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Ugh. Pollen already?! Yes, my friends, climate change is real and it sucks and I'm going to kick the next person to rejoice at early spring. I'm going to kick them so hard their bones shatter.
So a quick trip down ugh, I feel awful alley: My face feels like someone punched my sinuses, my ankle is still shrieking at me (I really hope next week clears it up), my legs are not happy and my Valentine's gift of a period preview means my back is also not happy. Woe is me.

Anyway, I read the two AG mysteries I ordered (Melody's got me an extra month of Prime free since it showed up a day late for some odd reason) and I have thoughts.

Melody in the mystery of The Lady's Slipper and spoilers abound! )

Maryellen in the mystery of The Runaway. Spoilers. )

Overall I am underwhelmed by them, but there's still a small hope that Julie's will be interesting, whenever I get around to getting/reading it.

Oh, and I did read Tenney's first book and really only had one problem with it. Spoiler. Duh. )

To be fair, I'm not really sure how any newer AG book would fare considering I just finished my last of the history mysteries I snagged back in November. Most of those are stupidly well written and give the warm fuzzies even though I'd never read any of them before. Also, warm fuzzies is a bit weird to say given the content of some of them but there you go.

Worth a read, any of them, but I don't think I'd pay full price for any of them. Luckily, I did not. :p

Now. Toy Fair. Who's got pictures and info?

Dammit, PBS

Feb. 5th, 2017 10:07 am
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That's Paperbackswap not the channel. A few days ago I got another ping of "hey, this book you wanted is available!" so I bought a credit and ordered it. And waited.

And waited. You know where this is going, right? Yesterday morning I get an email from the site telling me that my request has been cancelled and that I've got a message from the would be sender. Once more I hear that they ran out of money after sending out 15 books and "maybe next time."

What are the odds of two different people using the same excuse back to back?

I log in and look at the transaction archive (which is something I keep forgetting exists) and sure enough, it's the same asshole as before. And as I scroll through my archive I realize that almost every flake that I've requested a book from and not gotten since August has been this jackass.

And there's no way to block someone so you either have to accept everything and then just nope the hell out of there when you see the name or take your chances. Unacceptable.

So I poked around the site again (double checking the blocking thing) and couldn't easily find a Report Douchebag function, so I sent the Helper on Duty a PM. And a little less than an hour later I get a reply that you can totally report someone for doing this, and here's how, and also the system is still set up to flag people if they cancel too often. Alas, this was all yesterday and I was too tired then (it was way past my I should be asleep time) and I'm too tired now, but after I wake up I'm definitely going to report this wretch. Once was annoying but I could sort of understand, especially if someone happened to be new (when you're super encouraged to post a bunch of books all at once, y'know?) but multiple times, always screwing me over no matter the book? Uh, no. Fuck you, sweetheart.

Let's shift gears to happier topics, shall we? I gave Powerless a whirl and despite my meh feelings towards Vanessa Hudgens the pilot was cute. We'll see how it goes. I also caught up on The Good Place and I'm going to need someone else to watch and then geek out with me, k?

Annnnnnnd let's end on a really good note. Finally made it to Walmart today and I was looking for three things: something to eat because I completely forgot to stop at the grocery store, the new basic Harley DC Super Hero Girls doll, and MH minis I don't have. I found all of that and so much more.

First, I didn't pick up Harley yet because I'd rather spend a little more and get special Wondy (and Super Girl whenever she comes out) but mostly because I hit the clearance section first and found...
Funko Keychains for a buck! I snagged Sadness, Eve (from Wall-E), and Spider Gwen. :D I've been eying Spider Gwen at work (the full size, not keychain) and for a buck? Oh yes. They also had Neon Lights Ball Evie who is lovely, and I snagged six more minis. They were stocking the toy section and I didn't feel like going digging through the big side panel display so I just went through the stuff on the aisle and chose six I really wanted from those.

Stupidly happy about my finds. :D
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Thanks to [profile] tanz_fanatika, I fell down the Christopher Pike nostalgia hole again. Technically I'd already sort of fallen because I found one of my copies of Fall Into Darkness and was re-reading it while waiting for my Kindle to charge but still.

Sooooooo... I went with Spellbound next as it was the book I remembered younger me staying up and wondering what if? after I read it the first time. I also remember a fair amount of the plot, including the twist.
Spoiler? )
Overall? Not a bad re-read. Oh, and if we're playing "spot the Pike within a Pike reference" game, it's Karen and Jason going to see The Blind Mirror.

