Mar. 30th, 2017

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I don't tend to friend people on FB first. If you ask, I will usually agree if I can figure out who you are and I don't hate you. And once you're in, you're probably in because I'm lazy and also FB feeds are weird and whatever. I've muted a few people because I like my sanity and unfriending can be messy if family or real life ties are going to be affected.

However, today I read something that made me WTF and laugh so hard that I immediately unfriended that dude who hit me up at work and then, when I got home, had sent me a zillion messages even when I'd told him flat out that I don't have FB on my phone and wouldn't be home for hours. You remember that guy, right? (If not, that's what happened.) Anyway, I hadn't sent him packing before because honestly, I tend to scroll past his posts when they do show up (which isn't often) and not realize until much later that oh yeah, that guy. So eh, whatcha gonna do.

But today I stopped to read his post (probably because it was the first thing to show up) and oh honey... Really? He was complaining about being single in a very general way, like he was speaking for the masses, and how it was because there isn't an even number of men/women but that's not due to all the men in prison. Oh no. It's because of all the gay people pairing off. And naturally this leads to homosexuality is wrong and sinners, all of them and some hashtag at the end because why the hell not. Oh, honey... no. I laughed when the first comment was someone saying they hoped he'd grow beyond this point because no, you fuckwit, no. And then other people were agreeing and I just noped out because I don't care enough about your gymrat boring ass to try and get you to stop being so terribly wrong.

And now he's gone and I doubt he'll notice and that's that.

My feet are killing me so it's time to go nap before work.


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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