Feb. 27th, 2017


Feb. 27th, 2017 05:14 am
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The poodles did not oi already. They instead went completely off the deep end. I mean, who doesn't enjoy TMI )

Naturally this was after Widget and I found out that there wasn't just a little water under the AC and instead we had a small Chelsea sized swimming pool going on and then proceeded to make a huge mess that meant he was in the shower at the exact moment I realized I was not going to make it out of the day without one as well.

Seriously. Yesterday was not my friend.
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Made my (first?) AG purchase of the code. I didn't do my usual backorder roulette because I figure there is a very small chance I will get my Rewards level raised in time for the next round of certificates but I'm pretty sure that you don't get any of your Rewards points until the entirety of your order ships. So if I play my favorite game, I'll do so later.

Also ordered some lights for above the sink because this house eats light and it was never bright there anyway and this morning I finally found a solution pretty easily when I went looking. Usually I wind up with a list of links a mile long and it's a mix of really expensive options or so cheap you know they don't work and it's all a mess and my head starts to hurt and I walk away. I ponied up for next day shipping, too.

My vacation has begun and today is off to a slightly better start than yesterday. I haven't snapped my eye yet and I'm not having a full on Carrie moment so, really, I'm a little hopeful. My plans for today aren't big. I want to clean stuff, basically. Clean my room up, straighten my vanity, clean the cat's stuff, the bathroom, and maybe down here. Shower and laundry are also on the list and we'll see if I manage to get anything done or if my sinus headache roars back the moment I head upstairs.

On the absolute plus side, instead of it hitting the 80's today, the projected high is now in the low 70's. Huzzah!

Okay, I should stop procrastinating and actually start work on my room.


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