Sep. 9th, 2017 08:01 am
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Soooo... I'm guessing, based on the weather report, that we're supposed to spend Monday getting rain and wind and continuing storm surge. It'd be nice if at any time during the hurricane hunting they'd actually just spell it out like, "Hey. Saturday is going to be lovely and cool, a little breezy, but so long as you stay out of the water you'll be fine. Sunday the wind is gonna kick it up a notch and then Sunday evening is when things get... interesting." Something. Anything. Oi.

It's been interesting to gauge people's reactions to Irma around here. Some people are still fleeing while others are just shrugging their shoulders and figuring it's not likely to be all that bad, storm surge aside. I wonder if the church down Bees Ferry is going to go under and stay under again? I hope anyone who lives over that way who had the flooding last year for Matthew either did something to remedy the issue or got the hell out of here. It's also definitely been obvious which people had money or family ties that could help get them out of town because those people are long gone.

Not thrilled with the people who eyed the many signs around the store that let them know we were closing this evening and would re-open whenever possible and then said, "wait, y'all still doin' that?" Um, yes. Most of the people who work at the store do not live on the island and not a one of us wants to be stuck in a new store that was obviously built shoddily with windows that are now at eye-level just so you can get your freakin' cigarettes without bother. Buy extra and wait for us to re-open.

I did find out that my store is on the short list as a priority to re-open. Yay. [/sarcasm]

Shifting gears: if Nanea is going to basically just make everyone shit on Molly all over again, the fandom can go fuck themselves with some flaming pitchforks.

Kay. I'm gonna go take a small nap and then try and do some stuff around the house.


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