Sep. 2nd, 2017

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Last night at work got weird. Well, this morning is more like it. Because it's just me, I have a list of chores to do and I have to work them around customers and things. Sooooooo sometime around 3:30 I go out and sweep the parking lot. It's starting to rain at this point and I grumble and try to figure out how good a job they're getting. With the lightning and the rumble of thunder in the distance, I figure I'll get the big stuff and anything I find on my way to the big stuff. It still takes awhile because the parking lot is pretty big these days.

I go inside and start vacuuming. This doesn't take long because I have given up on being able to get sand out of anything at this point. Maaaaaaaybe five minutes have passed since I came inside, btw. I go to vacuum in front of the second set of doors and the wind is blowing like crazy. I don't realize it at the time, but it sends a bunch of stupid leaves and stuff in that I have to go back and pick up because fuck if I'm going to try and vacuum that section again. Yeah, the wind is raging and then, as I'm winding the cord back up, the power goes out and comes back... and goes out again. So the registers all go down and shiiiiiiiit. Because for some reason, the new store takes forever and a freakin' day to recover from a power outage. I don't know why, but it does. I'm told to lock the doors, so I do, and as I'm locking the inside set of doors, the guy who sits in his car for hours (I'm talking 3+) knocks on the door and wants to know why we're closed if we're supposed to be 24 hours. Dude. You watched the lights go off and on and off and on. I felt really bad when he said he was scared but since there wasn't a tornado or something obviously racing towards us and my boss told me to lock up after making sure no one was inside... I'm sorry, dude. Go down to the Teeter?

Anyway, so after missing the storm trying to blow me away by less than five minutes, I then spent the next hour and a half waiting for the registers to come back to life. Seriously, it took an hour and a half.

And now my head is splitting, so I'm going to take something for that and go snuggle with Ozzie. Oh, and the kittens did appear yesterday but I was busy trying to reach through the phone and strangle the UPS people to mention it.

eta: my big YC order arrived today. Huzzah! I realized the other day that the piece I thought would be the biggest was probably actually going to be one of the smallest and I was worried I wouldn't like it nearly as much considering I was expecting it to be at least twice as big but I think I'll be able to find a place for it far more easily now. The raven piece I was most looking forward to is pretty awesome and I cannot describe the weirdly awesome Jack-o-lantern holder because when I'm holding it, it's pure magic. The light hits it and I probably get little ghosts with hearts for eyes in my eyes. When it's just sitting there, chillin' with no light action? It's nice but not hold my breath nice. Hold it, magic. Going to have to experiment with lights!

But most importantly, my BBW box was returned to me today! I realized I should've bought a pocketbac to put in the ghost kitty, but maybe she'll already have one. Or think it's just as cute as I do. Either way, they're adorable. I'm a little sad that one looks pristine and the other looks a little dingy but clearly this ghost kitty has just had a more... interesting life. The Haunted House light is amazing.

Now, really. Headache be gone.


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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