Since that went so well, I asked the bookcase to suggest another, preferably not one of the series since I didn't want to read multiples last night, and it coughed up See You Later. Unrelated to the actual story, I'm going to assume this is one That Bitch Penny* walked away with and that I had to replace because I'm pretty sure I'd never have let my copy get down to two corners ripped off. So this probably came from a Take A Book, Leave A Book thing or maybe the quarter bin at the Book Exchange.
SYL is one I remembered parts of very well and then the rest I either mashed together with another book or remembered wrong entirely, so that was a fun re-read.
Pike within a Pike: Mark's game is called The Starlight Crystal. Chaneen is indeed the Queen of the Universe.

Spoilers? ) Finally, the only way to win the game is not to play continues to be one of my favorite things.

*TBP - I've mentioned my dislike of TBP quite a few times but in this context it's because in high school, she used her friendship with Ari to get me to loan her quite a few Pike books. Which meant I had to come to school early, carrying quite a bit of precious cargo (books are my babies), and I never saw them again. If memory serves, I think I found one or two in the Book Exchange years later but yeah. TBP decimated my Pike collection and then acted as if she had no idea what I was talking about and that nope, those were totally her books or I was crazy, she'd never borrowed anything from me. Much, much later she'd also wind up owing me like $300 on top of that, sleeping with Ari's uncle, trying to screw Ari's then boyfriend while trying to break them up for years later, and then just not bothering to visit Ari ever after she got sick. TBP is her official name and we use it so as not to make any other Penny feel we are cursing them.
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I've finally finished struggling with 13 Ways Of Looking At A Fat Girl. I won, book. You lose! I knew when I put it on my Goodreads list that it was going to be a struggle. Sometimes you just know. But still, the review I read made it sound like one of those books that isn't easy, but that you enjoy on some level, or that you should read. I don't fully remember which, and also I was promised some humor and the ability to identify.

Self, you've gotta stop adding books to read at 4am on your lunch break at work. That version of you is an idiot. She chooses bad books because magazine reviews are damn lies.

13 Ways is a painful read if you are or have ever been a fat girl. At first it starts out in a cringy but relatable way and you think to yourself that maybe the reviews were right. Maybe!
And no. As the short stories continue, Elizabeth (or Lizzie, Liz, or Beth, she keeps changing her name) becomes more and more miserable. She eventually loses a lot of the weight and then obsesses over not gaining it back and naturally this is just the most fun ride ever. You see her cycle through a series of relationships until she finds a keeper, only to lose him, though I'm not entirely sure what brings about the end. I mean, I know it's because she's so wrapped up in her destructive eating that there's no room for a husband or even herself but it's handled very... strangely. Elizabeth seems to basically hate everyone except maybe, maybe her husband, and even then you don't really see too much feeling for him so it's hard to say. But she's especially harsh on other women, particularly anyone she works with. Yet we go from her judging the shit out of her manicurist to moving out and living with a coworker she seems to despise as she runs away from her marriage.

The whole book feels off kilter somehow and I didn't enjoy it beyond a few things in the first story. There are moments in that one where you connect and it's nice to have someone else share an opinion/thought/feeling you've had. But as the stories continue, things get more difficult to relate to. Either because you can't or because it's painful to do so.
And then I just stopped being able to connect at all. By about halfway through the book, she's just miserable all the time, and in sort of denial about it. No one really says anything to her, and I suspect that it's because they've tried off page to do so and she's just gone on the attack. She's a miserable person who becomes pretty horrible to other people, if only in her head, and I'm left wondering why. Why the book was written the way it was, why it's getting all this amazing press, why, why, why.
There's a story towards the end that would almost be funny if it hadn't followed endless stories that were so damn miserable so that by the time you reached it, you'd forgotten what funny could be. The final story is odd and I don't blame people who've said that this book ends without hope for Elizabeth. I kind of see some light about to go off above her head, but it could honestly have just been my relief that the book was about to be done. So maybe the light was all in my head.

Tl;dr: hyped book fails to live up to the hype, gives me something new to be paranoid about instead.

I cheated on 13 Ways with Truth or Hair and it was cute. I'd like to see more Poppy, please. Which isn't really a phrase I thought I'd ever say but there you are. And Sparrow's a redhead if the O'Hairs are so there's a little nitpick. I wasn't too fond of the ending because it felt pretty tacked on, but for something that gave the twins some damn characterization, I'll be kind.

