Jan. 21st, 2017

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I hate it when the breakfast food I'm expecting/hoping for/dreaming of turns out to have died while I wasn't looking. Haaaaaaaate it. Especially when I didn't stop at the store because, "oh, I have that beef at home that I should really eat today before it goes bad." TOO LATE. ;__;

Sigh. In other news, they did start working on the outside of our townhouse yesterday. And did weird things to the gutter and possibly the roof... just in time for it to rain this weekend. If the rain we've gotten so far is any indication, that's not going to be an issue. Is it even rain if it's just a fine mist? Because I say no, that's fog with attitude.
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Only, y'know, I like Yzma. I just wouldn't want to be anywhere near her. Ever. Or under her rule. :P Though with Kronk around... but Trump has no Kronk.

In happier news, Ozma finally took her pill this morning. The pill putty worked remarkably well. I only wish I'd realized that it was a thing earlier and tried it before Mom and I tried to pill her last week and she tried to slit my throat. To be fair, I think if I could've managed to get my hands in the right places at the right time, I could have pilled her on my own. But I couldn't so...eh. Now I know.
And still less painful than trying to pill Bear. Cass and I had to trade days when he had to get pilled for a week for one reason or another. One would hold and the other would pill, and then we'd switch even though it was harder that way (I think I could hold him better) because if we didn't switch, we'd bleed out. :p

Man, I want to see Split but I don't think I a) want to spend the money on another M. Night Shyamalan film and b) have anyone to go with. Also, I don't think I really have the money so I suppose I'll wait it out. But still.

Let's see, what else, what else. Work got those Kandee Johnson Sinful Color nail polishes in annnnnd I swear we've got a huge display and there's no reviews for half of them online. Just the same... seven or so shades over and over. Which is nice to know that I'd be wise to avoid most of those (mattes that basically dent anytime you look at them funny) but it doesn't help me with the other eleventy billion shades in the display. :P
I tried the Revlon Ultra HD Gel lipcolor thingies that have been taunting me for awhile since most of the reviews I've found have been decently positive, and almost all of them mentioned the Butter glosses. I loved those. So I tried the pink shade I bought last week when they were B1G1 at work. And, uh... it's nice. It really, really is. But it fucking smells like peach. Or mango. Or something similar that I hate enough to swear about it. Mango is probably the most likely culprit since I think it's got mango butter or something in it, but so do other things and they don't smell like it, dammit. There aren't a lot of things in this world that I hate almost everything about them, but I'll be damned if peach (and anything that smells/tastes like it) isn't number one on that list.

It appears that the rain is now coming down pretty hardcore. I'm torn on this because I love the rain but it's a pain for so many reasons. Namely, you know, the store.


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