Sep. 24th, 2017

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In today's AG conspiracy theory world, it's been thought that perhaps the items excluded from the big BF buy 1, get 1 halfsies sale are on the way out. Because I love you all so much and because I am a curious sort, I went through all the BF pages, excluding Nanea because she's excluded from the sale and also the theory because duh, and wrote down what's not included. I will admit that if it was a girl sized item, I didn't bother to note it because that's not my area and to my knowledge none of you are in the market for that stuff either.

We are left with:
Addy's School Outfit
Addy's Lunch Pail
Josefina's Heirlooms
Julie's Roller Skates
Kit's School Lunch
Julie's School Lunch (both lunches are on the clearance price side though)
Rebecca's Movie Dress
Rebecca's Director Set (also think it's clearance priced)
Sam's Bicycling Outfit

I can't say I'm surprised by any of these. I think all of them have been mentioned as being on the To Go list for a bit, or fall under the umbrella of the doll being archived/cubed/whatever. Sam's bicycling outfit has been on sale SO much that at this point the only people who don't have it that want it are either new and thus missed the sales or didn't happen to have the money during any of the previous sales.

I do wish AG's site would tell me if I've already ordered something. Sort of like Amazon tells you that you ordered -whatever- on -whenever- and then offers to show you the invoice. Then again, I also wish AG's site didn't suck in general so asking for specialties just seems a bit much. The reason I say this is I don't recall whether I ever ordered Julie's Skates for Ivy. My gmail search isn't turning up anything but that doesn't mean anything since half the time AG sends my confirmation to another email that I don't really use that often and searching that is impossible.

Shifting gears completely, why do drugstore lipsticks almost all seem to have some weird scent? The other night at work I was eyeballing two Rimmel lipsticks that have been calling my name all week and I found my coupons so I caved. But Rimmel's lip stuff smells like roses or chemicals and I'm not normally the type to complain about the scent but holy Jesus, I could not get used to the glosses and their chemical scents. I also could not buy certain lipsticks because that particular color/line was just jacked up to 11.

So then I wandered down the cos wall and realized most of the lines have a scent or twelve going on. Maybelline has that weird play-doh thing going on for their regular lipsticks, the elixirs smelled like death (nyargh), but I don't really remember what the liquid lipstuff smells like. Not as bad, if memory serves. Revlon used to smell (and taste) like chemical hell, but I don't really recall anyone mentioning that lately. Their balms smell like what they say on the package, the crayons feel minty but I don't recall the scent if they have one. One of their lines smells like mango or peach or something and so I die because I can't stand those scents but the formula is awesome. Woe. L'Oreal smells like old lady died in church. I mean, it's the Rimmel scent dialed up to 137.

Which leaves us Covergirl, where the crayons have a scent and so does the Oh, Sugar! line but I don't recall the regular lipsticks one way or the other. But then again, CG does still have the single most scented foundation in drugstore so they aren't immune to scenting things. :p WnW is probably the only one I don't really remember a scent at all.

So maybe it's less "why do they all smell" and more of a "why do they all smell like things I do not like"... :P


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