Now, apparently today is a kitten visitation day so I've got some time to kill. Maybe I'll resume my MH blather? Saw two or three bunnies out on my walk with the dog, which has nothing to do with anything other than bunnies!
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Yesterday we went bitter, so today we go with "sounds like it would be bitter but somehow isn't."

Do yourself a favor. If you only force yourself to listen to one of these T&S songs, listen to this one. I think it's honestly the prettiest of them all. It's gorgeous, even on tinny phone speakers.

  Odds are good that sometime or another you've gone and been a fool for love (or what you thought was love) so universal appeal right there. Sometimes it really isn't you. Sometimes you just wind up in the wrong relationship and nothing can save that, no matter how long you hold on.

The way I did behave is sung kills me each and every time, as does the foolish heart bit. Every. Time.

Trust me this one time. It's three minutes or so of your life that you won't miss. If you're in need of an 80's fused muse, you might even get a plot bunny or two. Just me? Well, fair enough.

I Was A Fool

Do you remember I searched you out
How I climbed your city's walls?
Do you remember me as devout
How I prayed for your calls?

I stood still is what I did
Love like ours is never fixed
I stuck around, I did behave )

I'm the only one hanging out here in happy land, aren't I? I suppose it's to be expected but still. Sadness. Sadness for your ears to not be experiencing the same levels of happy that I am.

So many plot bunnies are being born that all I've got is a sea of words in my brain, swirling around so fast that I haven't a clue as to what will actually come of it. But something will. I'm just not sure what it'll be.

I'm not a loser.

Onwards: My CD and stuff finally arrived yesterday. After 7pm. Way to cut it close on that whole "before 8pm, guarenteed!" thing, UPS. I don't understand why everything else will show up at 3 or 5 but not this. :P It's a good thing I didn't hold off on the shower so I'd have ~music~ or else I'd have gone to work with soaking wet hair instead of merely damp.

That sound you heard maybe five minutes ago was the sound of my weekend plans imploding. That's right. The one time I didn't have any intention of backing out of said plans and was looking forward to them? They go up in a puff of smoke. Hilarious, life. For some reason having the plans delayed a week doesn't inspire a sigh of "thank goodness" and is instead "meh. Do not particularly wish to go now."

I might spend too much time with cats.

Reading the first of the newer Monster High books. Aside from the superficial aspect where the art tends to give poor Rochelle a serious case of bobblehead-itis, I keep stumbling over Robecca's bees knees and similar exclamations. For someone who was disassembled a hundred years ago, I'm not really getting that vibe from her speech patterns. Which is vexing me far more than it should. That aside, enjoyable and I do like that it has artwork and not just text. Because I'm five years old at heart, I guess.

Might as well just continue to edit for funsies! Sometimes I kind of think I'm losing my mind. People will say something and I'll just stare blankly. Sometimes this turns out to be their fault and not mine (they'll confuse conversations and there's no way I should know what they're talking about) but sometimes it's like someone else was at the helm of my brain. Disconcerting to say the least. o_O

Also, it is lonely to fangirl alone. I'll remember this the next time someone else is fangirling and has no one to keep them company.
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*hums* GUYS. Guess who got a comment on one of their reviews from the author in question? This chick, that's who.


Tomorrow my Amazon package should arrive. Which... probably won't help you if you're avoiding the song of the day from me. :P But you'll deal. I think. Probably? You will. It's true. Much like I will one day get over the fact that I have no one to squee with, so... y'know. Stuff.

What else?

Oh, work was robbed on Sunday! I wasn't there, obviously, since Sunday is one of my days off. When I found out about it yesterday, I might've cackled once I realized everyone was okay. Why? Because we switched security guards because of safety concerns (as in people didn't necessarily feel safe with the two we had. I personally felt safe enough with the one who napped because anyone who dismisses being shot as "not a big deal" is obviously the person you want between you and a gun, k?) and a little over a week later we get robbed for the first time in years. Dying here. I'm dying on the inside from the irony levels.

I was apparently just so hopped up on that little bit that I looked up ExR a few minutes ago. (I know.) I don't know why other than yesterday's look back and an upcoming one had me thinking. I come across like a stalker, right? )

Now, to find someone who thinks I'm pretty awesome and that I feel the same way about. That'd be fun.

Just in case you think I might be too happy despite any number of reasons to not be, my right wrist is trying to kill me. I've no idea what I did nor do I know how to fix it. It's not fun.

