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I think I sort of mentioned this might happen. Anyway, after taking a couple of pictures of Molly for a Playthings thread, I took a couple of the new MH ghouls before the camera reminded me that maybe I should just buy some damn batteries at work. (Clearly the rechargeable ones have had their last charge. Sigh.)

Pics ahoy! )

MH minis!

Jul. 22nd, 2016 06:34 pm
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So Mattel sent out an email for this:
 photo screengrab_zpsicvylyvz.png

A few days ago. And I thought about it for a little while and then jumped because dude, I wanted those minis dammit and my pre-order elsewhere was a failure AND my walmarts didn't get jackshit.
I wasn't really sure what I was getting, though. See, it says 18 figures but only 12 are shown. Since I've been so stabbity about not having the option to snag any locally, I haven't kept up with the minis appearing so I have/had no idea if Jinafire, Toralei, Skelita, Twyla, Deuce, or Robecca had popped up or if it was just these twelve. Still, instant collection...
What the heck, I said, and ordered it.

It showed up within three days so heck yes to quick shipping (suck it, AG!). I was mostly expecting the minis not in boxes/bags and just kind of... a collection? I'm not sure how to word it. Not in their full blind bag glory, I suppose.

So I wasn't expecting a very big box given how small the minis are. Imagine my surprise when a big ol' brown box appeared on my doorstep about half an hour ago.

And inside?
Eee! )
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I meant to post Catty's roundup on Friday the 13th, but then I got distracted by waiting to see the SDCC exclusive and basically forgot. Sorry, Catty!

Black cats are good luck, darling. )

Because there are so few of both Catty and Catrine, we'll be combining our werekitties.

And Catrine! )
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Ohmyglob. I guess we're gonna tackle Draculaura who has an INSANE number of dolls.

First up: I think the reboot is likely to do Draculaura the most favors. She's always looked too severe in her doll form compared to her animated counterpart and it was actually one of the things I disliked most about her Sig. I mean, sometimes the look works really well and sometimes it's jarring since she's the character most likely to skip up to you, hug you, and welcome you to MH with the biggest smile ever.

Anyway. *cough* We begin. And I should warn you that I'm likely to be doing this over a couple/few days and cobbling it together, so it may be a little disjointed. Or brilliant. I suppose we'll find out, won't we? It'll also mean that in any given category, it's not likely they're in any particular order unless otherwise stated. It's just how we'll be going down the list.

eta: holy crap. If not for her hair, Draculaura's looks are basically what, four different variations? How did I not notice? Is it that I tend to like two of the looks enough to give it a pass to the others? On the other hand, it's actually been awhile since I bought a Lala, so maybe I realized it deep down? *muse*

My favorite color is pink, what's yours? )

Let me know if I forgot anyone who isn't from the reboot. I decided to hold off on those for now because honestly, I got tired. Very, very tired. So much pink and black. Just so, so much.
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Since we've done Rochelle and Venus, clearly it's time to do Robecca and round out that trio. This is both a little easier and a little harder because there are less Robeccas than the other two. But I really like the ones we've gotten so... yeah. I'm definitely the person who, if they had a gazillion dollars and the space, would probably buy ALL THE THINGS. As it is, I've come embarrassingly close. Sigh.

There are so few, this is depressing. )

Dracubecca will be listed with the Lauras, btw.

Overall, I wish they'd do more with Robecca in all her incarnations. She has such beautiful dolls and she's such a sweet character, and ALL her Dad mentions make me tear up like a little kid. Every. Single. Time.
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In keeping with the easier dolls (to keep the momentum going. I'm inching my way towards the harder ones, I think), we're gonna go with Rochelle. It seems fitting, since she, Venus, and Robecca are the secondary trio in the line, even if nothing has been done with them in a long while. WOE. I actually liked their dynamic and wish it had been shown on screen.

Rochelle herself is one of those characters I like very much, though in reality being friends with someone who is super nitpicky about rules would drive me insane. I don't break rules, but I am very big with the loopholes.
Looks wise, I think she's gorgeous. I like the combo of those shades of pink and blue (especially when it's a little more teal), and the grey works really well. Doll wise, she's got one of the cutest molds and... clearly I could go on. But let's jump into things, shall we?

Oh my little guardgoyle. )
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*eyes the main 3 and then Lagoona*

How about we ease into this a bit more, since the main three might kill me and Lagoona is my favorite and thus far more difficult than she'd be for someone else.

