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Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale
So many, so many. Um, All Hell Breaks Loose from Charmed is particularly WTF worthy when you take into consideration that by the time it aired, things were uncertain as to whether Phoebe or Prue would be coming back. (All hail BTS tension!) And then you had to wonder if this was going to be a case of recasting the part or what.

 photo jane_whyareyoudoingthis_zps3b44f3e0.gif
Only with more fever dreams.

  Rizzoli and Isles' first season finale left me sitting there, stunned. Even knowing that R&I themselves would be safe, there was no guarantee for anyone else and it was just a relentless kick to the ribs. It didn't help that I was massively sick when watching it, so maybe it loses a little bit of that punch without the illness. But not much since a friend recently started the show and commented on how glad she was that she knew there was another season to immediately jump into because leaving it that way for so long woulda killed her. :P

Day 27 - Favorite series finale
   Golden Girls. It took me eons to see it but um, it's actually pretty damn perfect. In every single, possible way, right down to the cast crying just as much as anyone watching.

Day 28 - First t.v show obsession
 photo tumblr_mlwmocMpJD1qcg1glo1_500_zpsf5e37d76.gif

   I'm sure that as a kid I had a few, as kids really really do. I adored Rainbow Brite, for instance. And I was a hardcore She-Ra fan. But as a semi-adult person who had (occasionally) money of my own to spend on merch and stuff? Charmed. Charmed by a mile. I was fairly content to love it as it was for the first three seasons and then S4 came about and I needed other people to share my incoherent rage at the travesty unfolding before my very eyes.
   And good lord, did I find them. And I engaged in many a heated argument and I made fandom friends and I learned so much about the show that for a few years I was my friends' and family's very own pop-up video of trivia. I can still pop-up a few tidbits if asked or prompted.
   I loved it, I hated it, I wanted my show back, and I wasn't afraid to spend money on it.

Day 29 - Current t.v show obsession
 photo tumblr_mm0r4rpDrY1s930noo1_500_zps6ce4484b.gif
Hanna knows.

   Like I have just one. Ha. Pretty Little Liars is probably my on-going obsession since each episode is so cracktastic that you can't just have one. No, you need more. MORE. I love that originally Spencer was the odd girl out and then somehow (Toby) she morphed into the leader of the group and is just an entirely different character without... actually being a different character. They just figured out how to bring her into the group and then BAM. Toby happened and Spencer found her groove and things just got amazing.

   I'm currently loving Bomb Girls something fierce. Every time I'm ready to write a character off, they do something and I realize how wrong I was, even temporarily. It's not often I love everyone, but I might actually love everyone. This cannot be said enough. Usually there's one character you want to shove into a ditch and never hear from again. Yeah, thus far Bomb Girls has avoided that by carefully taking the time to show another side to whichever character has annoyed me. (So basically Gladys spends half her time screwing up and the other half being awesome.) Which is realistic, since you don't even love your friends all the time so why should you love a television character at all times? Plus sometimes the fashion is nifty.

Day 30 - Saddest character death
  So many choices, really. But when it comes down to it, I have two answers. One is pretty obvious and one not so much.
  I am a geek so the obvious one is Joyce Summers dying during the fifth season of Buffy. Sometimes I walk into something like this and think there's no way it'll affect me the way everyone says it will. And sometimes you just know you're doomed. This one was a bit of a combination, really. I got into Buffy late and was watching the show on DVDs in the middle of the night and I'd heard things about Joyce dying but I figured that knowing it would happen would somehow lessen the sting.
  Yeah, no.

   The other choice is John Ritter's character, Paul Hennessy, on 8 Simple Rules which isn't a show I watched when it originally aired. (I gather a lot of people felt this way based on the ratings.) Thing is, when watching it on ABC Family in the afternoons, I found that it was actually cute for a sitcom. But I always managed to miss the episodes that dealt directly with Paul's death, and I was okay with this because John Ritter's death was one of those celebrity deaths that affected me without me expecting it to. In any case, since I didn't start watching the show until after my father died, I was in no hurry to relive that kind of pain or find the sitcom version of it so lacking in reality. I figured neither option was a good one.
  Then last year during my time off to deal with Dad's death as well as Belle's, I realized we were counting down to it. So. I watched. And it's actually one of the more realistic depictions of death I've seen in fiction. Sometimes the person you love is just gone and unlike a lot of shows, they actually mourned for more than 1.5 episodes. Which, obviously, had to do with having lost their co-star but still. It ripped my heart out just as expected, but I needed it.

 photo tumblr_mm1a1xzdvf1qjqwj6o1_500_zps5beeb77a.gif
I told you, Hanna knows.
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Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show
 photo tumblr_ma7o1lEmPk1rbyuz9o1_250_zps3b784896.gif

   I'm pretty sure that by now you should realize I don't really have guilty pleasures. I'm pretty upfront about stuff I love, regardless of whether other people do too. If not, well, there you have it.

