Feb. 5th, 2017

Dammit, PBS

Feb. 5th, 2017 10:07 am
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That's Paperbackswap not the channel. A few days ago I got another ping of "hey, this book you wanted is available!" so I bought a credit and ordered it. And waited.

And waited. You know where this is going, right? Yesterday morning I get an email from the site telling me that my request has been cancelled and that I've got a message from the would be sender. Once more I hear that they ran out of money after sending out 15 books and "maybe next time."

What are the odds of two different people using the same excuse back to back?

I log in and look at the transaction archive (which is something I keep forgetting exists) and sure enough, it's the same asshole as before. And as I scroll through my archive I realize that almost every flake that I've requested a book from and not gotten since August has been this jackass.

And there's no way to block someone so you either have to accept everything and then just nope the hell out of there when you see the name or take your chances. Unacceptable.

So I poked around the site again (double checking the blocking thing) and couldn't easily find a Report Douchebag function, so I sent the Helper on Duty a PM. And a little less than an hour later I get a reply that you can totally report someone for doing this, and here's how, and also the system is still set up to flag people if they cancel too often. Alas, this was all yesterday and I was too tired then (it was way past my I should be asleep time) and I'm too tired now, but after I wake up I'm definitely going to report this wretch. Once was annoying but I could sort of understand, especially if someone happened to be new (when you're super encouraged to post a bunch of books all at once, y'know?) but multiple times, always screwing me over no matter the book? Uh, no. Fuck you, sweetheart.

Let's shift gears to happier topics, shall we? I gave Powerless a whirl and despite my meh feelings towards Vanessa Hudgens the pilot was cute. We'll see how it goes. I also caught up on The Good Place and I'm going to need someone else to watch and then geek out with me, k?

Annnnnnnd let's end on a really good note. Finally made it to Walmart today and I was looking for three things: something to eat because I completely forgot to stop at the grocery store, the new basic Harley DC Super Hero Girls doll, and MH minis I don't have. I found all of that and so much more.

First, I didn't pick up Harley yet because I'd rather spend a little more and get special Wondy (and Super Girl whenever she comes out) but mostly because I hit the clearance section first and found...
Funko Keychains for a buck! I snagged Sadness, Eve (from Wall-E), and Spider Gwen. :D I've been eying Spider Gwen at work (the full size, not keychain) and for a buck? Oh yes. They also had Neon Lights Ball Evie who is lovely, and I snagged six more minis. They were stocking the toy section and I didn't feel like going digging through the big side panel display so I just went through the stuff on the aisle and chose six I really wanted from those.

Stupidly happy about my finds. :D


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