Jan. 16th, 2017

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Thanks to [profile] tanz_fanatika, I fell down the Christopher Pike nostalgia hole again. Technically I'd already sort of fallen because I found one of my copies of Fall Into Darkness and was re-reading it while waiting for my Kindle to charge but still.

Sooooooo... I went with Spellbound next as it was the book I remembered younger me staying up and wondering what if? after I read it the first time. I also remember a fair amount of the plot, including the twist.
Spoiler? )
Overall? Not a bad re-read. Oh, and if we're playing "spot the Pike within a Pike reference" game, it's Karen and Jason going to see The Blind Mirror.

Since that went so well, I asked the bookcase to suggest another, preferably not one of the series since I didn't want to read multiples last night, and it coughed up See You Later. Unrelated to the actual story, I'm going to assume this is one That Bitch Penny* walked away with and that I had to replace because I'm pretty sure I'd never have let my copy get down to two corners ripped off. So this probably came from a Take A Book, Leave A Book thing or maybe the quarter bin at the Book Exchange.
SYL is one I remembered parts of very well and then the rest I either mashed together with another book or remembered wrong entirely, so that was a fun re-read.
Pike within a Pike: Mark's game is called The Starlight Crystal. Chaneen is indeed the Queen of the Universe.

Spoilers? ) Finally, the only way to win the game is not to play continues to be one of my favorite things.

*TBP - I've mentioned my dislike of TBP quite a few times but in this context it's because in high school, she used her friendship with Ari to get me to loan her quite a few Pike books. Which meant I had to come to school early, carrying quite a bit of precious cargo (books are my babies), and I never saw them again. If memory serves, I think I found one or two in the Book Exchange years later but yeah. TBP decimated my Pike collection and then acted as if she had no idea what I was talking about and that nope, those were totally her books or I was crazy, she'd never borrowed anything from me. Much, much later she'd also wind up owing me like $300 on top of that, sleeping with Ari's uncle, trying to screw Ari's then boyfriend while trying to break them up for years later, and then just not bothering to visit Ari ever after she got sick. TBP is her official name and we use it so as not to make any other Penny feel we are cursing them.


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