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For those pondering, yesterday was a much better day than the ol' birthday. Not because it was Prime Day because eff Prime Day. It never has anything I want and yet I spend the day wondering if maybe, just maybe... :p But it did sorta have something. I took a chance. When it comes in, I'll let you know if it was a waste of money or if it worked out.

Anyway, to recap: I didn't go for a swim because of the cat mauling. I keep calling it that like she reads/listens and feels bad. She doesn't, although I think she did start to worry because she amped up her snuggles and hello, my favorite person, remember you love me antics. I hold grudges, cat. I hold 'em close. But as she's never done something like that before, I must conclude sleepy!me committed a crime. Still, I didn't think exposing my wounds to the pool the next day would be a great idea. Watched some Golden Girls because it's what I do, and then thought, "hey! Maybe that was the problem!"
I planned on wearing my GG shirt for my birthday and just never got around to it since I pretty much did not leave the house for anything wearing the shirt would be good for... but yesterday I put that sucker on ASAP and the day went well. Coincidence? Well, probably. :p

So, had to kill some time because where we live there's no point in trying to leave the house anywhere between 7-9 if you don't have to since it'll take forever because traffic on the highway is insaaaaaaaaane. Once we did leave, it was mostly smooth sailing to the Target. Mums asked if I wanted to be dropped off while she hit the library and I debated it. On the one hand, I'd like to go looking for books. On the other, libraries in the summer tend to have a lot of kids. Kids who scream and we both know Target is also a breeding ground for screaming children. Ultimately I agreed because I also wanted to hit Bath and Body Works and I know she's not a fan. I'm not using my one "you must go with me" on summer stuff. Oh no, that I hold out for fall.
My plan was simple. Target I was there to see if they had any minis I don't have and also to check out the toy clearance. I found eight minis from S1 wave 4, I think? I've never seen the second series here, which is probably just as well since I'd have gone nuts if I did. As it was, I made sure all the codes on the lockers were different and threw them in my basket. I debated a few EAH/MH dolls and even walked around with a few, only to put two of them back. I was pretty meh on the toy selection, really. The highlight was a little girl who asked, "What's this?" about a MH mini and her grandmother replied, "Oh, that's Monster High. You don't like MH." She waits a minute or two and then says, "It's scary." Little kid says, "Oh..." in that are you sure? way. Grandma then says, "I like MH but you don't," and part of me wondered if this is because she looked up and realized that hello, the only other person on the aisle (and you know Target toy aisles are short) is digging through the MH stuff and putting some in her basket. The kid is still not quite believing this so she calls out, "Mama? Do you like MH?" and her mother shoots back a very quick, "No! Not really."
Too. Scary. Oh, ladies. I wish they were still scary. :P

The employees were putting out school stuff and eventually during one of my laps around the store (I had no idea how long it would take Mums to get to the library, find her books, and then get back) I wandered down a couple of the aisles. Nothing called my name at a price I wanted to pay and I didn't really want to get in their way as they set the section, so I continued on. Eventually picked up some sno-cone syrup because I can't remember if I've tried this one and like it or if it's just too sweet.
Got bored and nearly run over half a dozen times, as you do at the Target, and eventually the kids screaming told me it was time to hit B&BW.
I didn't have a huge plan, really. They had a wallflower sale but I wasn't sure I'd like any of the scents enough to commit. I wandered around and sniffed things. Limoncello really does smell like lemon cleaner. I don't know if I knew this before or just needed a refresher. I think I agree with the rumor that B&BW is moving away from the Signature Skincare stuff they've done for eons because I swear, I tripped over Shea displays every half a foot. It was disconcerting, really.
Let's peruse the site and see which scents I liked or hated. Aloha Beaches was actually really good and the name cracks me up because I keep thinking it's "Aloha, Bitches" because I'm twelve, apparently. I still dislike Tea & Lemon. Bourbon Sea Salt and Caramel is one I would've bought had it been on sale. I initially picked it up thinking it would smell godawful and I like to torture myself sometimes, but ohmyglob, it smelled sweet without it being too much. I can't really say the same for the scent portable (and I'm sorry, but having the boozy version of Black Cherry Merlot in your car seems like a bad, bad idea) but the candle smelled so good. Vanilla Birch was okay. Rose Water and Ivy was a no, Coconut Bay smelled nice enough at first and then something went weird at the end so that's a no. White Gardenia smells like something I think Mums would like, and that's not a bad thing in this case.

I tried Bowties and Bourbon but I don't remember what I thought of it now. I don't think it was as bad as I feared it would be but I want to say it's a cologne thing and I can't do those most of the time. I was really disappointed in Orange Creamsicle because it wasn't at all what you'd expect. Like who goes light on the sweet orange for that? NO ONE. Salted Oak Bonfire was also a disappointment because I'd heard it was kind of the candle version of Beach Nights. It is not. There's too much cologne in there, at least on cold. Oh god. No.

Lesse. Wild Huckleberry tried to kill me so that's a hard pass. There's a Blue Cactus-y thing that I'm blanking on and it's actually not bad. Most of the scent portable scents were just either waaaaaaaaaay too cologne-y or too much for such a small space. I'm pretty sure one of them gave me an insta-headache so I stopped sniffing things quite so much.

I was in there for long enough that I felt I should buy something so I eventually picked up two of the small shea hand creams. Black Cherry Merlot because duh and the Sorry I'm Latte because when I tried it, it seemed to react well with me. I'm hoping that's the case when I'm not surrounded by a billion other scents, but we'll see. Plus the name cracked me up. I'm a simple gal.

Swung by Michaels after that and saw some funkins and other autumn things in store. Eee! Nothing I felt compelled to buy or even begin mentally crafting for, but it was nice.

Stopped at the grocery store and Mums ran in to grab things for dinner. Came home, I stalked my Amazon Prime deal and then had my strawberry daiquiri. Yum. Read a bit, vegged a bit, opened my MH minis and basically just enjoyed my day. It wasn't anything big but it was nice.

Today I'm hoping to pack up Widget's cousin's MH dolls that I'm sending her (finally, I only said I would back in freakin' April) and maybe hit the Post Office. Maybe send Mums. Maybe the shipping will be tomorrow. We'll see, we'll see.

I have a headache now so I'm gonna munch something and see if that helps. Away we go!

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Date: 2017-07-13 01:49 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] luxken27
GGs to the rescue, always! I'm 1000% sure your shirt made the difference, hehe =)

I am right there with you on Aloha, Bitches :D

I think B&BW is also turning towards their more expensive new square-bottled line of stuff, because that shit didn't go on sale EVER during semi-annual clearance and that alone is enough for me to be all no thank you. I'm a big sucker for almond anything, but not enough of one to paly $14 for body wash or lotion.

BIG BOOOOOOOO for them screwing up orange creamsicle, but I guess I'm not surprised - they tend to miss more than hit when it comes to stuff like that.

Glad you had a lovely day! Sometimes it doesn't take much to satisfy you, you know? :)


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