Feb. 9th, 2017

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Apologies, but today we break the rule where you don't discuss your dreams. Not your aspirations, but the weird trip your mind took the last time you closed your eyes for too long. :p

But I'll keep it short and not go into all the whats and hows and then this happened kind of stuff. Basically I dreamt about the cutest little girl ever. In the dream, she ran over to me like Widget used to do when he was small, shrieking my name but in kid-speak, and there were hugs and my evil little heart melted completely. Other stuff happened afterwards but the part that really stuck with me was the little girl and who she was supposed to be. Like Widget, she called me Aunty and for a minute I figured that the boy had another kid. But no, this little girl was definitely mixed and since the other part of the dream (with the little kid, whose name was Liv/Olivia, btw) involved flirting with some dude... I presume Liv wasn't a niece of mine through marriage. Which kinda left Cass.
Annnnnnnnnd I'm gonna need the universe to will that adorable chiblet into being because ohmyglob. But it's not like I can just send Cass a text saying hey, I had a dream where you had the cutest little girl ever and I'm gonna need that to happen sooner rather than later, okay? because it's not like she doesn't have kids because she doesn't want them. Sigh. Soooo... 2017, how's about you lend me some of zallia's magic and poof that chiblet into existence. And then years from now I can tell Cass how I knew it would happen and there was this dream and yes.

Shifting gears, of course AG is having a sale the absolute second I figure out that I goofed when plotting bill payment this month. Of course they are. I'd be more upset but even if I hadn't goofed, I still wouldn't have the money. Self, get a second calendar to keep near the computer for bills. Looking on the computer always runs the risk of you being a dumbass again and looking at the wrong month. Oh, the shame. The shame! Seriously, I felt/feel like such an idiot.

Back to AG briefly: new pictures of things appeared but I'm too lazy to upload/share now, so you can hunt around and find them pretty easily or wait til tomorrow when we discuss why Melody ain't gettin' nothin' for Christmas this spring. I will say Rebecca's dress looks 100% better than the prototype that leaked last year.


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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