Day 17 - Favorite mini series
  Bomb Girls was originally intended to be one, so does that count? If so, please see my love letter to Bomb Girls.

Day 18 - Favorite title sequence
   Another toss up. I love Charmed's theme music and frequently love their opening credits (some years were/are better than others) but then they lost the rights to How Soon Is Now and we do not speak of what they did to get around that.

   I adore Psych's because they alter it to suit the episode quite frequently. And I am geeky enough to get a serious kick out of that. :p

Day 19 - Best t.v show cast
 photo tumblr_mj84zyXdqy1r2jnbbo1_500_zps9b664d39.gif
*insert she slays me comment here*

   Toss up between Golden Girls and Designing Women with Suzanne and Charlene.
 photo tumblr_mfukk947Up1reg89mo1_400_zps09dd9d4a.jpg
Forever 'pressed that DW isn't as worthy of tumblr love.

Day 20 - Favorite kiss
 photo tumblr_mg9upnwnW11rqpdgpo3_500_zps6283cf6b.gif
Piper has a thing for dead men.

   Not an actual kiss, but Piper/Mark during S1: Dead Man Dating. I cried so hard, you don't even... I can't watch this episode without tearing up, okay?
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Oh, look. It's time for another wall o' text in which I geek out. So if feelings aren't your thing but geekery is, maybe this is for you. Or not. Probably not. Originally I was going to post all thirty at once but then I started rambling and also, there are a couple of questions I still can't answer and I started this a week ago. o_O

I have learned that I am generally not good about picking favorites. Either I'm fickle and it changes so often, or I simply love too much. I'm not sure which it is, so we'll claim the latter, k?

Oh, and If I were to do a Charmed re-watch, who would join in? When would be best for you? We should plan this sucker.

30 days of television

Day 1 - A show that should have never been cancelled
 photo tumblr_ml5rycxbLF1r2vhrgo4_500_zps00173f19.gif
Welcome to Wonder Falls.

   Wonderfalls. And yes, this takes into consideration a billion shows I've loved before and since. It still ticks me right off that this died and I will go to my grave wishing to live in the universe where it got a fair shot.
  I will also go down with the thought that I'd have given back every episode of Firefly (and I love me some Wash) to have gotten a second season of Wonderfalls. I'm still pretty sure that this isn't just in perpetual reaction to every Firefly fan throwing Wonderfalls under the bus like it would help them any. I would most definitely burn Serenity to the ground for a 22/23 episode season of Wonderfalls. But that's mostly because that movie is all kinds of evil.

( I am limited myself to one answer for this but I have an entire bag full of shows I'd happily bring back because of love. I am also not counting BG yet because Canada could repent!)

Day 2 - A show that you wish more people were watching
 photo tumblr_lz4ez1Abjq1qj7z82_zps10a6fdd3.gif
Dammit, Canada, you're supposed to be better than we are.

   Bomb Girls! That's what. Because I'm going to need a third season and Canada is trying to deny me this. What gives, Canada? I thought you were better than that. I mean, you managed to export Rookie Blue for how long and you can't give me more seasons of Bomb Girls? Really? That's how you wanna play this?
  Anyway, back to Bomb Girls.

   WW2. Canadian. Women left behind during the war go to work at a bomb factory (bomb factory!) and friendships are formed, sometimes despite a character's best intentions. I think I love everyone on the show that I'm supposed to, and even the annoying ones have moments where you can't just write them off.
  Also: Betty. My love, she knows no reason. And if Betty doesn't give you life, Vera will.

Day 3 - Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season)
 photo tumblr_ml5rycxbLF1r2vhrgo1_500_zpsfc860a92.gif
 photo tumblr_mj4kprnZRN1s2mnruo1_500_zps13423e20.gif

   Aw, man. I don't even know what shows debuted this season. It's a toss-up between Mockingbird Lane (yes, I wanted this to be a real show so much that I will consider it one) and The Carrie Diaries. Because I love Maggie and Dorrit so much and this thing is going to die on me, isn't it?

Day 4 - Your favorite show ever

   Ever? Ever ever?

  Damn, that is a tough call. A really, really tough call. Do I go with a show I love but doesn't hold up under any sort of scrutiny? Do I go with a show whose final season I will not watch anytime soon because I don't particularly want to see it? What to do, what to do.

 photo tumblr_migpu4Q4AE1s4htrfo1_400_zpsf02dd833.gif
Scrubs is the anti-Psych in terms of changing the opening.