Still, all in all I'm sittin' pretty. Anyone want to join me? Or maybe write me a story to read when I'm at work or get home from work? That'd be the most awesome thing ever. I've got cookies.

Book reccs.

Dec. 8th, 2012 01:06 pm
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Things I have learned today:
Walgreens Nice Iced Ginger cookies taste horrible. I'm giving the rest of the package to Mums. Maybe she or the Widget will like them. (So why did I eat three cookies before making this decision?)

The Fudge Kit I bought at work was less work than my usual fudge recipe (it's like they shrunk that one down, honestly) but the bits that were left in the pan don't taste as yummy as my usual recipe. I'm thinking my initial "there isn't enough sugar or butter in this. My arteries aren't screaming for mercy!" reaction may be correct, but it's still setting. As it is, I'm pretty sure I'm going to wind up buying the ingredients for my fudge and killing my arm to make it. Mmm. Fudge.

The humidity around here is making my ornaments take forever to dry. But I know they will. Eventually. One day. (I knew this already but hey.)

In SV land, I find it's not the holidays until I have read The Evil Twin, The Return of the Evil Twin, and Magic Christmas. Some years I read the mini series leading up to Evil Twin but most years I don't. I always try to leave one of these three for Christmas Eve reading because as twisted as I am, that's what makes the holiday. That and a Psych holiday special, a viewing of The Family Stone and enough jam thumbprints to kill a person. Usually I try to make it Evil Twin or Magic Christmas as The Return is more of a New Year's story.

I'm pretty sure most SV fans have read The Evil Twin, but let's take a moment to discuss The Magic Christmas. Maybe this will be the year I learn what it's a rip-off of?

Liz and Jessica are given dolls by their grandparents. Neither is all that thrilled because they're 12 and too old for such weird dolls. Each doll comes with a poem, and despite the fight the twins are engaged in come Christmas (always and forever, man) they come up with the same answer at the same time. When they do, the dolls come alive and hobble off to return to the realm. The twins follow and are sucked into a strange land, each with the doll turned young prince who is essentially their twin but in prince form.

Mermaids, unicorns, flying leaves, and an evil wizard all play big roles in the book and things are just so completely over the top and fabulous that I have to love it. There's a cameo by Amanda and Samantha from the Wakefield Saga (ee!) and the twins learn the true meaning of Christmas. Or twinhood.

And Lila ends up with an even uglier doll.

In the grand hierarchy of holiday SV books, I figure this one is right after Evil Twin and above Return.

We also enjoy Big for Christmas, where the ripoff is obvious in the title alone. A Christmas Without Elizabeth is... special (I'd rather know how the Valley would be different without Jessica), and The Year Without Christmas is Jessica being her shallow best.

We don't know why we are suddenly we but there you go.

Fudge should be set. Wish me luck.
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   Let's talk about books, shall we? I blew the last of my fun money (without realizing it, mwerp) on Caroline's (the new AG, remember?), book set. Since the money was already gone, I dove right in and only kicked myself a few times over the error. I'd been a little cautious since the last new Historicals' had some awful artwork (I still feel horrible saying this since art is subjective and the artist's other work seems to be nice but whatever was done to the pieces used for the book series is just criminal) and I have no desire to have the doll... but everyone kept going on and on and ON about how good this series was.

  And I do love a good American Girl book. Then Amazon had it on sale for a little over $20 and my Amazon Prime trial is still good so...

Holy cow, that's a lot of pink. A LOT of pink.

Not a lot of spoilers but hey. I'm considerate. )

Anyway, if you do pick them up, do yourself a favor and do not read the back cover for any of the books. Spoilers like WHOA, man.

Ooh, Cass says my order will be in tomorrow. :D *dances* Halloween glee will be upon us all!

I give

Sep. 23rd, 2012 08:38 am
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I've racked up quite a fine trying to finish this fucking book, so you lot are going to share my suffering, okay? Okay!

Let's start at the end: I think this will be my final Anita Blake book. I've never been all that fond of Anita herself, but I was intrigued by the world LKH dreamt up. When she put her mind to it, the woman could do creeping dread really well, and early!Anita might not be someone you'd ever want to call a friend but you'd be glad she was out there fighting the good fight, catching the bad guys and all that.
Since I read the Merry books first, I had no real issue with the sex when Anita finally began having some... and even when some turned into a lot, so long as there was a plot elsewhere, I had no real issue.
Then her wires got crossed and all plot seemed to escape while the sex went on and on forever. Boring sex! Meh. STILL. I'd come to give a damn about some of these characters and I either wanted to see them again (Damian, Edward, Asher) or I wanted them to be redeemed (Dolph, Richard) so... I hung around.
But with each book, I began to hate myself a little more. I began to hate LKH a lot. I was ready to give up and then the sex cut back and plots were sort of reintroduced to the story! Hallelujah!

