classic sweater has lots of little details: contrast raglan sleeves, a polka-dot patterned bodice, and a white collar with rhinestone "jewels" on each side. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  So preppy. So very, very preppy. I have a mighty need.

 photo FDW91_Corduroy_Pants_1_zpsnljm6xm0.jpg
Corduroy Pants // $12
 photo FDW91_Corduroy_Pants_2_zpsszfvvjsn.jpg photo FDW91_Corduroy_Pants_3_zpsaesq8xgy.jpg
These skinny cords are a bright berry tone with keyhole details at the ankles. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  Meh. I'd probably like these a lot more without the keyhole detail they mention. It just looks awkward with the shoe choices they've got, y'know?

 photo FDW97_Mesh_Flower_Skirt_Dolls_1_zpsnkvw9oot.jpg
Mesh Flower Skirt // $10
Item# FDW97
 photo FDW97_Mesh_Flower_Skirt_Dolls_2_zps8yzwozvq.jpg photo FDW97_Mesh_Flower_Skirt_Dolls_3_zpsu3cnc1oj.jpg
Dolls can twirl and whirl in this darling, dance-worthy skirt! It has two layers of floaty mesh with floral appliqués over a knit skirt. The elastic waistband has a hint of sparkle. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  I can't recall, but I'm sure this is similar to another skirt they put out not too long ago. Maybe around Izzy's time? Eh, in any case it's probably my favorite thing in the MnM line this go round. Or one of them, anyway.

 photo FDW94_Peplum_Top_Dolls_1_zpskz1nfzfl.jpg
Peplum Top // $10
 photo 06UN108_Peplum_Top_Shorts_Tights_Ankle_Boots_Dolls_FDW94_FDW99_FDW95_FDX01_1_zpsvkxdocsl.jpg photo 06UN108_Peplum_Top_Shorts_Tights_Ankle_Boots_Dolls_FDW94_FDW99_FDW95_FDX01_2_zpsycwir0sv.jpg
This sweet top adds a vintage touch to any doll's look. It features blue embroidered mesh over a gray jersey-knit bodice and a flounced hem. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  This is probably the most interesting part of the MnM line and the only thing keeping it from being my favorite? It goes with almost nothing else in the line.

 photo FDW99_Tweed_Shorts_1_zpsxvdhuy7u.jpg
Tweed Shorts // $10
 photo FDW99_Tweed_Shorts_3_zpshofrwl4u.jpg
Tweed adds fun texture to any outfit. These woven shorts have front and back pockets. Part of the Truly Me mix-and-match collection. Layer it with other mix-and-match pieces to create fun new styles!

  You know what else tweed adds? The ability to keel over from heatstroke, which is a very real possibility if you're wearing tweed in the summer. :P That aside, I kinda dig these. It doesn't hurt that they're about the only thing I've seen the peplum top paired with that doesn't look super ridiculous.

 photo FDX20_Graphic_Fashion_Tee_Dolls_1_zpsmkycxzff.jpg
Graphic Fashion Tee // $10
 photo FDX20_Graphic_Fashion_Tee_Dolls_2_zpsqcbl1lnt.jpg
This heathered gray tee features lavender chiffon edging, plus a graphic of our friendly Westie pup, Coconut, and the American Girl logo.

  That chiffon edging is doing this poor shirt in. I like it in theory but then seeing it on a doll... nyergh.

 photo FDX04_All_Star_Soccer_Outfit_1_zpsobr4dg0q.jpg
All Star Soccer Outfit // $34
 photo FDX04_All_Star_Soccer_Outfit_2_zpsbpwfpfok.jpg photo FDX04_All_Star_Soccer_Outfit_3_zpsc7hbblos.jpg
Dolls can go for the goal with this sporty outfit! It includes:
A blue soccer jersey
Black sport shorts with white stripes and a soccer graphic
Blue soccer socks
White shin guards
Striped "cleats"
2 blue terry hairbands
A doll-sized soccer ball

  What's that? A soccer outfit that I could totally see buying for my annual BSC Halloween dress-up? Yup. Abby will finally be more than a random outfit thrown on a brunette at the last minute. Now she'll be a random brunette thrown in a soccer outfit at the last minute. Huzzah!

 photo FDX02_Party_Earring_Set_Dolls_1_zpsauybgqyx.jpg
Party Earring Set // $10
Dolls will look party-perfect with this earring set. It includes one pair of faux-turquoise studs, one pair of glitter dome studs, one pair of cupcake studs, and one pair of star studs.

