May. 19th, 2017

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Sometimes I'm reminded that my brother and I aren't quite as different as we seem. Case in point:

The boy and I both reacted to the news of Chris Cornell's death with the same song. For all I know everyone in the universe also immediately got this song stuck in their head at the news, but I'm kinda doubting it.

Annnnnnd I just got hit by a massive wave of deja vu. o_O I'd rather not contemplate the idea that this is just a time loop that's happened more than once. It's sad enough the first go round, y'know?

Sigh. Moving along, let's see. Is there anything I wish to chatter about?

AG's having a Spring Sale and I ordered a couple of things which means I forgot all about my plan to use my Rewards on Z's stuff. Whoops. I snagged two of Samantha's items because for that price I figured why not.

Ordered a shirt for Mums and might've snagged this one for myself. Then [profile] irishgypsie shared the news that Golden Girls Clue is totally going to be a thing. I have a mighty need.

Other things are going on but I don't particularly wish to commit them to memory just now as it'll just get me grumbly again.

Work wise, it sounds like despite making pretty good time on building the actual store, someone is dragging their feet in finishing it so the opening is being pushed back... again. Sounds like June sometime. Look, just so long as you don't push it to July for my week that I've already requested and been given off. Or you can totally do that, just don't expect me to change my plans.
One of the overnight shift leads quit, so we'll be getting someone new. I think K might've actually been fired this time but I won't know til I talk to her again.

My plan for today is sleep. Let's see if I bork that plan completely.


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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