Venus is up because that's what the wheel of random said. As far as characters go, I don't have any strong opinions on her. She's kind of abrasive when she shows up and has a tendency to lean towards Ghostwritten Dawn (BSC) but she's interesting to look at. She also is the only MH doll to sit on my computer down here.

Watch your McFlytrap. )
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Ghoulia! Remember when Ghoulia was a fandom favorite and then Mattel got weird and threw her in everywhere and still it was okay until Skull Shores where they basically just left her sitting there for the next four hundred years?

Good times.

Anyway, Ghoulia is a hard one for me to rate properly because I love the character (a lot) and yet I don't feel the dolls tended to capture the sweetness she had going on most of the time. It's why I'm really hoping we don't have to wait too long for a new Ghoulia.

I will not make a brains joke, I will not make a brains joke... )
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We move on to Cleo because I'm way too tired to tackle one of the main three anytime soon.

Does Cleo need a lead in? I don't think so. She's a character I love and appreciate even when she's been nasty in the past. I like my bad girls to not be completely awful and with backstory, and Cleo's dolls are usually very pretty.
Tinsel was not taken into account for any of these, btw. )

Overall, even when I don't love a Cleo doll, I think she's pretty. Basically, you really can't go wrong with Cleo. Unless she's got super glue issues and then, well, it's not Cleo's fault. :P
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Sometimes when I can't sleep for whatever reason, I count dolls. Not actually count them, but sort of mentally go through them and either see who/what I'm missing or which ones are my favorites. Stuff like that. Most of the time I'm out like a light in no time but sometimes all it does it keep me up even later.

With the revamp of MH on the way, and the Budgets having been in stores for about six months or so, I figured I might as well look back on each character and see which versions I love, which I loathe, and what I'm looking forward to or just want to snag at some point.
(I'm not sure whether I'll be posting pictures/links/whatever, but we'll work on that later. It seems that for the most part we're gonna go with stock images, at least initially. Woo.)

We begin with Abbey.

In general, I love Abbey the character. It makes me very sad that she's basically been sidelined for whatever reasons (maybe the ever shelf sitting Walmart exclusives that are still clogging up shelf space at my Walmart because they don't understand how clearance works?) since she's easily one of the highlights of any given special she's in. And that's not even counting her magic abilities. :P

Let's see. A quick perusal of her wiki Merch entry confirms my memory that A LOT of Abbey dolls look the same, even when they really shouldn't due to styling. The makeup just rarely steps out beyond pink lips and purple-y eye shadows. Which is a shame because Abbey looks AMAZING when she's wearing darker colors but for whatever reason they default to lighter stuff for her.

Abbey, my love. )

Yeah, for all the build up for this, you would have thought the initial post would be longer. But I really didn't want to re-write this again and my laptop basically likes to do a thousand updates each time I look at it. So I put off looking at it until I have to and then it has all these updates and it's a vicious cycle. In any case, this is post one in the MH series. Bets on how long it takes for me to forget to continue it? :P
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It's been a little bit since we talked about Monster High, yes? Let's fix that.

 photo tumblr_nmlr9feZhH1upzrywo1_540_zpsrjzxjstx.gif
This is Amanita Nightshade. Her doll popped up a little while ago and fans were mixed. Some thought the doll was pretty, but in no way said "Corpse Flower" to them. Some loved her, some hated her, and some just went "enh."
As a doll, I think she's pretty and will pick her up.

As a character, however...

Going any further will require spoilers, so keep that in mind. Ready?
Spoilers ahoy! )
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You know what we haven't done in awhile? We haven't discussed the new/upcoming Monster High/Ever After High dolls! This seems like a terrible oversight, so let's try and correct it, shall we?

To be fair, one of the big reasons I haven't done one of these lately is that I am terribly behind on my MH/EAH collecting. I've snagged a few newish ones over the last few months and I had some incredible gifts over the holidays that I still can't get over (never will) but I'm beyond behind on the game.

One of the other reasons is that MH in general has hit the Mattel wall where they start to churn out very similar products and the good stuff is harder to find. Also, I don't really live nearby to anything other than a Walmart and uh, Walmart is hell. So I don't get my Target weekly fixes much because I don't trust myself to not blow money I don't have and when I do go? They got nothin'.