Yeah. No. No they weren't. Coupled with the fact that Anita is the biggest fucking monster in the series these days and LKH is either pulling the biggest con ever (I don't think she's that talented, sadly) or is too blind to see the fact that her heroine is now decidedly the bad guy? I'm out. This book exemplifies almost all the reasons why.

I may pretty the thoughts up later, but as it is... )

You are a terrible character, Anita Blake. Earlier you would kill current you and run screaming from everything that made you a possibility as her future.
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Book meme ganked from [ profile] she_who_dares:
It's long. )

Which is actually not the book rambling I intended to do, but of course now I can't remember what I'd originally set out to blather on about. Isn't that just the way? Though this did remind me that it's getting time to go through my books and reorganize them again. When I go on a comfort book reading binge, I don't tend to put them away. Which creates problems on the bookshelf and problems in my room when the books pile and then fall. My babies!

  I realized yesterday that I have completed my Sweet Valley High collection. It's not complete-complete in that I'm done with it forever and a day, but complete in that for the main SVH series, I own a copy of every book. Every book. I have a few that I want to upgrade (#41 for instance), and I fully intend to acquire the various re-issues and original covers for the books that came that way. But for now, and it's actually been this way for awhile, I have every SVH book.
   I am also only one book away from having the entirety of SVU, and I would have had that done already except the book that's standing between me and completion is a really awful book. (Chloe's Love Diary.) I'm not sure if I 'need'/want any upgrades for SVU. Something to look into when my room is cleaner and I have space to put them all down on the floor and compare. Yes. I'm that kind of book nerd.
  In large part, this is thanks to [ profile] ithinkitisayit and especially [ profile] luxken27. *throws confetti*

In other news, my brother owes me $37. Do not let me forget this. Also, my credit limit went up. Huzzah! Now, I should probably straighten up in here a little, then a smidge in my room, and then take a shower.

Book times!

Jun. 7th, 2011 06:58 am
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I finally finished Don't Breathe A Word last night. To repay me for this, my brain kindly spent the next five hours spinning out one nightmare after the other, all of which had to do with the book. Excellent. The cover kind of creeps you out if you look at it too long, which I imagine is the whole point.

What they tell you:
On a soft summer night in Vermont, twelve-year-old Lisa went into the woods behind her house and never came out again. Before she disappeared, she told her little brother, Sam, about a door that led to a magical place where she would meet the King of the Fairies and become his queen.

Fifteen years later, Phoebe is in love with Sam, a practical, sensible man who doesn’t fear the dark and doesn’t have bad dreams—who, in fact, helps Phoebe ignore her own. But suddenly the couple is faced with a series of eerie, unexplained occurrences that challenge Sam’s hardheaded, realistic view of the world. As they question their reality, a terrible promise Sam made years ago is revealed—a promise that could destroy them all.

The reality:
  Don't Breathe A Word offers up two explanations for what happened to Lisa all those years ago.

   One: Fairies are real and are drawn to Lisa's family tree. For generations they have interfered and done horrible things because they could and they wanted to do so. Their interest ensnared Lisa and threatens to destroy the hard won happiness Sam and Phoebe have found with each other.

   Two: Lisa's disappearance had nothing to do with fairies and was, instead, a result of a very twisted family tree and a secret that was already hard at work destroying cousin Evie fifteen years ago. Humanity is sicker and far more sinister than truly given credit for and needed no help in abducting a young girl and then slowly destroying her in the ensuing years.

  The book walks a fine line between the two explanations for most of the story. The first third of the book leans heavily towards Fairies are real, while the second third details the ways in which it would be so much worse for this to simply be humanity acting on all the urges that should never be encouraged. The final third is tricky and left open to interpretation. It's also the section that's going to do your head in.

Spoilers, baby. )

Ultimately it's a creepier read than you might expect, especially given the blurb, although the cover does warn you.
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I have a million things I want to do, and probably should do, but sadly I am exhausted so they will have to wait. I'm hoping that I'll wake up sometime mid-afternoon and have time to work on my to-do list, but until then, have a mini-rant and some useless trivia. Huzzah!