  At some point, unless these have a super short shelf life, Ivy will demand and I will cave.

 photo FDX03_Ombre_Sunglasses_1_zpspocnoizd.jpg
Ombre Sunglasses // $10
 photo FDX03_Ombre_Sunglasses_2_zpshwduyrms.jpg
Just right for dolls that love sunshine! These sunglasses fade from transparent orange to pink. Includes a pink felt case with the American Girl logo embroidered on it.


 photo FDX05_Hot_Lunch_Set_1_zps9d9bgfj2.jpg
Hot Lunch Set // $24
 photo FDX05_Hot_Lunch_Set_2_zpstyrrggdc.jpg
When the lunch bell rings, dolls can enjoy a yummy meal in the school cafeteria. This set includes a tray that holds make-believe food:
Two hard shell tacos
A side of Spanish-style rice
A lettuce and tomato salad
An apple
A milk container with a straw
A metal fork
A paper napkin

  Will this release never end already? I mean, uh the spanish rice looks like brains and the 'salad' looks like the lettuce is wearing a big red bow.

 photo FDX06_School_Backpack_Set_2_zpszwnzxgpg.jpg
School Backpack Set // $28
 photo FDX06_School_Backpack_Set_1_zpstob3ly5o.jpg
Dolls can get ready for school in style! This 16-piece set includes:
A gray star-print backpack with two shoulder straps and pink trim
A sheet of punch-out letter cards for personalizing the backpack
A pocket folder
7 school papers
A lined assignment notebook for keeping track of her homework
A pretend keychain with a key
A make-believe tablet
Two reversible tablet screens with school app images

  You know, I mostly want this set for the key. And then I wonder to myself why a key was never included in any of their other accessory sets. It'd make sense you know. Anyway, a sale and it might be mine.

 photo FDX07_School_Locker_Set_1_zpszpbdqlnq.jpg
School Locker Set // $58
 photo FDX07_School_Locker_Set_2_zpspwlofsje.jpg
Dolls can keep track of everything they need for class with this set! It includes:
One metal locker—the door opens to reveal a storage shelf and coat hooks
A mirror that attaches to the inside of the locker door
Four colorful frames and two clips for decorating
Four photos and two notes to personalize the locker

  Once upon a time, my friend Kate and I were hanging out at the private school playground and in the marsh we found a bunch of old lockers like this. Only not blue, but still. We never did come up with a decent reason for the pluff mud to be slowly eating them.
Which is to say I have nothing to add to this. It's a locker set with a cool cat picture. And in the entirety of my school years, the only time I ever got to use a full size locker was in the shared ones for gym.

 photo FDX08_Class_Pet_Hamster_1_zpsna5kfsky.jpg
Class Pet Hamster // $24
Item# FDX08
 photo FDX08_Class_Pet_Hamster_2_zpsdz2lvkni.jpg
This little guy really IS the teacher's pet! Dolls can help take care of their classroom's hamster with everything here:
A doll-sized hamster with a flocked body
A plastic cage with a pretend water bottle and faux cedar shavings to keep the hamster happy
A hamster wheel
A bowl with pretend hamster food inside for mealtimes
A care tips booklet

  I was all set to scream, "MINE!" and then I got a closer look and... wow. If people are saying this little guy is cuter than McKenna's, I'm glad I never fell prey to her bed. I'm going to keep an eye on the reviews and see if someone actually gets one because I'm curious as to whether it's cuter in person. Also, I love hamsters and I have many a happy memory of ours. RIP, little balls of fluff.

 photo FDX10_French_Bulldog_1_zpsz8m9unk0.jpg
French Bulldog // $28
Item# FDX10
Every doll loves a playful pet—and this sweet French Bulldog puppy is très adorable. She has soft fur and a body that can be posed in different positions. A magnet in her mouth lets her hold a favorite toy.

  I'll stick with Bonbon, thanks. But here, have my favorite picture of this dog:
 photo FDX11_Pet_Bath_Outfit_2_zpsl5k87tpr.jpg
Seriously, this is all the promo this pet needs.

 photo FDX09_Tuxedo_Cat_1_zpspgfey4vb.jpg
Tuxedo Cat // $28
Item# FDX09
 photo FDX09_Tuxedo_Cat_2_zpsk0rd9cmj.jpg
Every doll loves a playful pet—and this tuxedo kitten is purr-fectly sweet. She has soft fur and a body that can be posed in different positions. A magnet in her mouth lets her hold a favorite toy.

