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I believe it's time for the morning check in.

Yesterday was also good but absolutely nothing of great interest happened. I mean, I remembered I had to pay the cable bill after a moment of panic. I also managed to finally pack up the MH dolls for Widget's cousin. I'm waiting til a little later to put the box out for pickup (let's be honest, my mailman ain't coming by to pick them up before 11 at the earliest) but this means I have my little folding table back. I just hope they like them.

Let's see. I also checked on my Sephora order and realized that it still hasn't freakin' moved. So I checked to see if the payment had gone through and it did for the Flash shipping sub, but not the actual stuff. Soo... you took my money for the thing that's meant to ensure I get my stuff ASAP but have not actually shipped my stuff, let alone shipped it so I'd get it ASAP? Mmhmm. Lemme message you and get that fixed. So I did and a couple of hours later they got back to me with an apology, an extra 200 points, and the promise that they'd lit a fire under warehouse's ass. I believe the first two, but there's still no sign of movement on my order 12 hours later. Sigh.

Got my AG Custom catalog yesterday. No coupon, which is the part where I say that there are apparently 20% off coupons being mailed with catalogs to people. Naturally fandom has gone on the warpath because it's entirely possible that said coupons will be allowed to be used on the custom line. (Someone who got one called in and asked that specifically and was told they could use it but now AG is trying to backtrack.)

So if that's your thing, keep an eye on your mailbox.

Can't decide if I want to try swimming today. I really thought I'd spend my week off at the pool but... meh. I like it when I'm there, I don't mind the walk back, but it takes a chunk of my day. Why are you so far away, pool. So far away. And also not open now.
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