  Work would have been pretty much perfect except that around 5:30 this morning, the guy who used to deliver our newspapers came by for the third time and he went off because the store was still closed. Dude, they were doing the floor. It takes time to dry. The first time we were outside because we couldn't get back in until one of the aisles dried. The second time the floor was still wet and the registers were down because hello, thunderstorm. Third time he just starts screaming what bullshit this is and he's directing his anger my way. And no one fucking said anything. Fuck you, floor cleaning dudes. But majorly fuck you, Syd Wilson, paper-douche. Really, you seemed to be under the impression that bitching at me with the fun words would somehow magically make it so that I would risk fucking up the floors just to sell you your cigarettes. Uh, no.

And had I thought about the fact that I could have probably reached them without needing to go behind the counter, I still wouldn't have because by this point I was ready to tell you to fuck off and never come back to the store when I was around.

Had you been nice and understanding, I would have called you back when I realized I could probably reach the cigs, or get someone who could, and then rung you up on a different register. But your screaming? Yeah. It rattled me. So the next time I see you, you'd better apologize. Or else I'm not ringing you up then, either.

Self: the next time you go looking for books Susan Wittig Albert wrote for Sweet Valley, just look here:
* Standing Out, Sweet Valley Twins #25, Bantam, 1989
* April Fool, Sweet Valley Twins #28, Bantam, 1989
* Princess Elizabeth, Sweet Valley Twins #30, Bantam, 1989
* Jessica On Stage, Sweet Valley Twins #32, Bantam, 1990
* Mary is Missing, Sweet Valley Twins #36, Bantam, 1990
* War Between the Twins, Sweet Valley Twins #37, Bantam, 1990
* The Twins Get Caught, Sweet Valley Twins #41, Bantam, 1990
* Elizabeth's First Kiss, Sweet Valley Twins #43, Bantam, 1990
* Mademoiselle Jessica, Sweet Valley Twins #46, Bantam, 1990
* Mandy Miller Fights Back, Sweet Valley Twins #48, Bantam, 1990
* The Twins' Little Sister, Sweet Valley Twins #49, Bantam, 1991
* Elizabeth the Impossible, Sweet Valley Twins #51, Bantam, 1991
* The Slime that Ate Sweet Valley, Sweet Valley Twins #53, Bantam, 1991
* Coco Crazy, Sweet Valley Twins #55, Bantam, 1991 (Actually: Brooke and her Rock Star Mom)
* Giovanna's Secret, Sweet Valley Twins #60, Bantam, 1991 (Ciao, Sweet Valley)

Some of those are pretty awesome. (Why yes. I am looking at you, Mary is Missing and Mandy Miller Fights Back) Now. If you'll excuse me, I have to go pass out as I attempt to finish Mourning Gloria.
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Bagels do not taste right to me unless I am eating them in a hotel at some ungodly hour in the morning. If pressed, it's probably just the ungodly hour of the morning that I require, as I could easily scorch some coffee to make things smell right.

My head hurts. It didn't until I came home and the orange terror started screaming that he hadn't been fed. Then my head went from "You should probably eat and get out of the pollen" to "I KILL YOU ALL NOW!"

So I'm off to read (finally) Black Magic Sanction. I did read The Ghoul Next Door, the second in the Monster High series, yesterday. Two and a half, maybe three hours. It was really good, all things considered. It had more Lagoona, Clawdeen, Draculaura, infinitely more Cleo, oh and Ghoulia. Also, I still love Candace, even if I still imagine her as Candace from Phineas and Ferb for some odd reason. It makes her three times as funny.

Hopefully a nap will help the brain so I can get up and clean up my bookcases. Also, probably the kitchen. But mostly the bookcases. Did I ever mention that I had achieved my goal of having bookcases spanning the length of the hallway from my room to my brother's room? Granted it's not a particularly long hallway or anything, but I did it. Books!


Apr. 2nd, 2011 12:21 pm
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There were two things I loved about SVC. Only one is keeping me from setting the book ablaze.
Pics or it didn't happen. )
  The other has to do with cake and the Wakefield parents. :P
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  I'm more than halfway through this and my very limited review thus far? Two versions.

What the shit is this?!


