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Huh. Well. Unexpected news is unexpected. Kit's getting a Costco bundle this fall and you know what that means: she's probably going to get cubed. See: Caroline and Samantha for precedent.

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I'm not sure what to make of this, honestly. On the one hand, I was always under the impression that Kit sold pretty well (as in top 3), possibly due to the short hair making her less of a threat to parents who wanted to get their kid a doll but not immediately realize that maybe, just maybe, giving a $115 doll to a 3 year old was a mistake. The shorter hair masks that, at least for a bit. (None of this is to say that shorter hair isn't awesome. Because it is. It's just that if I had a buck for each time some mom mentioned Kit's hair as a selling point for gifting her kid the doll, I'd be able to buy a couple of CYO dolls. Yes. It's said that often.) Oh, the sweater is the new item in this bundle.

The lovely lady at Lissie&Lilly does point out that if AG is throwing out past trends and just trying to catch more people's attention, that having Kit be the doll of choice in a Costco bundle makes sense. Unlike Caroline or even Sam at the point they did the bundle, Kit still has a pretty large collection at this point. If gifted with the bundle, a kid isn't going to feel cheated when they go online or in store and look at her section and think that's it?

On the other hand, I haven't been a fan of Kit's BF revamp, clothing wise except for *peeks* her new Meet and her blue dress. *shrug*

So I suppose it's possible she's not getting the cube, or if she is it won't be for awhile. Sam took a year or so. I guess it'll also depend on when/if we're getting a new BF character next year.

There's also a BF sale going on at AG where it's Buy 1, Get 1 50% off. New stuff (like ME's skating set) is included, as are books though I find that unless they're on clearance, AG books are cheaper literally anywhere else.

Oh, and there are 20% off coupons floating around. I got my catalog but not a coupon to be seen. Shocked. I am ever so shocked. /sarcasm

Let's see. Yesterday Loki escaped and was apparently out for hours before he blew his own cover and came down the hall singing. When I eventually tried to take him back upstairs, we were fine until the last few steps when he freaked out and did the rabbit kick to the chest. So much blood. And pain. Ozma and Loki met, officially, and both hissed like crazy. Not sure if they'd ever get along if given enough time or if Ozzie just isn't interested in other animals. My brother swears he's coming to get the kittens this week after the storm passes, so we'll see.

Gotta go spend the next forever and a day updating the laptop, just in case. Also, doing laundry. Could be worse- I could have dish duty, but I'm letting Mums have that joy.

Oh, and gotta haul the trash out. I did take a walk earlier this morning and it was eerily quiet.


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