EAH is just a bitch to find anything that isn't Sig Raven/Maddie/Apple. Sort your distribution issues out, Mattel, and then maybe you wouldn't be losing so many damn sales. You give people time to think about their purchases and they're going to say "Yeah, you know, maybe I don't need 32 Apple Whites." You don't want that, you want them wondering if maybe an even 48 would be better. Seriously, how hard is this to understand?

Ahem. I seem to have inadvertently put on my ranty-pants today. Whoops.

Let's go backwards in terms of when things appeared.

Picture Heavy. )

Overall, I think Freak du Chic is the highlight for me, line-wise. There's more that I want than I don't, and even the things I don't are at least interesting to me on some level. Ghoul Fair doesn't even seem like they TRIED, and I don't know how I feel about the purse line other than Robecca, want/need now.

Boo-York is the weirder line in that they obviously went all out, but I don't really like it as a whole. Not yet, anyway. It's got the blobby plastic cranked up to 11 (much like Gloom and Bloom) but then it's got things like Catty's entire look and that's just horrifying, really. I don't really get a lot of it, but I'm willing to give it another look when we get actual promo pictures and real dolls, too.

Next time I think I'll wind my way back a little further, but today I have to get enough sleep and visit Ari, so we'll pause for now.
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Let's talk FCA, shall we? I think we shall. If you haven't seen it, I would look away because, um, spoilers. Unless you're into that or you know that I tend to be pretty vague anyway so take your chances?

 photo fcatitle_zps4d530a73.png
Pics included! )
You stay awesome, Draculaura.

No. Seriously. Stay awesome. Don't let them downgrade your characterization again.
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Yesterday we went bitter, so today we go with "sounds like it would be bitter but somehow isn't."

Do yourself a favor. If you only force yourself to listen to one of these T&S songs, listen to this one. I think it's honestly the prettiest of them all. It's gorgeous, even on tinny phone speakers.

  Odds are good that sometime or another you've gone and been a fool for love (or what you thought was love) so universal appeal right there. Sometimes it really isn't you. Sometimes you just wind up in the wrong relationship and nothing can save that, no matter how long you hold on.

The way I did behave is sung kills me each and every time, as does the foolish heart bit. Every. Time.

Trust me this one time. It's three minutes or so of your life that you won't miss. If you're in need of an 80's fused muse, you might even get a plot bunny or two. Just me? Well, fair enough.

I Was A Fool

Do you remember I searched you out
How I climbed your city's walls?
Do you remember me as devout
How I prayed for your calls?

I stood still is what I did
Love like ours is never fixed
I stuck around, I did behave )

I'm the only one hanging out here in happy land, aren't I? I suppose it's to be expected but still. Sadness. Sadness for your ears to not be experiencing the same levels of happy that I am.

So many plot bunnies are being born that all I've got is a sea of words in my brain, swirling around so fast that I haven't a clue as to what will actually come of it. But something will. I'm just not sure what it'll be.

I'm not a loser.

Onwards: My CD and stuff finally arrived yesterday. After 7pm. Way to cut it close on that whole "before 8pm, guarenteed!" thing, UPS. I don't understand why everything else will show up at 3 or 5 but not this. :P It's a good thing I didn't hold off on the shower so I'd have ~music~ or else I'd have gone to work with soaking wet hair instead of merely damp.

That sound you heard maybe five minutes ago was the sound of my weekend plans imploding. That's right. The one time I didn't have any intention of backing out of said plans and was looking forward to them? They go up in a puff of smoke. Hilarious, life. For some reason having the plans delayed a week doesn't inspire a sigh of "thank goodness" and is instead "meh. Do not particularly wish to go now."

I might spend too much time with cats.

Reading the first of the newer Monster High books. Aside from the superficial aspect where the art tends to give poor Rochelle a serious case of bobblehead-itis, I keep stumbling over Robecca's bees knees and similar exclamations. For someone who was disassembled a hundred years ago, I'm not really getting that vibe from her speech patterns. Which is vexing me far more than it should. That aside, enjoyable and I do like that it has artwork and not just text. Because I'm five years old at heart, I guess.

Might as well just continue to edit for funsies! Sometimes I kind of think I'm losing my mind. People will say something and I'll just stare blankly. Sometimes this turns out to be their fault and not mine (they'll confuse conversations and there's no way I should know what they're talking about) but sometimes it's like someone else was at the helm of my brain. Disconcerting to say the least. o_O

Also, it is lonely to fangirl alone. I'll remember this the next time someone else is fangirling and has no one to keep them company.
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Was going to review Nineteen Minutes but I think I'll let it sit in my head for another day before trying to gather my thoughts further.