ETA: Finished. I don't often speak to my books, but I was reduced to What the blue fuck is this shit?! by the end. I... what? WHY? Who thought this was a good idea? Where were the fact checkers on this project? How hard is it to open a friggin' google search for these things?

For fuck's sake, man.

I need a drink. A lot of them.


Mar. 31st, 2011 12:43 pm
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You know what we haven't done lately? We haven't had me cram a book down your throat.

Let's remedy that, shall we?

Paranormalcy- Kiersten White


  If you read the back of the book, ignore it. I can't really see how it ties into Evie's story at all, really. It's selling you a book that it does not deliver. That said, Paranormalcy is a really good read if you like your heroines funny and equipped with a sense of self-preservation. I can't tell you how many books I read where our star is an absolute idiot when it comes to keeping themselves alive without divine intervention. And we're not talking about the ones who are supposed to risk their lives in big, epic showdowns on a regular basis, okay? We're talking the little battles that could be avoided if our hero/heroine had the extra braincells to rub together to not run full stop towards danger for funsies.

  Evie lives and works at the International Paranormal Containment Agency, or IPCA, where she helps tag vampires, werewolves, and other things that go bump in the night. Not kill them, merely help IPCA keep tabs on them. Usually by slapping an ankle monitoring device on them. Of course, there are a few tweaks to this device, like holy water for the vampires to keep them from biting people or blowing off their assignment. Whatever.
   It doesn't take long to realize that all Evie knows about 'normal' kids her age she's learned about from watching television. As such, she's got a skewed basis for normal, which should either strike you as endearing or annoying. If it's the latter, odds are good you're going to check out now. What else doesn't take long? For Evie's world to be turned upside down. A paranormal no one can identify breaks into IPCA and refuses to talk to anyone other than Evie, and even then he doesn't say anything helpful. Until Evie goes out to tag a vampire and is nearly killed by an angry mob of vamps. When IPCA returns after Evie's escape, which has serious consequences, all the vampires are dead, but there's no visible reason as to why.

  Mystery guy confirms that paranormals all over the world are being hunted but no one seems to know anything. Instead of working with Mystery Guy, IPCA ignores the warning signs that are piling up. Remember Evie's rescue? Yeah. She was forced to call her psychotic sort of ex boyfriend, Reth, to rescue her. He's a faerie but he's one of the more frightening types that have been showing up more and more over the years. Evie isn't nearly careful enough with her commands with him and, well... I can't ruin it all. But suffice it to say, Evie is pretty sure that IPCA's reliance on faeries is a Very Bad Thing. And I doubt you'll disagree before it's all over.

And then the mystery paranormal killer hits a little too close to home and all hell breaks loose.

Say what you will, but the idea of a woman ablaze is frightening enough for me even before... )

Oh. And ignore the quote from Aprilynne Pike who is all swoonage over Reth. Reading that quote makes me doubt her braincell capacity. And usually I like the third wheel in any given love triangle, but... No.
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Why did I not know of this blog's (oh, how I loathe that word) existence? BSC AG. It compiles the trivia into useful information. You accumulate knowledge of just exactly how many different varieties of candy Claudia has stashed around her room, or how many fights the BSC has had, or how many different kids attend SMS.

How did you spend your 2:30am-6am hours? Asleep? At work? Perhaps listening as numerous shots were fired into the night, not believing at first that they were, in fact, gunshots, and having it confirmed by the police officer working as security in your store as he called it in? Oh yes. There was a shooting at the gas station next door where the Saturday parties usually are. Apparently the shots continued down Folly and there was an accident where one person died at the scene. It was so weird watching the cops put their little markers next to casings across the street.

Random thought while flipping through a tabloid: One of them was bitching about BEP Fergie's alleged plastic surgery. Because I don't care enough to search for pictures on the 'net, I'm not sure how accurate the picture they chose to use is. They said she was pretty unrecognizable and I have to seriously disagree. In the picture they used (I lied. I spent two minutes looking for it. Didn't find it. We'll all deal.) she looked like what I would have expected her younger, KI-self to grow up to look like. So either it was a one off pic that happened to work out or whatever she did/didn't do worked. For at least that picture and my mental picture of her. And now I'm off to watch TV with Mums.
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The bad.
I'm awake. I should have gone to bed already. The truck is going to be in the shop for awhile. Hopefully the boy is mistaken about this (this is where one of you is magical, k?) b ut even if he isn't, paying for the fix is going to be difficult. Ari still hasn't gotten back to me on the whole being able to give me a ride to/from work tomorrow. Normally I wouldn't mind another night off work, I just feel weird about calling out. Again. Mostly that's because the past two weeks my paychecks have been wrong and I don't really want to have to go through a third week of them being wrong. (Which bugs me. The first week is understandable, but I was there when the second week was being put into the computer. If you felt weird about using a vacation day for the Worst Vacation Ever, why didn't you just ask if that's what I wanted done? Also, apparently it wasn't even that. It was not paying me for a night when I was definitely at work. WTF. Payroll. You're doing it wrong. Bonus because the night in question was a night the person doing payroll worked.)

