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I loathe the whiplash I'm getting from each update. One will be "ohshitohshitohshit!!!" and then the next is "dude, relax."

So. To my hurricane friends, whatcha doin'?
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It keeps taking longer and longer for anything to be known. I thought we were getting it on Sunday, but then Monday and now maybe Tuesday? I'm not even sure. I feel like just saying "IT'S GON' RAIN." But then I'm not even sure we'll get rain! We've stocked up on some stuff and my area is sold out of battery-powered lanterns so we just ordered one from Amazon and it should be here Saturday.
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Unless it takes a drastic turn, I should be safe. Irma's going to power down as she goes up FL, so maybe we're looking at a 1 or 2 here, but a lot of the projections have us outside the perimeter. If you look at a map of Florida, you'll see a pointy bit on the panhandle. I'm about halfway up that pointy bit on the western side. I just want it to stop shifting west!
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I am being cautiously optimistic, and just watching for updates on Twitter. (Nothing makes me madder than weather porn.) All week long the local weather forecasters have been all "we'll get nothing from this!" and then lookee here, looks like we might not be quite so lucky. This is from the National Weather Service, so right now it appears we're both in the "good" parts of the Cone of Uncertainty(TM). We'll see what happens when Irma decides to eat FL whole, but all in all I'm not too worried. I am, however, happy that I no longer have family in southern FL.
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