  Why can we have like 50 dogs but the cats have to trade out and only be one at a time? Serious question.
Anyway, I'm gonna need this one to go on sale because $28 is a little bit much, but it's so cute!

They also released some other pet stuff, like a Fancy Pet Outfit that includes a faux fur capelet. I am not making this up.
 photo FDX12_Fancy_Pet_Outfit_2_zpsqpxawwl9.jpg

I think this concludes the June release, aside from the Bitty Baby stuff that isn't nifty enough to include because no one caaaaaaaaaaaares.

Other things of AG note, if one is interested. When the site updated, they also made it possible to pay for things with Paypal and Amazon pay, if those do anything for you. (That sound you hear is my wallet screaming in agony.) Apparently that was either a glitch or them testing something they haven't decided (yet) to go through with. Bad idea, AG. Bad idea. It makes you look incompetent again and also, people really love paying with Paypal. Plus your other sites accept it so clearly you can, you're just... not. Also, work sells AG gift cards now.

What else, what else. Oh, yeah. They've discontinued the Lindsey head at the doll hospital and the fandom implosion over that was a sight to see. I dipped a toe in because I wanted to and then I ducked out when people kept fucking comparing cars to AG.
For the record, I come down on the side of this being a bad idea. I get why they'd do it (I mean, sort of. I can come up with a variety of reasons why they'd stop) but I think it's a bad idea. The only way I can sort of look the other way is if whoever actually manufactured the wigs went under and AG can't get them anymore. Which isn't the reason they gave, alas. But a big reason a LOT of people are willing to pony up the bucks for AG is that they're basically Satisfaction Guaranteed Forever. Screw up your doll a decade after you got her? No prob, the Doll Hospital can fix it... for a price. If it's something that AG borked, they'll pay for it.
Lindsey being the first to be discontinued is particularly troubling because she's got a shitton of known issues, from her wig being dry as hell to the doll vinyl being produced only in the grey/green years which means a good chunk of the Lindseys running around look sick as hell. This is a KNOWN issue and something that someone might not notice as a kid (especially as this is a thing that gets worse over time) but as an adult, as they break out the old doll to hand 'er over to their own kid? Yeah, they might take notice.
The car comparisons came up when the person right after me said something about not expecting their car company to continue to make parts for their 15 year old car and some other jackass chimed in on that, too. No shit, guys. You aren't even comparing apples to oranges, you're comparing dolls to cars. The dolls, btw, were marketed for years with a "We'll always have your back!" kind of thing. Cars, not so much. But no, you go on and make your stupid comparisons. I'll just mentally note you're both tools and hope you find all LEGOs the hard way.

There was something else but I've forgotten it so hopefully it wasn't anything important.
venivididolli: (AG Nanea goggles)

[personal profile] venivididolli 2017-07-02 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, I love that travel dress! And its SHOES. Yet I don't think I have a doll that I could see wearing it. Maybe Grace? Or if I finally cave and get 58, but I don't think it would suit the idea of her in my head. I like the purple leathery skirt, too, but I'm pretty sure I have zilch that would go with it.
venivididolli: (Goddess Girls Nyx)

[personal profile] venivididolli 2017-07-03 12:20 am (UTC)(link)
Not fancy classy girly, which is what this outfit is. I'm not real sure beyond that. Heh.
luxken27: (Kids Inc - beautiful dreamer)

[personal profile] luxken27 2017-07-03 03:41 am (UTC)(link)
You know it's bad when you can stay at a real fancy hotel for less than this plastic scene will cost you. And that's before we get to the separate luggage cart and bellhop dog companion o.O

Jeggings can DIAF already. And leggings can only be won with tunic-length tops.

I'm getting so many Liz Wakefield vibes from that classic knit sweater model. She'd think she was so badass, wearing maroon-colored pants! REBEL!!

Hooray for the soccer outfit!

That plastic school lunch looks better than anything I ever saw during my school career. I never had a full-length locker, either - we had quarter lockers in junior high, and half-lockers in high school. Let me tell you what a pain it was sharing a locker length with 3 other people. At least mine was never on the bottom, I guess...

These pets are cracking me up! Totally grabby-hands for the pretty kitty, too (My parents have a tuxedo cat and he is purty purty and a total ham, aheh).