The good.
  My blanket is warm and toasty. It's like being hugged without having to worry about my breath or my hair getting in someone's face. Just mine. Sweet Valley Confidential has shipped. :D I'm so excited for something that I'm pretty sure is going to kill my brain cells en masse, but good lord, I'm practically bouncing at the thought.
Before learning of the truck, I put in my order for doll crack (nothing major) and with it, I have completed my AG Molly collection until it comes time to order Molly/Emily and their accessories. This could mean that AG will throw me a curveball and take out Josefina or Addy first, but I'm betting pretty hard on the Molly retirements and the fact that she was expected by most of the fandom (who keep up on these things anyway) to be archived last year as indicators that she's toast this year. Whatever. Point is, all the stuff currently available that I want? I've got. Or will be getting when they ship off backorder. I do so love doing backorders with free shipping, even if you do have to spend a certain amount to qualify. The only time I didn't like doing it was for Kit's desk and that's because it was a semi-expensive purchase looming overhead with little warning as to when it would swoop down and nail my bank account. Little ones though, those I can live with.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to decide whether to do my Ella pic-spam or watch the third season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Yes. Seriously. Mmhmm. It's so over the top and insane that I lack the words to properly describe it.
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I'm trying to decide how to properly word a not-quite thank you note to the insensitive woman who hosted my father's memorial service. Given the way she blew up at my brother two days after making everyone in my family, excluding Widget, feel like complete and utter shit at the actual memorial, I thought it was only right to make sure that she knew exactly how much of a cunt I think that makes her. Seriously, who chooses that day to be a right royal bitch to someone? How much of a whackjob do you have to be to introduce yourself to someone (hello, we've already met, lady) and then cut someone down?

But I've found that if you word things just so, there's always plausible deniability in certain things. So. Nice thank you card with a not so nice message inside. But not so over the top that she can wave it around and say, "See? See? Ungrateful trailer trash!" or something. Warfare is dangerous in feminine hands.

Thus far I have this. )

*muse* Ah well. I'll figure it out, right?

Soooooo, I'm blaming [ profile] luxken27 for this. She informs me of Amazon's price for the new SV book that comes out at the end of the month. I take my time, wait Amazon out, and then suddenly in a fit of insanity I buy it. But I detest paying for shipping when it's going to kick it up close to $25 anyway, so I ordered a few books that are essentially from the bargain bin. (I love bargain bin books. LOVE.) Happy but not wholly satisfying, to tell the truth. I'm itching for something else. But what?

Who knows. But two days later I get a notice that the first three SVH books are being re-released in one volume and despite the fact that I know these are the re-issues (and I have serious, serious issues with the third book's revamp; wake up and smell the suck, Elizabeth) I still wants it. But I'm ready to deny myself when I notice that Ghoulia is back in stock on Amazon. And together they're pretty damn close to being $25 even. It's a SIGN, I tell you.

So... I bought them both. I fully expected Amazon to do what it usually does at times like these and hold my stuff hostage until my pre-ordered stuff was available. No. Ghoulia's been shipped, some random book from my first section has been shipped, a third book is in processing to ship. My mother is going to have kittens when my mail starts to pour in, despite the fact that I didn't go completely insane. Two orders from two different paychecks, man.

Whoa. Why did no one tell me that Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts were available on Amazon's on demand thingie? (Btw, Clarissa Explains It All is on sale for $9.99 @ Best Buy for those who care about such things.)
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I'm cold. Have a picture of my various interests at the moment.
(Hey, cutest Kanani in all the damn world!) Lagoona, Applejack, and Fluttershy also say hey.

And that's my Elefante from last Christmas. He's adorable, he is.

Oh, and the newest Scarpetta novel? Doesn't suck. HUZZAH. To properly sum it up though: I liked Benton better when he was dead. Mom wants to bargain that down to before he died, but I'm currently too cold to bargain.


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