Mar. 14th, 2017

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My Birchbox showed up today. I thought it was early but now that I think about it, it usually shows up around the 14th so guess my sense of time is slipping again. Anyway, I rarely look at the spoilers because for me half the fun (more like 3/4 of the fun) is the surprise. But when I opened the shipping box, I noticed that things were moving around a lot inside. Like a lot. I hate that BB switched from the tissue to the foam thing on the bottom because that does nothing to protect the stuff inside.

Sure enough, when I opened the box I was greeted by a shitton of glass everywhere. The perfume sample had shattered annnnnnnnd I don't know about you, but I'm not super big on glass being on my makeup/skincare. Naturally, it was a perfume I'd wanted to sniff but this thing must've shattered before it even left BB because there's no scent left behind at all. None. No TokyoMilk Dark for me and I'd wanted to try it. :( I do wish it was easier to find the "help, my box arrived damaged!" contact info but the chat lady said they'd ship me a new box. Now to hope it's got the same perfume but packaged better. Gotta say, I'm not super thrilled with the rest of the box though, so if z's Ipsy trial is better, I might switch to them for a bit. The rest of the box, in case you or future!me is interested:
a mascara sample I'm 99% sure I've gotten at least once before. (arrow endure water-resistant mascara)
Beauty Protector: Protect and Volume hair mist. I rarely heat style my hair and I'm, again, 99% sure I've gotten this before.
Real Chemistry Fresh Start Foaming Cleanser. This looks interesting.
Manna Kadar Cosmetics Lip Locked in Sienna. Supposed to be a primer, stain, and gloss in one.

The box is pretty at least? I dunno. I know I've said I'm breaking up with BB before and then haven't, but part of that is simply because I like getting mail and part of it is because sometimes they send something really nifty. I think the December box had the joy of being actually a beautiful box (like giftable) and I liked the stuff inside. But then you get a month of meh like this and... really, if I'm getting mascara samples I want them to be something interesting, y'know? So we'll see if Ipsy is more interesting and then we'll likely jump ship.

Shifting gears slightly: anyone got any recs for good matte eyeshadows? Singles, duos, quads, palettes, whatever you've got, I'm interested. I don't normally wear eyeshadow unless I'm spending the afternoon/evening out but sometimes you want the option of wearing them. And I've come to realize that I have some lovely ooooh, shiny! shadows but not a ton of mattes that don't suck. I picked up six of the new Maybelline singles and if I'm honest, only three of them were matte and one of those was teal. :P To be fair, that teal one is amazing and if I felt like hearing "whoa, you're wearing makeup!" seventeen times, I'd probably actually wear that look to work sometime this week. Because it was really pretty. Anyway, mattes. Whatcha got for me? Oh, if you've simply got "oh god, this is horrible, stay away!" that works as well.

I felt like there was another makeup/beauty thing I was going to blather on about but now I've got nothin'. Ah well!

Work kinda kicked my ass in that my relief never showed. And it was a truck morning so I couldn't just let my manager know and skip on out the door because it was just us. Sooooo... I got to wait for truck to be over (luckily just food/cigs and not an actual truck-truck) and then surprise her with my still being there. Half an hour after my shift ended, I got to leave. The really annoying thing? The girl who was supposed to show up was there when I got in last night, so you'd think she'd have said something. I wouldn't even blame her for complaining about having to turn right around and come back because it does suck, but geez. Don't just not show up. Sigh. Also, two of the dayshift employees are no longer around but I dunno if they were fired/quit, or if it was a combo. I know neither was anyone's favorite employee. Of course, this means we're at skeleton crew. Again. Don't fire people if you don't have replacements because you'll burn out everyone else and then they'll quit and you won't have anyone. Or you'll have created a new wave of bad employees because you broke the good ones.

And now to forage for nums.


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