Instead, we'll turn our gaze to toys. Because with me it's all books and toys with the occasional splash of television thrown in and a side order of cats.

Monster High has better pictures of the 13 Wishes line-up. I still need Clawdeen in my life immediately, and Frankie looks even more impressive than she did before. Eee!

Lagoona's Technicolor yellow is explained as one of the wishes (Freshwater!) and looks better than when she was just bright effing yellow, but I still worry that she's going to end up looking really obnoxious in person. *fret*

Mattel also brings us the news that Life In the Dreamhouse is getting a doll line (YES) and it's going to have Midge (MY BABY) and that the Raquelle doll is set to be so perfect I am dying. DYING.


Side note: If you haven't been watching 'Dreamhouse, you need to. Like now. Seriously, go get yourself some popcorn or whatever your snack of choice is and come back, ready to devote about an hour to this.

Now watch. It's a gazillion jokes going at all times and yes, they're totally mocking themselves too and it's awesome.


MLP brings us the TRU exclusives which include a set with Queen Chrysalis and a talking Nightmare Moon. I still need last year's set with Nightmare Moon. :P

AG has the pages sort of up for the new February release on the 14th but there are no photos aside from their facebook pic. Curiosity is driving me mad. But I'll be okay because I'm holding out/hoping for free shipping soon as they tend to do it for Easter shopping and Easter is early this year.

Did I ever update you lot on the Sweet Valley thing? You know, where I won the ebooks but the ones they sent came with an expiration date, so I emailed the ladies running the giveaway? So they emailed back and said it wasn't their intention to give away trials so they were going to get in touch with the publisher. Time passes and we get another email to say they haven't forgotten us and are still awaiting an answer. Another email to say to heck with the publisher, they'll buy us each a set if we're still interested. Then on the heels of that we get an email saying :
GREAT NEWS!!!! I just heard from St Martin's--they are going to reissue your eBooks this afternoon-so you can own them!

Um, I never got an email or anything from St Martin's so I'm still a little fuzzy on what's going on aside from the fact that I am Not Impressed with the company. (I am, however, impressed with the ladies running Chick Lit is Not Dead.)


To end on a good note, I should be getting mail soon and when I do, pic spam! :D
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Much like Ghouls Rule, I don't feel bad at all about taking advantage of the leaked copy of Friday Night Frights. I'm going to buy the movie any way and watching it actually moved it pretty far up my list.

I will say that if you're a fan of the lesser used characters (so Lagoona & Operetta) or the newbies (Rochelle, Robecca), you're probably going to want to give it at least a quick look.

Spoilers, baby. Spoilers. )


Jan. 14th, 2013 01:06 pm
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MH pics! )
Dead Tired Cleo

  I took this ages ago but apparently lost the memory card. This is Dead Tired Cleo (love her!) wearing Operetta's fashion pack. Wearing it better than 'Retta ever will. Sorry, love, but it's true.
Cleo knows exactly how awesome she is. And now so do you.
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  Let's just jump right into things. I've had four or five different updates and they were all nullified pretty quickly (the joys of mini-rants!) so we'll slip into the follow-up to the gel nails.

  State of the Nails:
You might recall that a week ago Cass and I painted our nails using SensatioNail gel polish. Cass went with the silver magnetic color Enchant and I went with Purple Orchid. Apparently hers peeled off some of her nails pretty quickly (by day two or three) and by the time I saw her Saturday, only her thumbs were still in the original color. She'd switched to Purple Orchid but her index finger on her left hand had peeled off completely after dish washing.

  By Tuesday the capping on my left index finger had popped off (creepy!) and Wednesday popped the middle finger off. Cass said that the moment hers popped, the nails were toast. Mine actually lasted quite a bit longer. The top of the nails, however, started to peel up just enough that when I ran my hand through my hair, it'd catch momentarily. I'm one of those people who fixates when there's a flaw on the nail, so it took a lot of self control not to pick at them.
   By Sunday morning I realized I wanted to clip two of the nails on my left hand so I gave in to the peeling and peeled the polish off my ring finger and index finger on the left hand. Others soon followed.
  Plus side, removal was easier than I would have expected given the bitching people did in reviews online. Down side, I can tell I'm going to have to paint my nails again ASAP because the surface is rough. (You're shocked, right?)

