Feb. 22nd, 2009 02:03 pm
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It's been awhile, so you may need a refresher course.

In case you forgot... )


Meet Sonali. )

More Sonali! )
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It may be Alice's birthday, but she's sharing the spotlight... 'cuz Alice is nice like that.

Alice )

Speaking of...

Brand New Purezza )

DALs )

These bright lights have always blinded me )

And I was wrong about the song. Right now it's this one. Yay?
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The other day was Alice's birthday. Tuesday, to be exact.

It's her party and she'll pout if she wants to.

Lookit who showed up yesterday. Apparently she believes in being fashionably late.
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The twins have landed. The pink one is Sadie and the blue one is Sophie. I think. Unless they pulled a twin switch. Sadie is the one to suggest a nutty scheme, and Sophie's the one most likely to charm their way out of the mess that will always follow.

You all know Alice, of course.

And because it was requested elsewhere, GH: Nolee. Mmmm. Vixeny!
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My back hurts. Ow. This is not good. Obviously.

Anyone who bet on Canadia to get here first wins. Dido is in my grubby paws and come tomorrow I'm sure I'll picture whore. So far I'm happy with all the purple and the bat wings [eeeee!] though I'm still sort of worried since pictures of other people's Didos made me want to burn my eyes. Hrmm. The glitter in her eyes makes her look a little vacant, but I think I'm going to like her very much. But which camp will she join? The not-so-deceased Paja or the nutty ones?


And after however many months, I finally got around to introducing Ands and B to Alice who will then introduce them to everyone else.

For a sea view, I have no need )

Off to sleep. *yawn*
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Part 2:

Did someone say something about a bodyguard? )

Went toy shopping briefly yesterday before dying. Bought Giant Babyz Bratz Jade, Dynamite Nevra and Cloe and Mom immediately guessed that Icy would steal Nevra's outfit. She was right. You'd never know the outfit is purple in the pictures, but at least everything isn't orange. Um, also bought a Jade I shall rename Spinelli. Hrmm, and an accessory set for Barbie that was thirty cents. Pictures and stuff are either already whored, or will be at a later date. Yum.

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I tried but I lied )
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Basically this and Andromeda Snaps are two parts of the same.. um, weirdness? Yeah. I was bored the other day, and figured I'd finish the cosmics' first story, and then decided it'd be nice to see what a normal day with the rest of the girls is like. Turns out normal is a relative term with the minis.

Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you backup. )
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Odd. I got bumped up to mod at the myscene board I frequent. Two days ago. I didn't notice until today. :$

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If I'm ever dating someone and you hear me say, "-name here- said I couldn't spend more than" or "-name- said I couldn't buy -item I want-" or any variation thereof, I want you to smack me and tell me to break up with whoever it is, or call them on the BS. I'm trusting you all to do this. Trusting you.

Do not betray the trust.

Annnnnd now, thank you, [ profile] cheerlessbeauty/Heidi! My books came today and I was so surprised. You found the Elizabeth books! *hugs* Have I told you lately I love you? :D

Pullip Theatre Presents, Waiting for Fanatica )

Tired. Cold.
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My eyes are refusing to focus properly. Oddly enough, if I don't move, I feel really, really good. I'm not sure, but perhaps those pills I swiped from Mom [massive headache on it's way to killer] were not a "take two" as I thought. Maybe one? Thing is, the headache is lingering... and yet I feel like lying down and smiling until I pass out. Woo. Sleep.

Worked nine hours thanks to the freakin' time change.

(hours later)

No longer feeling very spacey. Woe. Sleepy though. Lesse. If I prepare for Cass coming over, she won't. If I don't, she will. I think I've said this before, huh?

Pictures up for sharing. More Alice, although one is actually me blathering on about various things not so much Alice related. Onward!

spooky alice

through the looking glass )
Happy Halloween!
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Okie, this didn't turn out as well as I was hoping, but I need a lamp or twelve in my room to make it worth the time to not use the flash on the camera. Sigh. I promise this won't be a daily thing, but I'm still in that "newly in love" phase...

Alice has fans! Yay!

Alice hears a secret )
The Alice love affair lives on. Stupid work... but I do have Sunday and Monday off, again, so... happy dance!

I wonder if Alice will dress up for Halloween. Need to watch last week's SVU and finish reading Trace [Patricia Cornwell]
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Alice arrived today. I love her already.

go chasing after white rabbits )


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