Apr. 3rd, 2017

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So many things to natter on about and yet I'm pretty sure that if I sit here for much longer my knee is going to refuse to work and then I'll be hosed. Sigh.
First: did my adulting and paid my bills and set up my calendar of things so I don't slip up anywhere (*knocks on wood*) this month and in the process I found out something good and something bad. The something good is that one of my credit limits went up. The something bad is that my Amazon limit was slashed in half. Which is some fuckery right there considering I'd been pretty careful with it but had I not looked at it before the due date, my Amazon Prime membership would've not gone through. So... great job, guys? In a fit of pique, I paid the whole damn thing off and it's getting used for whatever pre-orders are still pending and the Amazon Prime thing and then they can fuck themselves because no.

Second: after all that adulting, I broke out my salad and realized that it had like... a third of what it normally does. So while I was swimming in crouton goodness, everything else was basically missing. I was so, so not happy about that. :/ Look, I don't even really like salad like that but this one, this one is normally so damn tasty and to only get a third of it was just a kick to the senses. WOE.

Third: This is connected to the first, actually. Sometime around episode 3 of my current TV obsession (well, one of them), I ponied up for the HBO thing on Amazon so I could watch Big Little Lies which is worth the money, btw. Or get yourself a free trial and binge the seven episodes and thank me later. Anyway, last night was the finale and oh. My. GOD.
If I said that I was on the edge of my seat throughout a good chunk of the episode, I would not be exaggerating. I had to kind of look away at times because there's a storyline that is just so painful to watch and yet it's also Nicole freakin' Kidman so no, you can't just not watch... if you're me, anyway.
spoilers for real, love. )

I was going to try and clean the downstairs bathroom but I don't feel like it now. My head is still hyped up like "we should totally do that!!!" but the rest of me is giving it a decided no thank you, which means I'm going to feel bad about not doing it.

So maybe later.


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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