  Ultimately, I'm not really sure how I feel about this experiment. The bottles of polish, especially the one that comes in the starter kit, are incredibly small. But they did last about a week for me, and that was through a really rough reset at work and a truck night and even a tag night that involved me actually putting tags up. Also, my nails that still have the polish are so smooth that it's almost unbelievable.
  I guess if you can get the starter kit on sale then it's worth it if you're not expecting a full two weeks out of them (or, I guess, if you're not as easily swayed to the "peeeeeeeel me" side) or you don't change your polish more than once a week. Smooth nails ahoy!

Moving along, one of the more recent posts in the MH comm made me decide to take my compulsive list making need to the next level and make a character specific checklist for the MH gang. (Some people count sheep, I either think of the night sky and falling into or I catalog MH or AG stuff.)

Frankie Stein:
Onward! )

Unreleated to anything, but I forgot how much I like this song. Thanks, Pandora.


May. 15th, 2012 06:23 pm
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Normie Invasion

Soooooooooooo. I wanted to do an All Yer Dolls thing, but with my propensity for twinning and my backlog of deboxing and the serious lack of space in my room and my complete disinterest in lugging all my dolls downstairs for a photoshoot, I decided it would be in my sanity's best interest to compromise. But how? Do I photograph each type of doll separately? Again, deboxing backlog, but an interesting idea. One I might go ahead with next weekend.

And then I found my little notebook of lists I make when I'm winding down at the end of the day. (you lot call this "1pm) In it, I'd listed each of my favorite versions of the dolls available that I owned and I decided I'd go with this. I left Holt out because he's still in his box and I didn't want to take him out of my closet since he's actually safely hidden from Widget there. So, Holt isn't present for this but he does exist.

Some of these were easy choices in that there's only one version of the doll and I didn't twin them. So easy! Purrsephone, Meowlody, Nefera, Howleen though she'll be twinned if Target ever gets her back in stock, Cupid, and Gil all fall into this category.

Some were almost as easy because while there are more than one version available, I only own one. Jackson and Deuce, I'm looking at you.

Next tier of ease? Those who only have one available but I twinned them and YES. I can tell the difference. :P Operetta, Rochelle, Toralei, and Spectra.

Which left everyone else. Y'know, the main cast. And that was also pretty easy, aside from Lagoona who is always chosen as favorite because of sentimental reasons and yet each time I feel compelled to consider another version of her. *shrug*

Ultimately I decided on these versions.

  • DotD Cleo is by far my favorite. There aren't any serious contenders to her throne, actually. She's just beautiful and none of the releases since have come close to shaking her from the top spot.

  • Dead Tired Ghoulia is pretty much the only doll version to not look exceptionally mean and thus she's the closest to webisode Ghoulia. Since I've always been a little disappointed in the transition from webisode to doll form for Ghouls this is very important to me. So yeah, she's got a twin out there. :P But she's so pretty! *flails*

  • Wave 1 Lagoona: First doll is first doll. There's just something very sweet about W1 Lagoona, but I'll be honest: I love every Lagoona. Every. Single. One.

  • Basic Abbey from [ profile] zallia. I wasn't set to love Abbey in any form, but she pretty much started out awesome in the webisodes and that made her doll grow on me. Plus all of the z dolls are extra special. It's a proven fact.

  • W2 Clawdeen: This is HBIC Clawdeen. Let's not even try and pretend otherwise. She brings additional claws to the party just in case she needs to throw down. It's why she's pretty much the only fav version listed without a twin (because I can't find one, k?) but still makes the list, flaws and all.

  • Sweet 1600 Clawd is by far the better Clawd. Don't even try and kid yourself.

  • DT Draculaura. Closed mouth. Cute pigtails. Adorableness!

  • Gloom Beach Frankie. My expectations were her were relatively conservative and she surpassed them. She's one of the few I don't mind having a gazillion doubles of that I didn't even plan to have. (Stupid GB 5pack!) She's so purdy! She also breaks the rule I have about the twinning (one stays absolutely stock!) and I don't mind at all.

Oh, and Sharpay snuck in for the photo. I like to think she's Candace from the books. If you get why she'd be Candace, I love you that much more.
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Because I'm one of those people who is easily swayed (I'm a sheep, baa) I figure I'll blather on about the MH special, Escape from Skull Shores before I go reading other people's opinions.

Spoilers, ho! )
But mostly? Lagoona.


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