   Scrubs is probably my favorite show of my teen-now life. It is my barometer for whether I give someone a second chance. (Example: Person A says something jerkworthy but then later makes an intentional Scrubs reference. I'm willing to overlook the jerk thing in case it was a one-off. Sometimes it is.)
  I love that 85% of the time it's straight up funny and then the rest, well... you'll cry, you'll wonder if maybe everyone is as insane as they pretend to be, and I've built in some padding for that final season that I haven't watched because it was essentially a spin-off that didn't spin-off.
   This show managed to survive the break-up and not a lot of mutual loves did.

Day 5 - A show you hate

   Um, I have so many and I would hate to step on anyone's toes, so I'll go with a general list for the most part: I hate all Dragonball because I think the art is unappealing and even if I could look past that, it will forever remind me of a super super creepy guy. I know, that wasn't general. Neither is this: Smallville. Forever bitter that better shows fell while this machine kept going. I might be biased though because it and One Tree Hill were both briefly watched by Mums and occasionally I would have to watch while she ran to the bathroom so I could report anything important. And nothing important ever happened on those watches because it was always one of those episodes even the diehard fans are like "ew, no, reject from reality" and it never failed, it was always the same episode on anytime someone I liked would say "you should really give Smallville/OTH a real chance!"
  I tried. They didn't want me to and it just cannot happen now. I'm sorry.
   But those are now mostly idle in my dislike. I reserve my hatred for a good chunk of reality TV. I don't mind competitions as much (and we're not talking the romance ones because that's hardly a competition) but everything else is immediately put on my "no thank you" list and has to earn its way off the list. Which isn't likely because I don't care or have anyone to force me to watch them. :P

Now I'm off to watch TV until the sun comes out or I give up and just see if the camera and I can work some magic on the MH gang.
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Firstly: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

Secondly: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

[ profile] _hallow_, [ profile] agent_alpo, and, anyone, else, who, reads, this (yes. This means you. Right now.)

Annnnnnnnnd there we go. )

Note to self. Potato chips are still not a good breakfast idea. No matter how good the idea seems at the time.
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If things go as planned, I'm going to see Goblet of Fire tomorrow sometime. Until I saw the last ten minutes of HBO's first look, I really didn't care one way or the other. Now? Kinda fangirly. So anyone who sees the movie and tells me entirely too much about it? DIES.

It's rather cold here. People kept coming in, coughing all over the store, and muttering about the cold. Honestly, people. It's not that cold. When we get the kind of days where I shiver and grab a coat then you can bitch. Until then the rest of the country mocks your inability to tell what's cold and what's not.

Ah, memories of the day it snowed in fourth grade and our teacher letting us go outside since it almost never snows here and being the only one perfectly comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.


Hrmm. I'm fine with that, but if we take it the other way I could have answered without lying we turn out to be

Which Pullip Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Rovam and Noir. o_O I'm apparently beyond awesome. Modest aboot it too.

And if you like Melissa McCarthy, she's in this week's In Touch. She's actually the reason I bought it.

Off to update wishlist and check out someone else's. Yes, I'm terribly awesome, but horribly boring. Don't envy me, Argentina.

Remember. If the light is off then it isn't on. Cuz these words of wisdom, the Duffster sings to us nightly at work now. Oh yes. Nightly.
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Dear Entertainment Community,
You have taken an indifference towards Jennifer Aniston and made me hate her. Hate. I tire of seeing her on the cover of tabloids. I found her absurdly fast selling Vanity Fair article to be a bit on the tacky side, and if someone would mind putting her in a box and keeping her hidden away for a few years, I promise I wouldn't complain. If someone does this, could you tuck Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes into the same box? Thank you.

Last night I had the oddest dream. I was in school, sort of, and running late for my last final, and I hadn't studied a bit, which wouldn't have been horrible for the multiple choice part, but any written explinations would have doomed me. On the way to the class, I ended up in this warped version of the mall and there were pullips everywhere. Each store seemed to have their own custom doll even if it made no sense to have a doll in the store to begin with. Oh so weird. It got weirder but I don't remember it.

Work was work. Mr. Bitches was late by about four hours. :p I hate working until eight for a completely new reason. The sun blinds me every damn morning, and it never fails, someone makes me move out of the protective shade of the ATM so that I can show them how to work their debit/credit card. BLIND.

swiped from T )

I don't think I mention that I ended up watching T*Witches on Halloween. I don't know how it happened, but I did. It's always sad when you can spot the badguy a mile away but they don't officially announce it until you've all but given him a black cowboy hat. I wonder how it compares to the series it was based on? Ah, memories of seeing those books on the shelves. Ahh, books. And witches on TV in any form.

Okay. I need sleep. You may resume whatever you were doing and pretend you won't miss me when I'm gone.

Oh, and how cool is this? Yes. I'm still going on about being on Sarah's acknowledgements page. Yes. Yes I am. And will until forever.


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