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Oh, look. It's January which means we're inching ever closer to the premiere of Riverdale. You'd think in the however many months it's been since we got our first trailers/peeks at the project I'd have figured out whether I'm interested in watching or not but nope, I am still very firmly on the fence here.

On the one hand, I love me a good cheesy teen show. Clearly. Make it darkity dark for no reason and I'm usually twice as interested. I also happen to be a fan of the Archie characters and when I first heard they were getting a show I was intrigued. However I've never been a big fan of Archie the character. He's easily my least favorite of the group and for the most part I don't get why any girl is interested in him, let alone pretty much the entire town excluding Ethel. Betty and Veronica, even at their absolute worst (and they have their moments) are too good for him 99.9% of the time. Every so often a comic will appear that makes me realize this is probably how I'm supposed to see him all of the time which would explain the appeal but mostly he's just a big slice of no thank you, ma'am and this is from someone with a weakness for freckles and redheads. :P

On the other hand, the world did not need a Grundy/Archie hookup. Like ever. EVER. I don't know if that happened in any of the weirder Archie comics and I don't need to know because that's actually my big hangup here. I know that teen shows tend to go for the teacher/student sex angle but I kind of thought we were beyond that now. Then again, with me being pretty sure Aria/Fitz are decidedly endgame over on PLL, I suppose not. But we should be beyond that because Grundy deserves better. Seriously.
I dunno, man. I just don't know. I've heard too many things that make me think "ugh, really?" to be super excited for this but at the same time... I want to see this trainwreck. Three (well, four since I won't get to see it on Thursday) more days.

Let's see, what else. Spent Friday and Saturday working alone because K is out on walkabout again. I shouldn't complain since her father is sick but she also waited two weeks to go visit and as far as I can tell she only went because her sister in law was going for a mix of vacation and setting up legal stuff. Also, I hate working by myself on the weekends. D: Saturday wasn't so bad because it was pretty dead. I think I had maybe 15 customers after midnight and two of them were employees. All hail the rain keeping people away.

I'm down to maybe three of the history mysteries left from their freebie blowout in November (I think?). I think I'll have to hunt down the ones that weren't included because they scratch the AG itch for the most part.

Hrmm. Was that thunder or just a random thump?


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